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Bride With Benefits Episode 10--12 Update on Thursday 5th April 2018


The episode starts with Dev reaching home sadly. Jogeshwar asks if he got insulted well? He says in his times, a bit of dowry was not a problem, but now ladies want to rule and trouble her in-law if she brings dowry. Ayodhya wanted dowry and not him, says he will not accept dowry in Dev’s marriage.
Dev looks at Payal’s pic on his mobile and smiles. Friend comes and says he is busy in his love life, but his family is thinking of an alliance with another girl. Dev says he will not marry anyone except Paya. Friend says if his love is strong, he will get only Payal.
Guddan mama brings Jogeshwar to Payal’s house. Bhuvaneshwar introduces him to all his family members. Guddu and Jaiswal praise Jogeshwar that he opposes dowry and wants to remove its culture from
society. Jogeshwar says Jaiswal is praising him as a friend, he wants them to come to his house first, research about him and his son and then decide about alliance.
Gulkan tells her brother that Jogeshwar bought house and car, etc., from her dowry money and she herself is out now. Brother says it is her family and she should think calmly. Gulkan yells at Ayodhya that her family is much better than his family. Ayodhya gets embarrassed and leaves to get children from school and brother accompanies him. Gulkan yells that she will not spare Jogeshwar. Bhabhi asks to calm down. She calls home. Servant picks call. She yells at him first, then asks about Santoshi and Jogeshwar with their nicknames. Servant says Santoshi is busy in pooja and Jogeshwar has gone to Chaibasa. She yells when he does not like moving out of bed, there must be something cooking, she has find it out.
Jogeshwar enjoys snacks, praises bhunaneshwar’s family’s sanskars and gets busy talking. Dev reaches Payal’s house with his friend to propose her and gets into house, but Jogeshwar had already left by that time. Neelu asks who is he and why did he come in. Payal identifies him and asks if he is the one whom she mistood as car salesman and apologizes her. Dev says since he has seen her, he is thinking only about her, stands in front of her office to see her. She asks why. He says because he loves her and says I love you. Rajath gets irked hearing that and holds his collar. Dev says he is from a good family and he just expressed his family feelings. Rajath drags him out and is about to hit him when friend sees and comes to his rescue. Indu asks Rajath to leave Dev as Payal’s alliance will breakup. Dev is shockly to hear that and walks sadly towards his bike. Jogeshwar comes out form Guddan’s house and tells he felt really good meeting them all and invites them to his house. He sees Indu tensed and asks about it. She says she is worried about Payal. He says even he has a daughter and will think payal as her daughter. Guddan calls driver near the gate and Jogeshwar leaves in his car. Dev also leaves sadly in his bike.

The episode starts with Indu insisting Bhuvaneswhar to hurry up and fix alliance with Jogeshwar’s son as she felt Jogeshwar is a very nice. Bhuvaneshwar asks Payal’s opinion. She says she has to see groom first. He says they will check groom, house, etc, and enquire, only then he will decide as only good means something is wrong.
Jogeshwar and Jaiswal come back home and discuss how they fooled educated people as they have only theoritical knowledge and not practical. Dev comes reminiscing Rajath insulting him and tell about Payal’s alliance being fixed and walks into his room without speaking to Jogeshwar while he continues shouting at him. He tells Jaiswal that heis tensed about Dev than Payal’s family as he wants to become teacher and would not get much dowry.
calls Ayodhya at night. He picks call but cuts seeing Gulkan. He then meets him in the morning and asks what is the issue. Dev says he is in love with a girl, but girl’s marriage has been fixed. Ayodhya suggests him to forget the girl then.

Payal calls Neelu form office and asks if Jogeshwar and Indu left home. Neelu says yes and asks if something happened. Payal says she is nervous as everything is happening so fast and is thinking why girls have to leave home always. Neelu asks her to relax and says mom and dad have just gone to meet the people and asks her to think if family is so good, groom will also be very good.
Bhuvaneshwar with family and Guddan reaches Jogeshwar’s house. Jogeshwar greets them in. They enter and are surprised to see such a big palace like house. Guddan says it is palace. Jogeshwar says he has everything in his house and needs a sarvagun sampann bahu. He introduces Santoshi and Guddi to them. Guddu serves them a variety of snacks. Rajath asks him to call Dev. Santoshi says he has gone to meet his elder brother Ayodhya. Gulkan reaches there thinking to teach Jogeshwar a lesson and is about to enter house when Ayodhya stops her and says he will not let her enter the house from which they were insulted and kicked out. Rajath asks Jogeshwar to call Dev. Guddi calls him and tells his phone is not reachable. Jogeshwar says they can meet Dev laer and leaves.
Ayodhya takes Gulkan home and says he cannnot see her being insulted again. She says she is happy that he is thinking of her now. He gets Jogeshwar’s call, but says Gulkan that he has to meet a client to get contract in temple. She says she will accompany him and takes his phone. He thinks his secret will be out for sure. They both reach temple and enter in for pooja. Jogeshwar comes there wearing shwal and signals Ayodhya to come out while Gulkan is busy in pooja. Ayodhya comes out and touches his feet.

The episode starts Ayodhya meeting Jogeshwar outside temple. Jogeshwar says he is his real son who has his qualities. Ayodhya hugs him and says he is his son. Jogeshwar asks why did he bring Gulkan. Ayodhya says he know Gulkan is very arrogant and adamant lady, she insisted to accompany him and he could not deny. Jogeshwar tells their plan how they kicked out Gulkan out of house. Gulkan finished pooja and does not see Ayodya next to him, so she comes out of temple searching him. Ayodhya tells Jogeshwar that Gulkan had reached home, but he stopped her on time and took back. They have to do something now. Jogeshwar says Gulkan may ruin their plan of getting service wali bahu, so they should keep her out for some time. He says he will not feel good celebrating holi without him. Teheir conersation
continues. Gulkan comes near the bench after searching Ayodhya everywhere, but does not find him. Ayodhya comes from behind and says he met with his client and takes her with him. Jogeshwar thinks Gulkan is a chudail/witch.
Santoshi tells Guddi that Payal’s people may come here anytime, but Dev is missing. Guddi tells she heard Dev speaking to a girl and may be in love. Santoshi gets tensed. Dev comes home and she asks where was he as bride’s family had come. He says he is not interested in marrying. She starts her emotional atyachar. He apologizes her. She says he has to go to bride’s house for holi celebrations with dad. He says he will not go and walks into his room.
Indu praises Jogeshwar’s family and their hospitality. Rajath says they did not meet boy though. Indu says so what if they did not, family is very good and they can meet boy in holi celebrations.
Rajath’s assistant comes home and informs that his transport license is rejected. Rajath gets annoyed hearing that. Indu say she knows how to get it.
Dev’s friend sees him sad and asks why is he behaving like Devdas. Dev says he made a big mistake by proposing Payal, but he did not know her marriage is fixed, hopes her alliance is not broken.
Neelu shows Payal’s dress and says didi will wear it during holi functions. Indu says Payal that she needs help from her. Payal asks what. Rajath says it is his job and requests her to get him a transport license. Payal asks how can she. Indu says she is a big officer in PWD and can order transport officer to issue license. Payal says she will not misuse her position. Indu and Rajath gets angry. Dad comes and says Payal is right. Rajath yells that nobody wants to help him and walks out of house. Indu tries to walk behind him, but Dad stops him and asks her not to follow Rajath always as he has grown up. He then says Payal he is proud of her.
Holi celebrations start. Payal and bhabhi greet happy holi to guests. Payal wishes Rajath offers sweets, but he angrily walks out. She gets sad. Dad comes and asks what happened. She asks why did he stop her from getting Rajath’s license. He says he is proud of her morales and asks her to concentrate on her work and forget everything.
Guddan comes and happily smears holi to everyone. Payal smears holi to Rajath. He calms down smears her face. Indu tells her friend that she will her Payal’s marriage laddu this time.
Jogeshwar’s servant massages him and asks if he does not like holi colors, then why he wants to attend function. Jogeshwar scolds him to behave like a servant and asks Santoshi about Dev. She keeps silent. Jaiswal comes and asks why is so much silence at home. Santoshi says without son and grandchildren, she does not want to celebrate holi. jogeshwar says everyone will come. Just then, grandchildren come and hug them both.
Payal’s family dances celebrating holi. Jogeshwar’s family also enjoys holi in their home. Dev comes to Payal’s house. Payal unknowingly throws holi on him and gets tensed when she sees him.

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