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Amaya Episode 151 Update on Saturday 7th April 2018


Jacinta asks Marco Antonio to check on a patient in their house if not the person can die and luckily, he finds the patient and tells them he is his father and that he is in serious condition and that if he doesn’t take care of him right away he will die. He promises them that that he won’t mention them at all to the authorities that they had him. They then reveal to him how they saw him in between some rocks alongside the river looking helpless and they took him to their house to take care of him because they had no choice since there is no money to take him to the hospital and also didn’t know his family and since her grandma is an herbalist, they decided to treat him.
The authorities state that Max will be taking to the penitentiary for the meantime whiles he awaits his trial and after will be sentenced by the judge now that they find no suspects again and this comes as a great blow to all but Cesar looks at ease but pretends telling the lawyer to do everything to get Max out of prison.
Quickly, Marco takes Mauro to the clinic and asks the nurse to never allow anyone to know that the man is there because he is going to take care of him since he is his father. He allows Mauro to go through treatment and Mauro hallucinates non-stop. He tells his wife it seems someone tried to kill him and that is why he hallucinates stating that he doesn’t want him to call the police nor his wife and he believes his wife might have hand a hand in his shooting and that is why he refuse to let anyone know his where about so he doesn’t put him in danger.
In the meantime, Max repeats to Jorge that he didn’t kill Horacio and that when he left the apartment he was alive and that may be someone framed him up. So, Jorge decides to investigates and know where Cesar was and when he Max was off to Horacio’s apartment.
Through a news cast they learn in Paradise that Max has been arrested for killing Horacio and Mariana decides to leave for Mexico City to accompany Amaya and support her in the hard time. Same vein, Juliana also stresses to Max that she also suspects Cesar and that she and Amaya thinks same. She also reveals to him that she and Amaya are accomplice but she can’t tell him anything now until he gets out.
Yaayaa and Ulises plan to travel to the city too so they can get hold of Valeria and distract them so he gets hold of Mariana whiles she gets Ivan to herself since he is sure Valeria and Mariana will be there for the wake keeping. However, when they are ready to leave, Ivan arrives asking to see his mother and there the plan begins but Yaayaa informs him that Becca left on vacation to an unknown place. Ivan refuses to return back pretending that things with Mariana are uncontrollable and this makes Yaayaa happy
Amaya calls Valeria to pack so Carolina can get her back home but she tells Juliana that she doesn’t know how to tell Valeria of her dad’s death but decides that she has to attend the burial and Carolina offers to pick her up at the school in the States and bring her home.
Max instructs Jorge to keep preparing the launching of his product and Manuel agrees to that.
Jorge picks Mariana from the airport so she can go see Amaya.
Constanza goes with her father to his house and there she discovers that, Nana Yaw has moved into her room
The episode ends when Max is fingerprinted and they give him the uniform he now has to wear and he is taking to jail.

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