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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Friday 9th March 2018


Show start with MB telling moropant not to worry about Manikarnika as her elder sister she will take full care of maanu and smirks at mannu and tells moropant that king will be punishing Sumer Singh for attacking hone wali rani. Mannu is shocked hearing this and tears are flowing down of her eyes. MB says king loves hone wali maharani very much so he is gonna kill SS with his own hand for trying to kill Hone Wali Maharani.. Everyone leaves mannu room other than MB. MB taunt Mannu saying everyone is going against her.(too much Bakwas of MB) Mannu tells MB she has lost her mind as well. What why she think firnagi will leave her alone..MB stops mannu but mannu says BAS!! leave at once or you will see Manikarnika's DURGA face withina Sec Mannu tells MB to GET OUT.
MB leaves mannu's room. Mannu is worried about what to do. Parachi comes running saying don't I look like Chotti behen of Maharani. Parachi asked what happen Mannu didi. Manu tells her what if king kill sumer singh. SS will not attack king due to her. Mannu says she do not know either to complete Putri Dharam or Raj Dharam. Mannu was about to leave but parachi stop her saying kaka has order you not to leave. Moropant comes with Haldi and Parachi puts puts haldi on mannu Moropant says now this haldi is JUTTI so we can take this haldi King..MB is looking from corner she comes and puts haldi on herself and says hamare jutti haldi maharaj ke paas gaye ga (mine haldi will go to kings)..Parachi and Nana bhau are on their way to kings palace to give haldi..Tatya tope comes to talk to nana bhau while parchi proceed..MB comes to parachi and says chipkali (lizard) Parachi is scare and give the bowl to MB while she is looking around for chipkali. MB changes haldi bowl..
Part 3:
King is getting ready for Haldi ceremony. Pandit says Haldi has arrived from brides side. Kings says welcome to …MB is there too Parachi says where am I gonna sit, king calls and said sit beside him. Pandit ask King to take sit to start haldi ceremony. Janaki Bai was about to go to put haldi on king but sakku bai stop her and she goes to put haldi on king but pandit stops her saying only kanya or wedded woman can put sagum ki Haldi not by widow. Sakku is shocked and leaves.
Tatya guru says IF kanya is the only one who can put haldi then our parachi can do it. Pandit ask parachi to come and put haldi. MB is happy saying mine haldi will be applied to king. Parachi says I already have haldi in my hand as I applied it to my mannu didi so I will apply this haldi from my hand to king nd she did not put her hand in the haldi bowl. MB is disappointed with her loss again.
Guard comes to king and says Daku SS is coming to the mandir. Pandit stops king from leaving but king says he will go and punish SS. .King leaves. MB is happy
In Mannu's palace:

Mannu's haldi ceremony is going on. Moropant ask if everything is well. Nanbhau says before the haldi rasam is completed king left . Mannu ask where Tatya guru says to the Mandir where SS is coming to offer sacrifice to durga maa..
Mannu is worried..and screen split between mannu and MB
Pre-cap..SS is about to offer goat to Durga ma and is about to kill it with sword. King comes and hold his hand

British are discussing how they will kill 2 bird with one stone. King will kill Sumer and they will kill King and made it look like Sumer Singh killed King..
Mannu's haldi rasam is going swing..MB comes to put haldi on mannu and says she also got haldi..parachi comes to mannu and tells her that she put the haldi to the king since she already had haldi covered in her hand before she touches the haldi bowl king left, hearing this MB is sad but Mannu tells her even fate (NIYATI) does not want her to see her successful anf not to go against NIYATI.. But MB mocks Mannu saying what is happening to his messiah..mannu is worried
British are keeping eye on Sumer Singh?one officer tries to shoot SS but the commisoner stop him saying not now as King kills SS then they will shoot the king.
Part 2:
SS is offering prayer to Durga Maa and says please help my sister in every ways and remoe all obstacles that comes her way we see king coming in from opposite direction (British are hiding behind the wall to attack king)
MB tells mannu she won the Haldi Rasam..but what is happening in mandir to your Messiah..King is gonna offer his sacrifice along with the king there is firangi too.
SS was about to offer Goat to Durga maa and raises his sword but king comes and hold his hand. SS says maharaj
King stop him and says sacrifice will be made but of your's not goat and both of them have sword fight.
Mannu is worried her father ask what is the matter. Mannu says nothing but MB mocks her more. Moropant ask her to get ready as they have to go to mandir?MB mocks further saying she cannot see her worried face. (I really feel like killing MB today) MB says all the BAZZI is her hand and she has completed all of her FAARZ. Mannu was about to yell MB when parachi comes and tells her kaka has said to take a quick shower and wash haldi as we have to go for puja?MB is happy thinkingof her win
King and SS are still sword fighting the guard comes to hold SS but king orders his guard saying he will deal with him alone. King says he has heard so much about him and how he attacks innocent people. SS says the has got a new life and he is doing prayachit. King says he needs punishment but not Prayachit.
Mannu ask MB to leave but she denies it saying as Older sister I have to be with you all the time. Mannu tells her dassi only and parachi will come with her. MB tries to go but dassi stops her saying she is not permitted.

King and SS are fighting king says how dare you attack my hone wali maharani. SS says it was his mistake. Kings says further more you went and free the dassi. SS says it was his Dharam. SS get injuries on his arm. British comes and ask king to stop as they will take care of him. King says No, he will punish SS himself. (SOrry I missed this part earlier -  SS falls to the ground unconcious, british brings another guy dressed like SS covered face british replace Sumer Singh with the fake guys). The Fake SS attacks king and fight with the king.)
Mannu's daasi saw what happen and are running to mannu's palace. MB tries to stop them but they run saying leave us. Dassi comes and tell mannu that Firangi has made a plan to finish off king and SS. Mannu says no one will stop her to leave now and she will go.
Show ends on three split of mannu, king and unconcious Sumer Singh?
Tomorrow pre-cap: King and SS fight continues?finally fake SS falls to the ground and ask for kings forgiveness.

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