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Madhubala Update on Monday 2nd April 2018


Part 1

RK says that now theres twist in the story … Sikky is panicked and says can see noose around the neck.. n Kuku chides him!

Cops share how someone close wuld know of his visit to the chawl..! RK looks at everyone and says.. all have reason to have him no chance! Cop warns him n exits! Radha says. to go for Jagrata but RK says.. Pack up as its enouf and he grimaces in pain..! Madhu comes to support RK .. RK asks Madhu if its her who wants to kill him! He says.. reason .. HER FREEDOM .. plan ..HER BLOOD DONATION and cover up ..walking barefoot to Mandir..! Madhu taunts that she got caught..tho she made a good plan..! RK says..she wont do.. for if she has an option. .she would keep fast for 3 days for his long life… for if he died.. who will she fight with! [Flashback of Madhu asking RK to wake up in hosp] BG- Tera ishq as Madhu asks if RK listened? Eyelock..! RK about to go upstairs ..Madhu tries to help .. RK says..can manage! Madhu excuses herself to go to kitchen to help Dips!

Dips asks if Madhu din ask why RK made her change saree? Dips teases her asking.. Keh dun tumhe ya chup rahun? Madhu watches perplexed! Dips says..seems she really wants to know! Shammo folds hand before God and decides to go upstairs to RKs room! He overhears Dips taunting Madhu how RK din let Madhu wear even a saree of her choice..! How he must have threatened her..! Shammo gets flashback of RKs way to talk to Madhu in Puja..! He decides to execute his plan!

Madhu chanting .. Bhajan of Ambe Maa..! Shammo comes to RKs room.. locks it from inside! Kuku- Radha all chant Maas bhajan..! Madhu asks for Shammo to Paddo n she says..was here only..dunno where he is now! Shammo takes out the ice dagger! Madhu goes to check on Shammo! Its dark in RKs room ..! Madhu comes upstairs as well..! Shammo says that he doesnt care what happens to him from here on but.. ‘Tera khel khatam RK’ .. ! Shammo stabs the pillows on the bed.. n lights come up..! RK walks out saying.. ‘Mudate lakh bura chahe to kya hota hai.. wohi hota hai jo manzure RK hota hai’! RK says.. his doubt was right.. n innocent when he does a wrong deed his body language gives it up. .n he can see..! RK takes out the ice dagger n throws it up saying. SMART SASURJI!

He gives Shammo 3 options .. (a) Kill RK now (b) He calls everyone n cops arrest Shammo (c) Take a deep breath and let him know.. why he wanted to ujadofy his betis suhaag? Shammo says.. if he had another option. .he wuld want to kill RK again..! Shammo says..he wanted to kill him the day he found out about RK marrying Madhu n torturing her.. ! He he bought a gun after getting well … shot at him at Ganesh Festival.. but he stayed alive! RK says.. he is alive coz of Madhus faith and her devotion She became Pati vrata .Savitri..! Shammo about to hit RK but he asks him to stop..!

Part 2

RK says. .one shout of RK .. n Shammo will b behind bars wearing kurta n knickers peesing chaki ..! Shammo says.. RK loves maskari. .but he loves dileri.. ! Shammo says.. how RK broke Madhus heart.. life and happiness! Shammo says. Madhu used to hate RK. .but what happened that she gave RK her blood.. prayed for hm ..! RK says… he understood …! RK says.. Shammo has courage.. its his love for his daugther..! He went to such extent that he came in RKs room to kill him..! Madhu steps in and is shocked seeing Shammo-RK! Duo shocked seeing Madhu too!

Part 1

Madhu comes in the room sees its empty n turns to leave ! A servant comes to serve water to RK! RK says a conversation of life and death is going on and he is here to offer water… n asks servant to go OUT!..

RK tells Shammo that he is respecting him coz he understands the love n respect of a father for his child! RK tells Shammo to learn from him…he got one chance.. n made mincemeat out of him n Shammo missed all three times.! RK says.. scores settled.. n that he wants to restart afresh..! Offers hand in friendship n truce. .!

Shammo says..he rather choose death.. but after killing RK! He swears to attack again! RK asks Shammo to attack him.. n sits on chair n tells Shammo to remember that before attacking him he should remember.. that the blood from his body will b Madhus.. n he cant tolerate seeing that being spilled! RK tells Shammo that Madhu wont come running to Shammo saying ‘I love u Katil Pappa’ ..! He says..he will tell Madhu all the details of Shammos deeds and then see what Madhu thinks of Shammo..! Shammo threatens him not to n RK says.. threats dun work on me.. n since he does not want to see Madhu-Shammo embarrassed.. asks Shammo to .. go 1-2-3… aka leave..!

Madhu opens door n sees Shammo n is taken aback..! Shammo says..was going to bathroom..! Madhu stares at RK! Shammo comes to Paddo and says.. lets go.. n is stammering n says..have work so have to rush! Paddo also excuses herself..! Radha says.. its first meeting of in laws.. n gives gift to Shammo-Paddo! She thanks Paddo for giving birth to a girl like Madhu..! Madhu sees all confused as Shammo hurries out with Paddo..!

Madhu comes to RK and RK says.. Shammo came to meet him n that he din wanna go without hugging him so he too returned the favour.. RK says.. he culdn handle the love so left..! Madhu self thot that RK must have hurt Shammo!

Shammo takes out his trunk and is packing his stuff…! Paddo asks the matter? He says.. for outdoor shooting.. so have to hurry! Paddo keeps nagging him..! Landline rings.. n its Madhu .. ! Shammo freezes as he spots bullets in his trunk! Paddo tells Shammo that he cant go cop has told. that till RKs attacker is caught. .no one from them can leave town.! Paddo asks Shammo the matter and Shammo says.. have nothing to say..!

RK recollects Shammos words for Madhu n Madhu sharing her grief of not having a father..! He recollects her words.. to Shammo in the hosp that she can lose herself but not RK dragged her out after forcefully marrying her! Madhu brings food for RK and RK asks… wont Mr. India feed him? Madhu stays standing n offers him food in a spoon .. n RK refuses to eat..! Madhu sits on the chair and offers him as she keeps looking away..! BG- Hum hai dewane..! RK keeps looking at her n eats..! Madhu keeps looking away!

RK asks Madhu the matter? Madhu stays quiet! RK asks Madhu if she wants to stay mum like statue better choose her fave corner in the room and he will fix a table there so she can stand like a statue on it..! Madhu gets up to leave and RK asks her to stop! Madhu stops walking!

Part 2

RK takes the tray of food from Madhus hand and gives her the dialogue papers from his movie n asks her to help him rehearse..! Madhu stays mum..! RK tells Madhu that he is asking her to read the dialogues not talk to him !.. Madhu asks what RK wants to listen.. what difference will it make n to whom? Only humans get affected but he.. some of his acts and his anger seem like he is not liable to be called a human..!

RK asks her to read more loudly ..! Madhu says. she hates him but before going..she wants to ask him something..! RK takes the script away and asks her to say what she wants..that.. when she knows she hates 5’11 inch guy.. rather ask him on the face..! Madhu stays mum..! RK says.. he can wait for her answer all his life..! Madhu stares at him .. n RK says.. he is joking.. n that RK makes others wait.. but doesnt wait.. so now will she answer.? Madhu says.. not answer. only question. .why is it so touf to understand him. .why he is something now. .n something else later?

Part 3

RK says.. ‘Sooraj ko pucho usme aag kyun hai. .n Chand ko pucho usme daag kyun hai’? . ! RK says.. he is made of the soil which is wet at one side n dry on another! Madhu says..she din ask the.. question to hear his crap..! Madhu asks RK why he invited her family if he wanted to insult them? Madhu says.when Shammo left.. he was looking disturbed and that he was even trying to cover up.. .! She says..she keeps trying to convince herself.. that he is not as bad as he seems. but by some or other of his act he always falls in her eyes..! RK asks Madhu to stop and Madhu asks RK to stop her if she is wrong.. or if he din insult her father..? RK says.. her Maleek came to meet RK on his own.sneaked in to his room to … .n Madhu asks to?? RK stops..!

Precap — Paddo is setting Shammos clothes n drops a bullet n wonders what it was! She looks around to find it but cant see. .n Shammo sees the bullet n freezes..!

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