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Amaya Episode 150 Update on Friday 6th April 2018


The police arrest Max and Amaya, Jorge, Constanza, Flavia and Juliana assure Max of finding the best lawyer to get him out of prison and Max says he knows he is innocent and so he will prove that. Amaya really looks very sad. Meanwhile Cesar tells Constanza he does believe Max killed Horacio.
Cesar reveals his mother Horacio’s death was a setup for Maximiliano so they can take control of everything because now Max is out of their way though he never killed Horacio and quickly Lucrecia figure out that Cesar indeed killed Horacio and he begins to smile BUT Lucrecia is willing to do anything to get her son out of jail because she doesn’t want any of her children to be in jail but Cesar thinks that will only go in their favor but she asks him not to leave his brother in jail too long..
Rebecca arrives at “El Paraiso” to report to them that Yaayaa is still working with Ulises and Ivan asks her to spend the night there and they plan on how they are going to get Ulises to have him behind bars. Becca then assures Hector she wants him and her son to forgive her but that Hector doesn’t think she actually has repented or feels remorseful about all that he’s done to him and especially Ivan her son. Ivan’s planning to go to La Tormenta and pretend to see Yaayaa and asks her to tell him more about her mum and why she abandoned him and there he can know her relationship with Ulises though they all feel afraid for him taking that risk.
Eloisa goes with Amaya and Cesar to the medical office to identify Horacio’s corpse.
Max tells the truth to the police his reason for confronting Horacio in his apartment and he pleads not guilty but he is still taking to his cell for further interrogation and suspect in Horacio’s death. The lawyer informs Lucrecia Max can’t be entitled to bail due to the nature of the crime.
Dario (Carolina’s ¬_ boyfriend) tells Carolina he’s interested in knowing her better because he thinks there is something great about her and she thanks him for his great compliment.
Amaya knows Horacio isn’t a good man but least did she wish for his dead and Juliana suspects Cesar to have a hand in Horacio’s death because that is the only way she thinks he could use to distract them from exposing Lucrecia and him
Ulises comments to Yaayaa she shouldn’t have kicked her aunt out because people might suspect her for having dealings with him.
Constanza confesses to Max she hates Amaya for everything she has caused in their lives because had it not been Amaya who Max thought of, he wouldn’t have gone to confront Horacio after knowing that he hit Amaya. She asks him again if indeed he is sure he has no hand in Horacio’s death and Max now knows she also doubts him but she says no but she is only thinking he is capable of doing that since Max went for her defense.
Amaya tells Max she totally believes in his innocence and Max at least have hope that Amaya trusts in his innocence and that she suspects Cesar because she is an evil person. Max then asks Amaya why she married his brother and not him and she says she had her reasons but never did she tell him.
Marco Antonio meets Mauro and his family in a newspaper picture and now he looks happy for knowing he has a lot of siblings.
Carolina offers to pick up Valeria for her father’s burial.
Jacinta asks Marco Antonio to check on a patient in their house if not the person can die and luckily, he finds the patient and tells them he is his father.

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