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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Monday 2nd April 2018


Badi Vahini Saheb & Faraser are moving the Khajana to saome place.

Sumer Singh & LB manage to steal the Khajana from them and return it back to Fort

LB Dasis sees LB her Bow & Arrow and start practicing the arrow by mistake hit the tree which is Gupt Sanket (secret message) between King & LB

King comes to LB's room & see the Bow & arrow in Dasis hand

Sumer Singh and LB are about to leave when some people come in dress of Kings Soldier & fight with them

LB discovers they are British & not Kings Soldier

King come there with his soldiers

Sumer Singh climbs the wall & jumps on other side

LB climbs the wall and is about to Jump when King ask her to stop (she is in dilemma as Sumer Singh is asking her to jump on other side & King is asking her to stop)

Pre Cap : King come towards LB and with his sword is removing her nakab.(viel)

Gangadhar Rao orders Laxmibai to remove her veil as he wants to know her identity. Just then, a soldier informs Gangadhar Rao that few soldiers are lying injured near their palace. Gangadhar Rao goes to the soldiers' aid and orders other soldiers to arrest Laxmibai.

When Gangadhar Rao visits the injured soldiers he doubts they are British officers disguising as his soldiers. His doubt is confirmed when he observes that a soldier is wearing a British uniform inside his clothes. Gangadhar Rao asks the British officer who is behind this conspiracy. The officer answers that it is Fraser. Gangadhar Rao calls Fraser in his court to punish him for his act.

Samar Singh is worried to know that Laxmibai is arrested. He decides to help Laxmibai escape from the prison before she is presented in the court.

Laxmibai is petrified of being presented in the court as her identity will be out. She hopes Samar will help her. On the other hand, Samar is all set to get Laxmibai released.


Show start with King congratulating Moropant as the minister of Jhansi. Moropant accept it and everyone congratulate him.

Fraser arrived in the court. Fraser comes and advise king that his superior are arriving in Jhansi. King says he is not interested in who comes to Jhansi but wanted to talk something very important and ask Raghunath to invite all the prisioner. Seeing British army, fraser ask what are they doing here. King ask he wanted to ask him the same question. King says they are destroying the peace of jhansi and are attacking the jhansi. Fraser refuse saying it is impossible. Moropant says see these people are wearing east india company uniform. Frase starts beating the prisoner.

Part 2:

Fraser start beating the people. King stops him. Fraser says he will punish them king says no they will be my prisoner. Fraser argues but king says he will not trust him as he did not fulfill his promise and capture Sumer Singh <Sumer Singh is in the court room as disguise > King says he will release priosner to Fraser if Fraser writes the letter stating his army are destroying the peace and are attacking Jhansi place in East india company letter head and sign it. Fraser is shell shocked. Fraser says he will write the letter and thinks saku bai will help him in this. And agree to write a letter and takes a leave.

Moropant ask king to bring the Prisioner who has been caputured earlier <mannu is the prisoner and has covered her face>. Guard are brings mannu in the court room and fraser is passing thru. Mannu pulls her chain that are tied in her hand and feet and Fraser falls and ask to stop. Mannu turns around and all the guard remembers the slap and beating and are scare. Mannu arrives in the court room but drops her Durga ma locket seeing that SS is worried if someone will get it. Seeing mannu there Moropant is shell shocked and cannot meet her in the eye


SS signals his friend about the locket. The guard drops his bhala (pointed stick) and Mannu looks at SS and looks behind to see her locket. She picks her locket like she is picking the Bhala and hands the bhala back to the guard. King questions who are you.

Mannu says I have not comiited any mistake and everyone start talking..Ragunath says she sounds like woman.

Mannu says I am women but not helpless she is Indian woman. Kings says you help the firangi.  Mannu says No I only punish them for this evil karthuth (deeds), You alone beats these many people. Mannu says when your heart is burning. You can accomplish anything. King says if you are telling the truth then all of the Hindustani will be proud of you, King ask Mannu to remove her veil. Mannu says she will remove her veil only infront of her husband. King admires mannu's courages (I think king knows the girl behind the veil is his mannu) Mannu challenges King saying if he wins sword fight with her than she will remove her veil. King agrees....

Precap for monday...All janta are happy saying the king and the lady on the veil will fight....Bad Firangi comes and smirk them to enjoy

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