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Bride With Benefits Episode 25--27 Update on Tuesday 10th April 2018


The episode starts with Payal’s assistant Satish informing her that her leave has been cancelled and she will have to attend commissioner’s meeting. Indu says she cannot go. Satish says it is very important meeting. Payal says she will go. Bhuvaneshwar says he will call and check when Jogeshwar and family will come here. He calls and asks Jogeshwar when will they reach here. Jogeshwar says he just left home and will come after going to temple. Bhuvaneshwar relaxes and says tells Payal to attend commissioner’s meeting an come back before Dev’s family reaches. She leaves, while Indu still continues to stop her.
Jogeshwar reaches temple and asks family to do the darshan soon. Gulkan also comes there with her bhabhi. Jogeshwar gets tensed seeing her, borrows
blanket and stick from beggar and wears it. Gulkan sees beggar wearing costly shoes, thinks he is thief and tries to confront him. He runs from there successfully.
Commissioner addresses meeting and scolds officers for not preparing report on time. Payal enters and he praises her for finishing work on time and asks her to tell how she finished it. Payal tries to speak, but he does not listen to her.
Santoshi sees him with beggar’s blanket and asks if he has gone mad. He smears vibhuti on his face and tells Gulkan is following him. He applies vibhuti to even their faces and says if Gulkan sees them in party attire, she will create problem and if she will know about Dev’s marriage, she will break it. They try to escape but stop seeing Gulkan and stand in temple darshan que. Gulkan stands behind them. Santoshi starts her overacting again. Jogeshwar he has to do something before Dev comes here.
Payal shows her presentation. Commissioner praises her and asks to check other officer’s reports. She gets tensed and calls Dev. Dev happily picks call. She says she is stuck in commissioner’s meeting and will be late for engagement. He assures her to finish her work calmly and he will handle the situation. She then mutes mobile and continues with her meeting.
Guddi asks Jogeshwar to do something. He asks her to shout snake snake, he will create havoc and from there. She slowly calls snake, but nobody pays attention. He then starts acting as a man mad and panics people. People starts running. Gulkhan falls on floor and he falls on temple’s prasad, gets up and runs. Gulkan follows her, but her bhabhi stops her. Gulkan says she fell because of beggar and will not spare him. Bhabhi consoles her and asks to finish temple darshan. She enters temple and bends in front of god. Jogeshwar throws bedsheet on her, closes temple door and runs. He says some lady got mad and is searching them, so they should from there. He forcefully gets Dev into car and leaves. Lady unlocks temple door, Gulkan comes out and searches culprit.
Payal continues checking officer’s files and giving suggesstions and worries that she is getting late for engagement. Satish signals her that it is late, but she continues with her work.
Jaiswal comes to Payal’s house. Dad and Indu greet him in and as about Jogeshwar. He says Jogeshwar went to temple and will come late. Indu and dad get tensed that Payal has not reached home yet. Jogeshwar comes with family. Santoshi sees house simple decoration and Indu’s jewelry and thinks if Payal was not doing service, she would not have get Dev married here. Dev realizes Payal has not reached home.

The episode starts with Panditji asking to bring bride now for engagement rituals. Bhuvaneshwar and family get tensed. Santoshi in her overacting style says she will bring Payal. Indu asks her to enjoy snacks and takes Bhuvaneshwar in. Bhuvaneshwar scolds her for lying that Payal is getting ready. Indu starts crying. Bhuvaneshwar asks her to calm down and calls Satish. Satish says Payal is in board meeting. Bhuvaneshwar says Payal’s in-laws have reached for engagement. Satish goes in to inform Payal. Commissioner sees another officer picking phone and asks him not to pick call during official meeting and asks everyone to silent their phones. Bhuvaneshwar hears commissioner’s voice. Satish says Payal cannot to him right now. Bhuvaneshwar thanks him and cuts call. He informs
Indu. Indu starts crying and says Dev’s family will break this alliance.
Dev hears their conversation and tells his dad that he does not want to get engaged. Dad shouts at him and asks him to tell the reason. Dev says he is not feeling well today and will get engaged 2-3 days later. Dad scolds him and asks to bring Payal. Dev says there is no need to call Payal. Neelu tells Bhuvaneshwar that Dev knows Payal is not at home, so he is trying to help us.
Jogeshwar continues scolding Dev and says Bhuvaneshwar that he is worried about his health than other’s dignity and is about to slap him when Bhuvaneshwar stops him and says Dev is trying to help him. Jogeshwar asks what does he mean. Bhuvaneshwar says Payal is not at home. Jogeshwar praises Dev and asks how does he know Payal is not at home. Dev says when they went to temple, Payal called him and informed about her official meeting. Neelu says didi is lucky to have Dev ji. Indu apologizes Dev, but he asks her not to and says it is his responsibility now to take care of Payal.
Panditji says if engagement does not happen in this muhurath, they will have to wait till next poornima/full moon night. Bhuvaneshwar says then they should wait till next poornima. Jogeshwar and family get tensed hearing that and Bhuvaneshwar says it his responsibility to take care of their self-respect and takes them to Payal’s meeting venue and enters in. Commissioner asks who are they. Payal says they are her family members. Jogeshwar says it is Payal’s engagement today and she is in meeting here instead of getting engaged. Commissioner apologizes. Jogeshwar says he wants Payal and Dev’s engagement here at office. Commissioner permits. Bhuvaneshwar thanks Jogeshwar. He asks him to hug him. Guddan asks Rajath if he has doubt on Jogeshwar even now. Rajath stands still.
Payal and Dev’s engagement starts Panditji performing pooja and reciting mantras. Payal and Dev exchange rings and smile looking at each other. Everyone claps for them. Neelu takes their pics and commissioner clicks whole family’s pics.
Payal and family reach home. Payal says Dev handled situation well and she is thankful to him. Neelu jokes that she got time to call Dev and he understood her. Everyone laughs. Bhuvaneshwar says his whole family is good and understand service wali bahu’s problems. Neelu says Santoshi was overacting and doing too much showoff. Indu says that is her style.

The episode starts Payal’s parents happily discussing about peaceful completion of enagement. Indu says she wants Dev’s tilak ceremony happen soon. Bhuvaneshwar says Jogeshwar asked not to gift anything. Indu says they have to follow their rituals from their side Guddan says didi is telling right.
Gulkan’s brother and bhabhi discuss about sending Gulkan back to her in-laws home as her chidren’s moral growth is being spoilt.
Indu takes out her jewelry and asks Payal and Neelu to select among these. Neelu says these are old fashioned and she wants new. Indu says gold rate has gone very high and she does not have budget. Payal says gold reduces if exchanged and says these jewelry have their grandparents’ and mom’s blessings, so she will select
only these. She select a pair of earrings and asks to give the rest to Neelu. Dad praises her. Neelu says she will take everything. Everyone laughs. She then asks if they can speak to Dev. Indu irks, but Dad permits and says Dev and Payal should know each other well before marriage. Once they leave, Indu gets worried if marriage will happen without any tension. He says he will give according to his capability.
Gulkan’s brother comes tensely. She asks what happened to him. He says nothing. She asks if he acrued loss in business. He says he does not want to trouble her as she is already in trouble. Bhabhi says he acrued loss in bussiness. Gulkan asks what will he do now. Brother says he will sell this big house and will shift to a small flat, even she will go to he house back soon. Bhabhi says he is right. Gulkan gets tensed.
Neelu thinks of taunting Dev and calls him. He thinks it is Payal and says he was thinking about her. Neelu says she is his saali and pulls his legs a bit. Alka takes phone then. Dev says she was looking very beautiful today. Indu says is it and then says she is Alka. Dev gets shy. She then gives phone to Payal and takes Neelu from there. Payal thanks Dev for helping her family. He says they are one now and should help each other’s family always. They continue their conversation for some time and then cut call.
Alka sees Rajath sad and asks if he is tired due to hard work. He says he is feeling guilty for not helping papa. She says his business is not set up yet, so he cannot help papa. She then brings her jewelry and says if he sell these, he can help papa. He says he will not. She insists. He agrees and says he will work even in night to gather money for Payal’s marriage.
Santoshi gets ready and asks Jogeshwar how is she looking. He says she is looking like a snake. Her overacting and his drama continues. He asks her to get ready soon and come down to receive Payal’s family for tilak ceremony. Servant gives him juice, says it is for Payal’s family and asks how is it. He eats and says it is good. Santoshi comes down and starts yelling that the Payal’s family is not giving anything in tilak, but Gulkan brought a lot of gifts and dowry. He asks her not to take Gulkan’s name and says she brought humility and insult along wit dowry. Jaisals comes and asks if he invited gulkan in tilak ceremony. He says no. Jaiswal says she has come and is standing out. Jogeshwar yells at her that she took gulkan’s name and she came now to ruin tilak function. they go out and see gulkan selling their car.
Precap: Gulkan asks Jogeshwar to give her dowry items and 1 crore rupees which she brought.
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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