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My Sweet Curse Episode 81 Update on Tuesday 6th March 2018


Rodrigo catches up with Monica and they hug and seem to be in a compromising situation where they are about kissing but Rodrigo changes his mind.
Camilo wants to make Maximina and Altagracia drunk to make them come there always but Ines and Boni think that will only make them alcoholic but he careless if that will make him more money.
Onesimo decides to offer Apolonia all his money and to support her for whatever she needs because he can’t stand to see her suffer for not getting money to pay off the workers wo quit the work. He then seizes the opportunity and kisses her and, in the act, Epifania sees them and becomes astonished.
Elsa tells Apolonia that she won’t sell milk to Labiada until the deadline Apolonia gave, and Apolonia looks grateful to Elsa though a bit skeptical.
The workers decide to stay back and work with Apolonia in spite of Eligio’s opposition because they think Aurora’s offer to set up a cheese factory will help them. So, this angers Eligio and he ends up fighting with Chalo and Rafael and everybody ends up throwing him out of the hacienda and he falls down and gets up with full blood in his hands and he thinks that shows that Macrina’s statement was right that they will fight and there will bloodshed because of Aurora. The employees celebrate that there’s going to be a cooperative.
Apolonia gives Rafael permission to go to the cattle breeders’ fair and he looks so happy.
Gloria gets upset with Dionisio for all the lies he’s been telling her about he and Aurora and all the bullying she has been going with him and he decides to agree with her father this time around so to divorce him for good but Dionisio tries convincing Gloria again to forgive him and swears he wouldn’t do that again and so she shouldn’t abandon him.
Aurora decides to speak with Rodrigo to clear things up with him and Monica knowing about it, she gets angry. Monica then makes Aurora believe that Rodrigo has looked for Nadia and now he looks so happy with her and she convinces Aurora not to honor her appointment with Rodrigo.
Onesimo and Rodrigo catch Corina in a camera video taking things out of a drawer in Elsa’s bedroom and returning it. Onesimo then asks Rodrigo about his thought on that action from Corina and Rodrigo thinks that file could be his grandpa’s which she took to verify how the WILL goes. Rodrigo and Onesimo conclude that it is Corina who wants the hacienda to go bankrupt at any rate and so she could have been the one who contaminated the milk because that will be a good thing for her and Onesimo also thinks that if Corina was able to know where exactly the file was, then, she could have been responsible for stealing those jewels to incriminate Aurora. Rodrigo looks for Corina and Xochitl tells her that she went to town.
Severo tells Rafael that he will go to the cattle breeders’ fair that weekend because that is where he is able to sell his pigs at high price.
Apolonia advises Aurora to confront Rodrigo and forget about hearsay from Monica and put him in his place for trying to always make a fool of her by pretending to love her but going after Nadia too.
Gloria gets mix feelings whether to stay with her husband or not and this was after Dionisio brought him flowers through someone but Ponciano thinks that act is just a camouflage from Dionisio because that is not his character and he takes the opportunity and offers his house to her Gloria telling her that she is always welcome in case she takes a stand.
Counselor Velazquez tries to bribe the judge, but he doesn’t achieve it because he says he is priceless and therefore he can’t sell his decision and the counselor in shame asks him why he refuses to accept the money and he replies it’s because he wants to sleep peace at night.
Rafael is determined to buy a bull at the fair and Severo hears about it. Severo and Macrina laugh for the trap he’s going to set for Rafael.
Rodrigo asks Corina and Monica to go to the study because they now have news about the person who contaminated the milk. There, Rodrigo shows Elsa the video where Corina enters the wardrobe and Elsa asks her the reason of going in there sneakily and Corina goes nervous.

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