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Bride With Benefits Episode 16--18 Update on Saturday 7th April 2018


The episode starts with Gulkan insisting to attend Guddi’s marriage functions. Ayodhya says he will not. She says people with badmouth about them they are running away from their responsibilities. He says Jogeshwar insulted them, so he will not go there at any cost. His brother-in-law says it is his house and he should not be angry on his parents so long. Ayodhya goes to room in ileu of changing clothes, calls Ayodhya and informs about the situation there.
RTO officer comes to Payal’s office and asks her to consider his tender. she says she will check everyone’s files and whoever is best will be given tender. He says when he did her work, she should also pass his tender. She asks what did he do. He says Rajath came to his office for transport license and he got
him license. She is shocked to hear that. RTO officer yells that she used her position to get her work done and walks out angrily.
Jogeshwar informs Guddi and Santoshi about Gulkan’s demand and asks Guddi to agree for fake marriage. She says she will not. Santoshi says when service wali bahu comes, even she will be benefited. Seh agrees. Jaiswal brings neighbouring ladies and decorators to decorate house as a marriage venue.
Payal thinks if dad will know about Rajath’s misdeed, he will feel really bad. Her assistant asks if he should pass RTO officer’s tender, she says she will check file and if everything is in order, she will.
Ayodhya and Gulkan reach home with gifts. Ayodhya asks Gulkan to rethink again as Jogeshwar does not like her and may insult her again. She says she is not afraid of Jogeshwar and even if he barks, it will not deter her, he will not utter any abuses in front of Guddi’s sasural. They will go, give gifts and leave. Ayodhya says okay and opens door. They see Guddi being applied haldi and Jogeswhar acting as busy in arrangements. He sees them and acts again as getting angry. Santoshi starts her overacting and greets them in. Gulkan says though they have fought, the are still related, so she brought shagun/gift for Guddi. Jogeshwar says there is no need for their gift. Santoshi again starts overacting and pleads Jogeshwar touching his feet. Jogeshwar acts as agreeing. Gulkan gives gifts to Guddi and tells Jogeswhar he brought whatever he could and if he needs any help, he can call him. Jogeshwar says Guddi is his daughter and he does not need anyone’s help. He says he does not have any money at all and if his beta/bahu would have been with him, bahu would have given jewelry to Guddi and saved his dignity. Gulkan gives her jewelry to Guddi. Santoshi again overacts and hugs Gulkan. Hired actresses ask Gulkan to dance. Gulkan starts dancing with ladies on Sasural genda phool.
Rajath and Guddan come there and are shocked to see celebrations. Gulkan asks who are they. Jogeshwar sends Santoshi and Jaiswal to receive them. Gulkan asks who are these ladies. Jogeshwar says they are Guddi’s sasural ladies. Santoshi on the other side tells it is Guddi’s haldi today and marriage in 2 days. Gulkan asks why are guddi’s in-laws here in haldi itself. Jogeshwar says as per rituals, guddi’s haldi will be used on her groom, even they followed this ritual in her marriage and asks her to continue function. Ayodhya thinks he should do something and says Gulkan that they came to give shagun to Guddi and should leave, there is no need to mingle in the celebrations. She agrees, wishes Guddi happy married life again and leaves.
Jogeshwar relaxes once Gulkan leaves and meets Rajath and Guddan. Rajath says dad wants Dev and Payal to meet once before fixing alliance.

The episode starts with Rajath informing Jogeshwar that Bhuvaneshwar wants Payal and Dev to meet once before fixing marriage. Jogeshwar says as per their family rule, girl and boy cannot meet before marriage and he will not break the rule. Rajath and Guddan walk out sadly. Jogeshwar then tells Jaiswal that his plan would be ruined if Dev and Payal meet.
Hired actresses ask Jogeshwar to give their money or sari. He signals Santoshi to give sari. She gives them torn saris. They say they need money and not torn sari. He gives them 10 rs each. They yell at him and leaving telling his daughter’s marriage will not happen if he shows his cunningness everywhere.
Payal reaches home. Alka brings tea for her. Rajath and Guddan come home and tell Bhuvaneshwar that Jogeshwar denied
to let Payal and Dev meet as he has a family rule that girl and boy will not meet before marriage. Bhuvaneshwar calls Jogeshwar and says without Payal and Dev’s meeting, he will not fix marriage. Indu says Bhuvaneshwar he should have agreed Jogeshwar’s request. Bhuvaneshwar says he wants Payal to understand Dev first before marrying him. Rajath says dad is right, why should they bend to Jogeshwar’s all demands. Indu yells at him, goes to kitchen and vents out her anger on her.
Payal goes to Rajath’s room and asks why did he use her name to get RTO transport permit. She says because of him, RTO officer wants her to do his job. He shouts at her that though papa bought him a car, she does not want him to succeed in life, she is jealous that he got license and she just wants everyone to praise her. Payal starts crying and tells she just wants him to follow the rule. He asks her to go and cancel his permit then. Alka sees the whole incident and consoles Payal by telling she is really good and Rajath is lucky to have a sister like him.
Indu yells at Guddan and Bhuvaneshwar for enjoying tea instead of worrying about Payal’s marriage. She says no one would like their one-sided rule. Bhuvaneshwar says he just wants Payal to lead a happy life.
Jogeshwar comes with Dev and Jaiswal. Bhuvaneshwar greets them in. Jogeshwar says he broke his rule on his demand and brought Dev here. Guddan says he did very good. Indu goes to get tea and snacks. Dev peeps at Payal’s room. Neelu sees that and asks whom he is searching. Everyone start laughing. Jaiswal silently calls Jogeshwar. He picks call and acts as speaking to his client and telling he is in important meeting. He calls Dev’s phone and silently picks it himself and thinks whenever Dev will go, he can hear his conversation. Jaiswal then calls him again. He goes out to listen to their conversation.

The episode starts with Neelu taking Dev to Payal’s room and says he can propose Payal now. Alka asks her to let them speak and takes her from there. Jogeshwar continues listening to their conversation via phone. Payal asks him to sit. He says he will help her and says he helps even mom in folding clothes. Jogeshwar irks that before marriage itself Dev has become joru ka ghulam. Dev says it is fate that united us, he did not know she is girl and did not know their family is fixing their marriage. He asks her to speak. She asks him to sit and asks what kind of girl he needs as his life partner. He says a girl who can understand and support her, take care of her parents and a good human being, which she is. Payal feels impressed. They both start staring at each other and then shy.
She asks if he needs housewife or working wife. He says he saw his mom as housewife, so did not think of working wife. She asks if he wants her to continue her work or be at home after marriage. Jogeshwar get nervous and prays god to let Dev give right answer. Dev says he cannot tell her to leave her job and says house is run by both husband and wife and he is proud that she has met her goal and he will not insult her capability. Jogeshwar thinks he doubts Dev is his son as he is more intelligent than him. Payal says even he is working hard in his coaching classes. He says he started coaching on his friend’s insistence, but will work hard. She asks how does he run his coaching center and since he has set it up. Jogeshwar thinks if Dev speaks up, his secret will be out.
Santoshi shops with Guddi and starts her overacting. She asks her not to tell her dad and asks her also to hide it from her husband. She says they will get double clothes. She gets tensed seeing Gulkan standing in front of her who asks if she shopping for Guddi’s marriage. She acts as surprised. Guddi handles situation and tells yes. Gulkan saks why did she bring Guddi out after her haldi ceremonry. She says all men are busy in marriage arrangements and even she is not at home, so she had to shop. Gulkan yells at Jogeshwar that he is so ruthless to send his wife and daughter out insead of helping them. Once she leaves, Guddi asks why did she lie and says Gulkan will get her married at any cost. Santoshi says if Jogeshwar will know about all this, he will not spare her.
Dev starts speaking about his coaching classes. Jogeshwar hears this and starts shouting to divert Dev and everyone’s attention. He comes in shouting on phone. Dev and Payal come out. Jogeshwar acts as getting panic attack. Payal gives her water. Bhuvaneshwar asks whom he was talking to. He says he got a call from his friend asking to take favor from Payal and he got angry. Dev says he will complete his talk. Jogeshwar starts acting again. Dev takes him out and he runs (nobody doubts his drama).
Jaiswal tells Ayodhya that Jogeshwar handled the situation well today. Ayodhya asks why is he tensed. He says he handled Dev and Payal’s meeting and now biggest problem is Gulkan wants to attend Guddi’s marriage. They will have to stop her and even stop Payal know about him as she thinks he is a big goon. Ayodhya says he has a plan to handle Gulkan. Jogeshwar asks what..
Bhuvaneshwar asks Payal if she is convinced with Dev and asks how is he. She says she just started speaking to him but had to come out hearing Jogeshwar’s shouting. Indu says there is whole life for her to talk. Payal reminisces Dev’s decent behavior and says she is ok. Indu asks Bhuvaneshwar to say yes for marriage. He asks Payal if he should say yes. She shies and goes into her room. He says he will call Jogeshwar adn finalize marriage. He calls Jogeshwar and tells he and his family are okay with this marriage. Jogeshwar gets happy and even he is okay with this proposal and says he will inform this good news to his family. He then starts dreaming of enjoying lavish life as a king with dancers dancing around him and feeding him fruits. He sees Payal entering his house as Devi Laxmi and requesting her to make him rich. She pours gold coin on him. Dev come and wakes him up. He says he has a good news for him. Dev says he is tensed as Payal was asking about coaching center business, she is confused, so he has to talk to her. He says there is no confusion and asks him to smile as Payal as greed for marriage. Santoshi also comes with Guddi and starts her overacting. She asks servants to get sweets. Jogeshwar says he will reward them, takes 1000s and 100s notes but gives them 11 rs each. Dev happily runs out to inform about his marriage to his friends. Jogeswhar starts singing service wali bahu aanewali hai…and dancing with Santoshi and Guddi.
Precap: Indu sees Payal traveling in Dev’s bike. Neighbours badmouth. Indu tells Dev not to meet Payal before marriage.

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