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Amaya Episode 148 Update on Saturday 31st March 2018


Lucrecia appoints Cesar as acting president of Nescafe and now he threatens Max that he cannot give him any loan maybe he will be needing for his NESCAFE project and Max says he’s a jerk but he knows things won’t stay like that in future. Cesar again tells Max that now that he is the boss, he is going to asks Horacio to come back to the company again.
Marco Antonio asks Hector for information regarding David and Florencia, Mariana inquires why he needs this data about her sister's parents and Marco Antonio says it is for personal reasons and there he discovers that Amaya is his sister but he never disclose it to Hector and Mariana because he wants to gather more information first to be very sure of that though he looks really happy to know he has a sister.
Cesar confronts Max and informs him that Horacio will continue working in the company because now he decides who and who not to work for the company.
Heriberto comments to Ivan that Flavia found out that he’s in love with her and that makes him feel sorry for himself and that means he’ll have to leave the farm because he can’t stay in same place with her and that means he won’t see her ever again.
Amaya confesses Carolina that Horacio hit her for slapping him in his face after she confronted him.
Marco Antonio’s wife looks so very much happy for him after he told her that he discovered he had a sister.
Juliana confronts Cesar to remind him that even though he may be controlling the company now but he shouldn’t forget that she owns 50% of “El Paraiso” and that also 50% of the company’s coffee comes from there. Cesar is sure of that and Juliana slaps it to his face that she still can say point blank that he tried to kill him with mercury but yet he denies it but Juliana assures him that someday he will pay for all the wrongs he’s done.
Manuel takes Nana Yaw to the surgeon because he wants the scar on his face to be removed.
Juliana and Amaya are about to get started with a plan.
Ulises sends one of his men specifically the photographer to find out everything about “El Paraiso”.
Juliana following Amaya’s plan pretends to be “Florencia” and she telephones Lucrecia and tells her she knows she killed Mauro and affirms she’s going to unmask her before her children when they come together and there in her house, they will see each other face to face. This makes Lucrecia very much frightened and gets tormented.
Another plan executed by Amaya and Juliana is that, they send all of the Montesinos to come together in Mauro’s house for an emergency reason. All the Montesinos receive a message to be at Lucrecia’s house at night to find out the truth about Mauro and Florencia’s disappearances. All of them arrive to know the truth but Lucrecia thinks the message is absurd.
Max and Jorge ask Manuel for a loan to go on with his project since Cesar rejected to give him the loan and Manuel accepts.
Carolina reveals to Max that Horacio was the one who hit Amaya and he goes looking for him.
Horacio records an accusation against Cesar in case something happens to him because he turned him into the evil person he’s turned. He made sure to spill all of the evil Cesar made him do. Whiles still recording, Max in deep anger for Horacio’s attack on Amaya, arrives to hits Horacio and threatens him to stay off Amaya is if not he will have to contend with him because he will kill him. He then left Horacio with just a mouth bled.
Right there was Cesar hiding and entering immediately after Max left and he makes Horacio report Max to the police on phone that Max is about to kill him so the authorities can put him behind bars. Quickly after, Cesar is about to hit Horacio on the head with a very heavy and pointed ornament in much aggression.

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