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Kuch Rang Episode 1--2 Update on Monday 2nd April 2018


Dev enters his office and secretary briefs him about today’s appointments with clients and tells property agent and lawyer are in his office. Dev enters office and property says he can get him much bigger and better bungalows in posh areas. Dev asks lawyer if deal is finalized. Lawyer says yes, he can sign papers. Dev signs papers. Secretary brings sweets. Agent takes sweets and asks why he paid so much for a middle class area house. Dev says he wants to buy a house and not brick and mortar building, howmuch ever tree grows it should not forget its roots. Agent says he is also emotional like him and continues praising.
Dev travels in his car with his mom Ishwari towards their new home via crowded market. Mom looks at market and reminisces old memories, how the area used to look like. She continues talking emotionally, looks at temple and says let us pray shivji and then go home. Dev asks driver to stop car and gets out with mom. Mom walks towards temple and sees old man and tries to walk out tensely. Dev stops her and says it is time to take revenge and reply old man. She says if they speak bitter, their whole life will be bitter and they should forget past. Dev smiles. She asks if his sisters reached home. He says long ago.
Dev’s 2 sisters look at home and start praising its beauty. They try to take selfie. Mama interferes and asks to take even his selfie. Their jokes and nok jhok start. Third sister Neha is shown who is getting married soon. Two sisters enter her room and says it is really vast and most beautiful room of this house and they will occupy it after marriage. Neha says she will use this room even after her marriage. Servants carry beautiful cupboard. Neha asks them to keep it in her room. They say Dev ordered to keep it in his room. Neha gets sad. Aunt comes and provokes her that Dev snatched her childhood and now this cupboard, she should fight for her justice.
Dev reaches home with Ishwari mom and says they reached home finally. He shows her whole house and then takes her to kitchen. She says kitchen is very big. He takes her to backyard where many cooks are cooking food. Mom says kitchen is mom’s friend, she cuts onions when she gets sad and prepares sweets when she gets happy, so he cannot take away her right. He says she is right and asks her to go and sit for pooja. She asks if he kept pooja. He says for her, else she knows he does not believe in god. He then takes mom back inside.
Dev goes back to his room. His childhood friend comes and starts praising him. He reminds of their childhood dreams and how his dreams used to be boring, when everone wanted to become cricketer, etc., he wanted to become good son. Dev gets emotinoal reminiscing his mom standing in que for water and scolding him to study first. He then calls property agent, but Sonakshi picks and starts yelling. He disconnects call asking her to inform her brother that Dev had called.
Mom goes back to kitchen and while assisting cook hot oil falls on her. She shouts in pain. Dev runs to kitchen. Mom hides her hand. He sees burn on her hand and keeps it under cold water tap. He scolds cook. Mom says it was her mistake and not cooks. He takes her to room and searches ointment, does not find it, so walks towards his room. Aunt provokes Neha to check what is in cupboard. Neha opens cupboard. Dev enters and sees aunt throwing borken slipper, torn diary, torn shawl, etc., on floor and asking Dev why he gather trash. Mom comes and says these are hers. Dev fumes in anger and asks aunt howmuch time did she take to reach this house. Aunt says 20-25 min. Dev says his mom took 25 years to reach her and her slippers broke during the process. He angrily says aunt not to enter his room and tells Neha that she will get same cupboard tomorrow. Neha walks out sadly.
Dev calls agent again, but Sonakshi picks call and yells at him again that brother did not come. He asks to inform brother and disconnects call.
Dev applies ointment on Ishwari mom’s burn wounds. She asks him not to worry about her and says one should not think about old wounds and suggests him to move ahead in life and forget about past.
Aunt brainwashes Neha against Dev and mom that they got angry just for old trash and cupboard and forgot her sacrifice. Neha says mom was always worried for Dev and used to work 12-14 hours to take care of his studies and used to leave 2 sisters with her and she became mom at 9 itself. Aunt says she remebers how she took care of her sister when she got malaria and as soon as sister got well, she asked where is mom. This house is Dev and mom’s and not hers.
Dev while traveling in car calls real estate agent. Sonakshi sees number and ignores. Agent comes and picks call in a hurry. Sonakshi starts yelling that his client is arrogant and heady. Dev hears that and disconnects. She troubles even her brother by throwing his sweets in dustbin and he fumes. Dev then walks on road talking to agent over phone that he did not give store room key yet. Sonakshi holding bag till her head clashes with him and starts yelling at him instead of apologizing. Dev says it is her mistake, but she gets adamant and continues yelling and asks him to apaologize instead. He leaves after a verbal argument.
Mom gets busy teaching preparing laddoos with cook. Daughter informs that Neha’s would be in-laws and groom game. Mom runs out to greet them. Aunt greets groom’s family and asks how is house. MIL shows tantrums. Groom Sameer watches house carefully. Neha looks at him via window and gets shy. Sisters see her blushing and taunt. Aunt enters and says Sameer wants to talk to Neha alone. They both walk out. Sameer enters Neha’s room and she gets shy. He asks her to change her decision of not having kids. She gets adamant that she will not change decision. He leaves sadly.
Dev comes back home and greets Sameer’s parents. He asks where is mom and goes in search of her. He sees Sameer in corridor who says he does not want to marry Neha as she does not want to have kids and his parents wants their heir. Dev says he will speak to Neha and goes to her room. She says he cannot force her to marry. He says he needs her happiness. She says if he convinces Sameer to marry her by accepting her conditions, she will tie him rakhi next year with other 2 sisters. Dev goes to Sameer and requests him to marry Neha. Sameer says he is helpless. Dev promises to give his company’s 50% shares if he marries Neha.
Precap: Dev says mom his wallet is missing. Mom asks to think carefully where he kept it. He says he clashed with a girl in market and wallet must have dropped in her goods. Sonakshi’s mom shows wallet and Sonakshi says it must of arrogant man. She sees 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards and reads name on visiting card as Devrath Dixit.

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