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Timeless Love Episode 86 Update on Tuesday 27th February 2018


Antonio goes to see Fina and goes to the point… he knows Fina and Pepa are one and the same.
Tells her that Cantu and the municipal prez of that other town both were killed, and the one who would benefit most from both deaths is her. He can intervene so authorities cannot get to her… there can’t be any negotiating with the law, but you can negotiate with me. Antonio says if I had discovered this a few days ago, you would go to jail and Gina would have recovered her daughter.
Fina: what changed then?
Antonio: Gina and Gonzo’s betrayal. Who would have said? 25 yrs ago you were the lover of Gina’s husband, and now Gina is your husband’s lover…
But I am not your enemy now. Now I want to be your ally. Want revenge over Gina and Gonzo.
Fina: I am very distrusting by nature, how would I know you are telling me the truth?
Tony: What would I gain by lying to you knowing you are a master at lying, cruelty, manipulation, killing, anything to get what you want, you are the best. Lets join forces Fina.
Fina: Alright, you win. You have me in your hands. I prefer to take your offer than to leave Gonzo and Gina the way free.
Antonio: For now lets make them believe they are free… and when the right time comes, we will make our move.
Handshake among villains… but villains who would not trust each other further than they can throw each other … weird.

Renata goes to see Regina… Regina glad she’s there… Nata says here because dad asked me to come.
Gina thankful she came.. will let her make her own conclusions of what happened.
Gina: Jero hid his plans from me. If I had known I would have told you, and not just you, anyone I knew were being deceived.
Nata: Did you know that he was marrying me for revenge and not for love AFTER he spoke with my mom?
Gina: I would not be sure. He never mentioned your mother until now. (reminds Nata when one time she told Nata she was glad that Jero and her cleared things up… she had assumed Jero had been honest with her)
Nata also remembers talking to Jero about that conversation with Gina… Jero saying he would not know what they had to forgive each other for, him saying it was about having been girlfriend of Matias. So Nata concludes Gina is truthful that she did not know. Gina is glad, but Nata says she believes that but she is NOT reconciling with Gina. I believe you but it is hard to make friends. You have a relationship with my dad, and I can respect that, but my mom takes it as a betrayal. It is hard for me to take sides so I would like to stay out of it.
Gina: Nata, Gonzo and I have a relationship, just like you had with Jero. And as Matias was hurt with your relationship, here the one that is hurting is your mother. I am so sorry but she has not played cleanly with us either. Your mom faked a fatal ilness to keep Gonzo with her.
Nata: Right. But I won’t judge you and back you up.
Gina: Don’t condemn me either.
Nata: I am not. I am just trying to stay out of it. And yes, maybe the fact that she is my mother makes me defend her, after all.

Berta and Augie:
Augie wants to know about her pregnancy, why put it on Jero if the baby was Rafa’s? Berta wants to know who told him. IF he wants her to tell, he has to tell her. Of course, it was stupid Sele who told you.
Berta wants Augie to help her make Sele pay for that ‘slip’. Only then will she tell all to Augie. Augie agrees. Quien me la hace me la paga (whoever does to me pays for it)… Augie says ditto, when it is my turn. They toast to the deal.

Ponchito arrives to elated Alfo and Ezeq… They are very thankful to Marina… Jero is admiring Marina with his stare. Carlos does too, so Mati looks at him like she wants to kill him.
Later Jero and Marian are drinking wine at a very beautiful outdoor loft… Marina says Ponchito’s reaction was very common. Jero is admiring how she talked to Ponchito and tries to convince Marina to talk to Alfonsina about the same subject. He offers to convince Alfo to do her pregnancy checkup with Marina and then Marina can talk to her about the other stuff. Marina finds it very nice for him to worry as much about the people who work for him.

Ponchito is trying to convince Ezeq and Alfo that he will not try to run away again if they stay together at the house. After they try to get him to commit not to escape, he is the winner in the dare game. Seemingly Ezeq will let Alfo stay in the house so that Ponchito won’t run away again. (the birds shooting at the shotguns?)

Mati is mad at Carlos, he accuses her of seeing ‘moros con tranchete’ (seeing trouble even where there isn’t any) then accuses her of being jealous… she starts threatening him with punching him if he even looks at another woman… (girl, you better take some valium if you want to have a man with you)…

Lazaro insists in Kari telling him why she insists on staying with Alvaro… Her love has been Lazaro’s always and living with him would be doing it in sin… He insists and Karina finally tells him she had promised her father and that is why she married him. She has to keep her promise to be married to Alvaro until death does them apart. … He asks her why she did not tell him before… so he could live his life… even though she and Alvaro are separated, she will never be able to be with another man as long as Alvaro lives. She walks away leaving a devastated Lazaro.

Chema is visiting Adri.. Connie is there too… they are talking about movies… Chema thanks Adri for accepting him even if she is Hono’s daughter. Chema and Adri are becoming good friends… when Chema and Connie walk out of the room, Adri says that she is trying to get Chema attracted to her so that her dad and Connie can get back together. Outside Connie is surprised that Adri and Chema got along so well. Chema insists that he is getting close to Adri so that Connie will be happy. In comes Hono for a very awkward moment… he is visibly turned off by Connie and Chema being there together…

Hono will stay the night with Adri at hospital. Adri talks to him about being rough with Chema… Hono can’t stand that Chema came to visit her and is trying to be her friend… His tantrum release gets interrupted by Gonzo and Gina bringing Adri chocolates… Gina tells her she and Nata at least smoothed their frictions. They talk about parents pretending the kids to take their sides… Gina understands Nata. Gonzo says in time Nata will take his and Gina’s side… and life will go back to normal.

Nata arrives at Misery Manor to try to talk to her mom. The maid goes to ask Fina and Fina sends message to Nata that she is tired and won’t see her. Nata says ah yeah?? Lets see if she won’t talk to me. And she runs up the stairs…
N: You will listen to me if you want or not, mom…
F: What part of I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU did you not get?
N: None! I don’t get any of it! And I won’t leave until you have heard me out and answered me! I have no doubts anymore about you talking to Jero and telling him that I was La Bonita!! Why do you always want to screw with my life?? WHY!??
F: I did it for your own good, but Jero is as stubborn as you! And it turned out the remedy was worse than the illness!
N: Are you trying to tell me that you told Jero that I was La Bonita for my own good? You won’t expect me to believe that!
F: There is no doubt that the children hardly know why parents believe the way they do… when you become a mother, you will understand.
N: No, even if I become a mom, I will NEVER understand! For telling THAT to Jero, I have lived the worse moments of my life!
F: Did I lie to Jero?? YES!!! I DID!! But I did it with all the intention!! (con alevosia y ventaja!) You wanted the truth? Well there it is!! But the motive was not to destroy you as you think, but to get you away from Jero! Because I knew that that man would never make you happy!
N: I am sure we would have been (happy) if it were not for your lies!
F: If I told Jero you had been his brother’s girl, it was because I thought that knowing it would have pulled him away from you. But he did the opposite! He was thirsty for vengeance, and that was the motor for your doom.
N: But why did you not tell me??
F: Would you have believed me?? For god’s sake! You were blind, as Berta says! And yes! I did not know that between your sister and Jero there had been intimacy, but at least there was a possibility, right?
N: Know what, I don’t believe you, mother.
F: Well, then analyze it. Yes, look at it from a mother’s viewpoint. (Nata is in disbelieve nodding no) Jero invaded my house and hurt both my daughers! My princesses, my treasures! Knowing that one of the two had a relationship with his brother. For God’s sake, how could I trust him?? … but if you would not listen to me, at least I had to try with him. (she is giving Nata her back so she is making villain faces in hiding from her) We mothers have a special smell sense. (really? I had not noticed) You might think that I behave like this only with you, but the same happened with Berta. I opposed to her relationship with Rafa, and I was not wrong with that either.
N: Rafa was a good man, mother.
F: A young man’s death is very benevolous. But … hey, if Rafa was so good, why did he get assassinated? Surely he had some enemies… not because he were a saint.
N: Even then, you had no right to get me away from Jero. You should have told me. And if I did not believe you then it would have been my mistake,not yours.
F: How sad that you come tell me all that. How sad that you don’t see that all I do is for love. That unconditional and sacrificial love that only a mother feels for her daughterts. (where is that thunder falling on her?? But she can surely play the martyr mother… BARF!!!)
N: Please understand me, mother. In your obsession to control everything, you end up lying as with my dad.
Tell me, what did deceiving us with a fatal tumor do for you? Sooner or later he was going to discover that!
F: I did not lie only for lying.. but for defending what is mine! I was not going to leave the way free for your dad to leave me with that ho___... Because that’s what he wants! To leave me for that ho__!! To be with Regina Soberon!
N: Look, mom! There are things that you cannot avoid! So be it! But things that you do have no justification!
F: You are going to defend your dad and that ho__! You don’t care about the pain they have caused me?? (again turning her back to Nata to fake crying and suffering). Ultimately I did not deserve that betrayal!
N: Its not about taking sides, mom! You have to accept that there are loves that hurt, as you feel for my dad. But trying to hold on to them via lies and deception.. forgive me but I think that is a really bad idea, mom.
F: I am devastated… I have done everything to keep this family together! Even asking you to leave to not let your relationship with Matias break it… but it was useless.
N: Don’t cry anymore, ok mom? Better put to practice what you have always preached. Take responsibility for your own actions.
F: Please don’t be so harsh with me, dear.
N: Mom, I am a lot less harsh than you have been with me.
F: Please dear… please forgive me… forgive me for all the times I have been harsh with you. Please understand it is nothing personal with you (Say what??) I do it with / for the people I love, my big loves.
N: Your way of loving is very strange, mom… (you tell her Nata!!)
F: Could be… but my intentions are good… I do it with Roberta, with Gonzalo… with you… with my big loves.
N: Sometimes intention is not enough, mom.
F: Dear, I swear I have always looked for the bigger good… Not the immediate one, not the unstable one, but the one which will help you find happiness in the long run… (covers her face) I swear it dear… I swear it…
(Nata gives her a tranquilizer pill… Fina begs her understanding… even if they don’t agree, to accept she does everything for love…
N: I don’t know mom. You say it is for love, but I have always felt your rejection.
F: It is protection, dear… I told you… But anyway.. I will have to accept we have different views of life and of expressing love.
N: Yes, we will have to accept that.
F: I feel like the world is falling on me. You in a divorce with Jero, Matias asking Roberta the same, and on top of that, Gonzo is betraying me with that woman.
N: You are not the only one who feels like her world is falling apart. … Can I ask you something please?
F: Whatever you want.
N: Can you look at me? (Fina turns to her) Don’t lie to me… Not for protection or for a better good or anything else. Please, don’t lie to me. I prefer the truth even if it is painful.
F: Alright, dear.
N: Good night, mom.
F: Wait… can I give you a kiss? .. Good or bad, I will always be your mother… the only mother you have in this world… (Nata is shocked frozen… Fina kisses her on cheek… Nata is looking down sad and leaves, Fina cleans up her face in disgust…) Stupid… I realize you don’t believe anything I say.. But it doesn’t matter. With what you just asked me, you have given me the motive for what I need to do in the future. (throws herself on the bed laughing)

At La Bonita, Marina is done giving everyone in the shelter a tetanus shot and it is late, she wants him to get her a taxi to go back to town… he will give her a ride… she is happy to hang on his arm…

Jero and Marina are having a good time together… she asks him to bring her some books from her medical room. He is glad to.

Marina arrives at her uncle’s, he was worried about her… She says Jero brought her home. Priest is a bit taken aback by that… but he doesn’t think about it too much. She says she likes Jero and he is a gentleman.

Hono receives a text from Blanca that she is mad that his daughter made it through.. but when he is in jail, she will go make him a spousal visit.. she will show up with another ‘skin’, sending kisses…

Adri wakes up, Hon tells her she is very important to him, months ago he did not even know about her. She feels the same way. She would like for everything to be well so he would not worry so much… He agrees.
She wishes all this that is happening was a nightmare they can wake from. Hono says lets make believe it is a story with a happy ending… he fakes like he is reading her a story… with the witch (Blanca) but finally the good was victorious and they lived happily ever after…

Connie is having coffee with Matt at her house… HE says Hono is faking not being being worried, but he knows he can end up in jail… Nata arrives. Matt notices she is sad… She tells them she came from talking to Fina.. She cannot trust Fina’s words or even her caresses… Connie says I can’t believe her either. Nata says ‘but she is my mother! Do you get it? She is my mother and I don’t trust her!.’ Nata leaves, Matias and Connie agree that they detest Fina more each day…

At La Bonita Jero is walking outside, thinking how much he loves Nata and misses her. Nata is on her laptop on split screen. Jero thinks he was wrong and lost her. Nata receives the divorce demand on email for her review… Nata thinks… divorcing is the only way to get out this broken heart (mal de amores)…
Hono arrives at the office, Soto and Gonzo tell him that a client is suing for fraud.. Ms Monique de la Rivera. The name does not sound familiar to Hono at all… Turns out it is a scheme from Blanca and her lawyer, apparently. She wants ‘justice’ done as soon as possible. She tells lawyer Hono wanted to use her.. but he will get his due…

Augie and Nata are together…apparently ready to see the lawyer… Nata wrote a letter where she lists her motives to request the marriage annulment by church… she is not sure she is ready, but she has to do it. She thanks him for being her witness in this matter.

Jero is at the bank with the manager, he is aware that MonteRubio has been denied a huge loan.. the manager tells him not only them, but any bank… They have nothing to back up the debt… Jero is willing to put the money through them, but the MRs cannot know that the money comes from him. He wants them to believe the bank decided to lend them a hand… as themselves… She asks him if he is sure… Sure sure…

Jero wants Nata to forgive him, even had a billboard with one of their wedding pictures… Nata smiles when some other lady worker shows her. Voiceover: Agustin and Roberta want to split them… A struggle ensues for vengeance and forgiveness!
Nata: I hate stubborn people like you Jero!
Jero: I love strong and gutsy people like you, Nata! (he forces a kiss)

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