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My Sweet Curse Episode 80 Update on Monday 5th March 2018


Apolonia get upset after she sees Onesimo having a romantic lunch with Corina in a restaurant and she says Onesimo is going to hear a piece from her.
Rodrigo tells Monica that he went to town to give his support to Aurora. Monica tries to convince Rodrigo that Rafael is not going to leave Aurora until he conquers her because Apolonia backs up that relationship. 
Elsa still thinks someone contaminated the milk in the storage tank and Jeronimo is going to interrogate the workers regarding the contaminated milk tank. 
Father Basilio and Onesimo talk about Dionisio and Corina. 
Monica tells Corina that Mr. Labiada will continue buying milk from Los Abedules. 
This is the plan Aurora suggested to Apolonia to do so to have the workers back and it goes like this. Aurora proposes to the employees to create a factory to make handmade cheese and if they agree, in the end, they will be sole owners because all the cheese profit will be an extra income for them aside their salary but if they think they don’t agree, they will be given their severance pay according to the number of years they worked in the ranch. They then give them time to go decide and reason on it with their families and bring feedback if indeed they want to start working with them again and start that business with them. After, Rafael hopes that many workers accept the proposal. 
Onesimo tells Rodrigo that he suspects that Corina stole the jewels and asks Rodrigo to check the videos from the security cameras to see because in a conversation he had with Corina, she described unconsciously to him how Elsa’s furniture in her bedroom looks like and also the gave a vivid description of where exactly Elsa keeps her jewelries and after mentioned that, she’s been in the room once or twice but Rodrigo thinks it’s normal if Corina pays critical attention to the furniture because she stays there but Onesimo still insists that they watch them video. 
Father Basilio asks Aurora to speak with Rodrigo and asks her to give a chance to Rodrigo but Aurora refuses though she loves him but she will bury all that love but father wants her to think about it. 
Corina reproaches Monica for worrying more about Elsa than about her and She also tells her to stop dreaming because Rodrigo will never love her and Monica pushes her away.
Elsa finds out that Corina and Onesimo are dating and invites him to have dinner with them. There Rodrigo tells Onesimo that he is not to reveal to his mum about his suspicions until the security camera video is looked through and Onesimo agrees to that.
Aurora tells Rafael that father Basilio asked her to speak with Rodrigo. Rafael seizes the opportunity to invite Aurora to a cattle breeder fair, but she says it’s not the moment to abandon Apolonia now that they lack workers. 
Epifania tries to intrigue against Aurora but Apolonia doesn’t allow her. 
Eligio tries polluting the workers minds against Aurora but Camilo tells the workers that Aurora has only brought benefits to town because she organized the milk fair and it brought honor to the town. 
Epifania tells Jeronimo that she has an appointment with the doctor so she wants him to go with her and Jeronimo tells Epifania that although Elsa doesn’t accept him, he will continue loving her all his life. 
Rodrigo catches up with Monica and they hug and seem to be in a compromising situation where they are about kissing.

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