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Amaya Episode 149 Update on Sunday 1st April 2018


Cesar hiding and entering immediately after Max left and he makes Horacio report Max to the police on phone that Max is about to kill him so the authorities can put him behind bars. Quickly after, Cesar is about to hit Horacio on the head with a very heavy and pointed ornament in much aggression and he strikes Horacio’s head with it until he kills him. Then he wipes his fingerprints carefully and leaves the place hastily, not noticing that Horacio’s laptop recorded the scene and then stopped. Later he looks at his hand and tells himself he thought that it was more difficult to kill, especially on the first time.
Flavia asks Heriberto not to mix working and personal matters, but also that she doesn’t know why but she doesn’t want him to leave Paradise because she can’t stand him leaving the ranch and though his confession of love comes to her as a surprise but they can still make it work and it seems Heriberto now have a bit of hope.
Yaayaa invites Ulises to hide in her ranch, but in order not to have witnesses, she gives her aunt some money and asks her to leave the ranch. Becca not knowing where to go, she visits El-Paraiso and informs Hector and Ivan that Yaayaa still sees Ulises and that is why she kicked her out.
Later on, Ulises tricks the policemen and enters unseen and the two enjoy their romantic moment.
Marco Antonio explained things to Father Hipolito that the child Florencia and Mauro were expecting 35yrs ago never died but alive and that is him but the truth is there was a woman who bribed the nurse to kill him but the nurse saved him and gave that woman a baby boy who also died that same day at the hospital to that woman and that is why they thought he was dead but the truth is the nurse took care of him till date and raised him as her own elsewhere so no one will suspects anything to pursue him and kill him. He never even knew that woman was his adopted mum until when she was about dying on her sick bed and all of the truth was revealed to him. That is why he decided to come back to his root to know about his family and also to know the woman who wanted to kill him. After, Father Basilio tells him everything about Amaya being his step-sister because David is actually not his real dad but Mauro Montesinos.
The house help of Marco Antonio’s wife asks her grandma if she will be willing so she can ask her boss to go over to their house to take care of her patients for her because he is a doctor.
The police arrive in Horacio’s apartment to find him dead and so Several policemen call on the Montesinos family mansion when all the family looks set to meeting with the supposed Florencia who will be exposing to the children about Lucrecia and Cesar’s crimes. They take Max to the police quarters handcuffed and accused of Horacio’s death, very sarcastically Cesar tells him not to worry, adding that he will do everything to take him out of prison.
Amaya, Jorge, Constanza, Flavia and Juliana assure Max of finding the best lawyer to get him out of prison and Max says he knows he is innocent and so he will prove that. Amaya really looks very sad.

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