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Timeless Love Episode 111 Update on Monday 2nd April 2018


In the leftovers from yesterday, Jero swears that he will prosecute Agustin if he stole any cuttings from La Bonita. Carlos and Matilde plan on having a double wedding with Lazaro and Karina. Jero tells Padre that Doc Invincible is still alive. Augie reluctantly agrees to put off asking Gonzo for Nata's hand in marriage.

On to the main course! Berta fills Fina in on Constanza's condition; she is still alive but can't form any coherent words. Berta is a little put off by Fina's excitement over the news. Now they can move forward with their master plan to hoodwink Regina without interference.

Jero explains the Doc predicament to Padre. The night that oily skunk supposedly died, Jero got a call from the jail. On his not-quite-death-bed, Doc croaks to Jero for help because Augie put the hit out on him. Doc has lots of information about Augie that he could pass along to Jero. "Augie is pulling a dirty trick. He not only wants Nata, he wants everything you own. I have proof." Doc sputters and hopefully chokes on his own blood before their phone call is cut off.

Back in the present, Jero tells Padre that he and the jailhouse doctor faked Doc LousyBum's death to throw Augie's hit-man off the trail. Right now, Doc is the only proof they have of Augie's villainy. Padre promises to keep a lid on it. Given Padre's track record, the whole pueblo will know within hours.

Lazaro asks Ezequiel why he showed him the cuttings that Augie stole. Jero is going to blow his top; there's no way Lazaro can keep it a secret. Zeke's life will be on the line if Laz breathes a word of it to Jero.

Augie accompanies Nata back to Connie's place. Presumably it's no longer a crime scene. At any rate, Augie's possessive side comes out again and Nata almost cringes when he kisses her goodbye. Augie senses that Nata doubts him. He can't put his plans in danger. Augie thinks a fire on Jero's land would be the next best move for him to make but he can't afford to lose his cool yet.

Honorio and Adriana are doing a little better at trying to understand Connie. They make out the words "señora" and "mamá" but are perplexed as to what it might mean. Connie's inner monologue agonizes that no one understands her; their lives could be in danger too. Mercifully, Connie succumbs to sedatives and falls asleep before anyone else can stress her out. Adri convinces Anxious Honorio to leave Connie's side for a while.

Matias goes on the defensive when Chema shows up at the hospital. "Who are you here to see? Connie or Adriana?" Por Dios, Matias, stop making everything about you. Adri and Honorio join them in the waiting room and everyone shuffles their feet awkwardly.

Jero goes into depth about Operation: Doc Ain't Dead. When Karina was told Doc kicked the bucket, Jero went to the jail and found out that Doc was only in a coma. The Jailhouse Doc ends up backing Jero into a corner when he presents Jero with a cooked up death certificate. Jero is uncomfortable being an accomplice to fraud. The plan? If Doc wakes up, they'll give him a new name and transport him to another jail. If not, he dies. Either way, they spared Doc a long, painful death-by-hitman. (Where's the problem in that?)

Jero felt like his hands were tied and had to go along with the plan. He even agreed to help organize the funeral to make it seem legit. They buried a different deceased convict in Doc's place. Padre and Jero are at a loss for what to do next.

Karina asks Lazaro why he seems down in the dumps. He would rather talk about their impending wedding than his problems at the hacienda. Laz suggests they go shopping for wedding rings.

Matias and Honorio gripe about Chema's presence and his relationship with Adri. Hon tells Matias to go after Adriana if he loves her. Matias sulks. He definitely needs some decorations to spice up his pity party.

Adriana fills Chema in on Connie's condition. He cares for Connie as a good friend and realizes that he felt that way for quite a while. It isn't the same as what he feels for Adriana. She asks Chema to leave so they can have this conversation at better time. Chema never meant to intrude and leaves without causing a scene. Matias mean mugs them the whole time from across the room.

Nata steps into the shower and has a good long thought bubble about Jero. She can't forget the wonderful moments they shared but she also can't forget the terrible ones either. Nata remembers how helpful and supportive Augie was after her car accident. Her heart is torn between wanting to run to Jero's side and run away from him forever. Augie has been better to her than Jero ever was; he has been nothing but kind to her.

Chema has a dizzy spell right underneath the Emergency sign at the hospital. If that's not prophetic, I don't know what is. A nurse notices his wooziness and tries to have him admitted but Chema says it's just a migraine.

Berta pays Augie a visit. They must be soul-mates since they are color-coordinated in purple. He wants a little nookie before he heads back to Cruz de Amor. She teases him for not being able to get any from Nata. He criticizes her for not caring about Connie. Berta says that Connie means nothing to her even if she was a mother figure for Nata. Berta gets under Augie's skin by claiming that Nata is using Connie's accident as a pretext to avoid him. Then they fall into bed together anyway.

Padre hates to say it but Karina is still officially married to Doc in the eyes of the church. Jero says they either have to keep the secret or spoil Kari and Lazaro's happiness. Meanwhile, ignorance is bliss as Lazaro and Karina shop for rings. Kari picks one out while Laz tries to buy another one in secret as a surprise for Kari.

That darned Doc moans to the Jailhouse Doc about talking to Jero. Doc swears he is going to use his second chance to make Karina happy. By dying? 'Cause that's the only way to do it.

The oblivious couple run into Padre and Jero outside the church. Lazaro asks Jero to be the best man at the wedding. Jero waffles about having important things to do and Padre acts like an ass when Kari tries to get Jero to explain.

Fina pawns Connie's jewelery for some quick cash.

At the hospital, Connie's doctor finally has a diagnosis. Part of Connie's brain was seriously injured which has caused her to have no control over arms. She cannot hold things or write. Her ability to speak is also severely impaired. Connie cannot communicate using speech because the signal from her brain is not responding. The doctor is uncertain whether Connie's condition will be temporary or permanent. Everyone exchanges concerned and sad looks.

Nata joins the group as Honorio questions the doctor further. He has few encouraging things to say. Recovery time all depends on the patient. Connie will have to undergo both speech and physical therapies and will have to learn to talk again. It can take anywhere from weeks to months or years to reach functionality and there are some who never recover. Despite all this, Connie will get to leave the hospital the next day (that soon after brain surgery?). Nata comforts Honorio as a bumper of a healthier, happier Constanza leads us into the commercial break.

Over at the centro, Regina assures Ines that Connie will recover. Regi will help with Connie's physical therapy in any way she can. Fina calls to torture Regi. "You have less than 24 hours to deliver my money." Regi gives her word that she will meet Fina the next day. Fina teases that she might or might not show up. Ines wheedles it out of Regina that it was Fina who called. Regi admits that Jero loaned her the money to pay Fina. Regi is sure that she will be reunited with her daughter soon.

Hon, Nata, Matias, and Adri visit Connie and actually behave appropriately this time. Nata and Adri are going to stay in the casa to help Connie recover. Hon promises that everyone is going to be very patient in trying to understand when she speaks. Connie smiles and starts to cry from such a show of love.

Berta and Augie freshen up. She hints at knowing something about Nata that will benefit Augie when he finds out what it is. Later, Augie calls Nata and gushes about how much he loves her. Nata admits that she does not feel the same way. Augie has hope she will one day.

Jero checks in with Maritata. He apologizes for getting tied up. Mariana warns Jero that if she is not a priority in his life, they should break things off immediately. Jero missed his plane because of an emergency, not out of disinterest. He wants to begin a new life with her. Mari asks him to promise that if he cannot get over Nata, he has to tell her (Mari). Jero agrees and we end with a kiss.

Avances: Lots of clips of what's to come throughout next week. Honorio emphatically tells Gonzo that Pepa and Fina are the same person (!!!), Jero tells Nata that Fina killed Rafa, Marina asks Jero if he wants to get married, and Augie gets in Jero's face.

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