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My Sweet Curse Episode 82 Update on Wednesday 7th March 2018


Rodrigo asks Corina and Monica to go to the study because they now have news about the person who contaminated the milk. There, Rodrigo shows Elsa the video where Corina enters the wardrobe and Elsa asks her the reason of going in there sneakily and Corina goes nervous but defends herself by saying that she’s not a thief. Rodrigo then accuses her of contaminating the milk. Onesimo advises her to tell the truth if not that could end her in jail and there she spills the truth out about seeing the WILL, contaminating the milk and stealing the jewels.
Jeronimo and Epifania go to the hospital to have pregnancy scan and after, Jeronimo advises Epifania to be a good mother and the best example for their baby whiles he try to do same. Elsa knowing the evil heart of Corina, she throws her out of the hacienda and Rodrigo tells Elsa that she made a mistake regarding Aurora and Elsa becomes terrible for having accused Aurora wrongly.
Corina asks Monica to ask Elsa to let her stay but Monica tells her that she can’t help her with everything she did and she advises her to leave the hacienda to avoid been sent to jail.
Rafael can’t find Aurora in the hacienda and Apolonia tells Rafael that maybe Aurora went to see Rodrigo and clear things up with her so she can decide to forgive him finally and Rafael becomes nervous.
Monica intentionally tells Elsa that maybe she should go with Corina but Rodrigo asks her not to leave because she’s part of the family. Corina then asks Elsa not to separate her from Monica and Elsa is sure of.
Aurora arrives in the church to meet Rodrigo but he never came at the appointed time and she reveals to father Basilio that the workers came back to the hacienda to work and after a while Aurora decides to leave but before she gives Rodrigo’s books to father to give them back Rodrigo and tell him that she never wants to have anything to do with him. Right after, Rodrigo arrives and doesn’t find Aurora in the church and he goes looking for Aurora and Rodrigo finds Aurora and asks her to let him give her an explanation for being late to their appointment and through that, Aurora and Rodrigo start arguing and he ends up hugging and kissing her forcibly but Rafael arrives to separate Rodrigo from Aurora and the two ends up fighting about Aurora and she warns him to not send her any gifts again but Rodrigo thinks their love is not finished and this causes more brutal fight between the two guys again. 
The lawyer tells Severo that the judge didn’t accept the bribe and Dionisio is surely going to be sentenced.
Macrina gets angry with Eligio because he wasn’t able to convince the workers of not going back to El Recuerdo to work for Apolonia.
Monica tells Macrina about what happened with Corina by confessing that she stole the jewels and many more others but she never gave her (Macrina) away.
Monica wants Severo and Macrina take Aurora away from her way.
Rafael apologizes to Aurora for fighting with Rodrigo.
Corina tells Altagracia and Maximina that she blames that Aurora is responsible of what’s happening to her.
Rodrigo goes back to Father Basilio to inform him about what happened with Aurora and how Rafael came to pick a fight with her and Father scolds her for kissing Aurora against her will like Dionisio and Rodrigo tries to defend himself that his is different from that of what Dionisio tried to do to her because if Aurora should fall for Rafael, he will die but Father tells Rodrigo that if Aurora falls in love with another man, he will have to accept it and sacrifice himself because he caused everything.

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