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Bride With Benefits Episode 51--53 Update on Thursday 19th April 2018


The episode starts with Dev coming downstairs. Rajath greets and hugs him. He asks him about Gulkan. He asks why she didn’t attend Dev’s marriage when she is at home. Jogeshwar tells that they were in Mumbai and couldn’t get ticket to come on time. Santoshi says yes. Jogeshwar says they came when Payal’s bidaai was going on. I asked them to reach for the kitchen ritual. He says it would be good if the daughter in laws meet each other. He gets an idea and tells Santoshi to serve kheer puri to Rajath, cooked by Payal. Santoshi says okay and calls the servant to bring kheer puri. Rajath and Dev eat the kheer. Dev looks sad. Payal comes down. Santoshi tells that Dev and Rajath are eating kheer and puri prepared by you. She asks Dev to say how is it? Dev says very tasty. Payal smiles. Santoshi
asks Rajath to eat more kheer. Rajath thinks he have to talk to Payal after reaching home and worries about Gulkan’s behavior. Payal tells Jogeshwar that she is going. Jogeshwar asks her to go safely and come back home. They leave.
Jogeshwar and his family wait anxiously for Payal to arrive. Neelu sees Payal coming in the car. Neelu grees them. Payal hugs her dad and mum. Dev greets Jogeshwar. Indu does their aarti. Guddan praises their jodi. Neelu says it is world’s best jodi. Payal looks sad. Jogeshwar asks Neelu to bring jalebis. Indu tells Payal to eat food and says Alka made her favorite food. Jogeshwar and Indu compliment them and bless their jodi. Neelu says everyone here is missing you very much. Payal smiles.
Indu asks about the kitchen ritual and asks Dev about Payal’s cooking. Dev praises her. Neelu asks them to come closer as she is taking pics. Dev hesitantly keeps his hand on her shoulder. Neelu takes the photo and asks Alka to take her pic with them. Jogeshwar greets someone. Indu takes Alka for making the arrangements for Puja. Pandit ji comes and do the puja. All the neighbors look smilingly. Pandit ji asks the newly weds to present flowers in God’s feet. Pandit ji tells about some rituals.
Neelu gives laddo and asks them to make each other eat. Dev hesitanty makes Payal eat the sweets. Payal also makes him eat the laddo. The neighbor praises their jodi and asks to give the good news soon. Indu tells Dev that they are Mr. Verma’s wife and daughter Priya. Mrs. Verma says they need his suggestion. Dev asks her to say. Mrs. Verma says Priya is writing govt exam and wants to take coaching in Dev’s coaching centre. Payal and Dev get shocked. Guddan says it will be done and asks Dev. Payal looks shocked and tells Dev that they shall call Santoshi and inform that they have reached. She asks him to come inside. Indu assures the neighbors that Dev will do the needful.
Payal cries. Dev thanks her for saving him. Payal says it is not needed. Whatever I did is for me and my family. Dev looks on. She goes inside. Santoshi tells Jogeshwar that Payal might not return from her parents’ home. Jogeshwar gets worried and says Dev might say the truth. Ayodhya says they are married now. Santoshi says yes, they are married. Jogeshwar says we did so much to bring service wali bahu. She came to know about our truth, but she kept quiet. This is her good values. We will enjoy on her money. He says Gulkan is completely opposite of her and is ready to bite us. Gulkan overhears them and thinks they are living at my house and is now falling on Payal’s feet. 

The episode starts with Indu serving food to Payal and Dev. Bhuvaneshwar tells Indu prepared Payal’s food whole night and asked Alka to take utmost care while serving. Neelu asks them to have food in same plate and feed sweets to each other. They both hesitantly feed sweets. Rajath feels something is wrong. Once dinner is finished, he asks Payal he felt something weird that Gulkan did not attend marriage and came home back after that. Natru/Jogeshwar told she is an arrogant woman, if she told her some something. Payal says she did not. He asks her not to get afraid, whenever someone troubles her, she can call him, he will come there right away. She thanks him and says she is happy and everything is fine at Dev’s house. He leaves once Indu enters.
Indu says Payal she
heard what Rajath told and asks her to to tell if there is any problem in her in-law’s house. Payal says she is telling truth and is happy there. Indu says her happiness is utmost important to her and wants to know again if she is happy. Bhuvaneshwar on the other side tells Dev that he will be very happy with Payal and tells Payal’s childhood wish of getting married to a well-educated and competent boy and he is happy that Payal married a competent boy like Dev. He starts praising natru’s moral values, etc., and says if parents know that their daughter is being tortured and they are being conned, they will feel cheated. Indu again asks Payal if she is happy and if Gulkan did something. Payal reminisces Gulkan scolding her and says she did not say anything. Bhuvaneshwar says Payal can go to any extent to keep her dear ones happy and is very sensitive, he wants her to take care of Payal well.

Dev tells Bhuvaneshwar that Payal cannot do any mistake. Bhuvaneshwar asks what mistake. Dev says he means Payal is perfect and will not make any mistake and he will assure him that he will keep Payal happy her whole life. Indu asks same to Payal and she saays same. Indu hugs her and says she was expecting the same. Once Indu leaves, Payal feels guilty for lying Indu and says she had to lie as she is in a delimma and cannot ruin her family’s happiness for her happiness.
Dev thinks it is time for him to leave Payal at once and will not let her suffer because of him, so he will meet her one last time before leaving. He goes to Payal’s room and says he does not her to pressure herself to continue their marriage, so he wants her to stay here and he will go back to his house alone. Payal feels surprised. He says it is true that he was not involved in Natru’s plans, but he did not realize his schemes, so he is also her culprit and she should forgive him. he does not want to continue false relationships and thinks god did not want us to continue this, that is the reason god released knot during pheras. He says he promised her that he will keep her always happy, but he did not keep his promise.

The episode starts with Dev asking Payal to leave him if she wants as he does not want to hold her in false relationship on the basis of lie. She says he easily gave his judgement, but did not think what she wants. She says Gulkan already told her about Natru and family’s cruel plan before marriage, she would have easily gone and informed her parents and broken this marriage, but her family would have been blamed and not Natru. Her parents would not have come out of house peacefully, Neelu would not get married, her whole family would have died in shame. She married him even after knowing the truth as she does not want to push her family in trouble. She is just a PWD engineer and does not want her family and herself to fall into darkness, her marriage with him is a bitter truth of his
life and nobody can change it.
Payal continues that Dev will not feel any difference and may also get married to another girl, but her family will shatter. She learnt a lesson from her papa that one should face the problem no matter how big it. Though their marriage is on a basis of lie, it is the bitter truth of her life and nobody can change it, she will follow this marriage for her family’s sake.
Santoshi is busy praying and staring at door. Natru asks her to concentrate on prayers and stop staring door. She says she is waiting for Dev and Payal eagerly. He says if Payal informs about their lies to her family, they will not send her back here. She starts her overacting drama. He says god gave her 2 bahu, one’s loud speaker does not stop and another’s does not start at all. Gulkan comes and says whatever plans he did and even stopped her from attending Dev’s marriage, she is back now and will ruin all his plans. Mithilesh comes with his wife and shouts at Gulkan. Natru thinks he will correct Gulkan now.
Natru greets Mithilesh and his wife in. Mithilesh says Gulkan that she always misbehaved with natru and family, he thought she is always wrong, but now he realized she is right. He tells natru he did not give dowry to buy her son, but thought he would keep gulkan peacefully, but he stooped to such low level that he sent Gulkan to jail to get another bahu. He says Ayodhya that he is such a leach that he betrayed his wife, husband is always wife’s backbone, but he is a crook, now he does not want Gulkan to stay here. Natru and family get happy hearing that. He asks gulkan to pack her bags.
Dev and Payal take Indu and Bhuvaneshwar’s blessings. Indu says Dev that he and his family will live peacefully as Payal is now with them, but Payal will never utter anything even if she is into severe pain. Dev says there is nobody like Payal. Indu requests him to live with Payal forever and forgive her mistakes. He asks her to promise she will never get sad or worry about Payal. She and Bhuvaneshwar believed him, so he will be with Payal always and will never give them a chance to complain.
Mithilesh insists Gulkan to come with him. Natru thanks god to send Gulkan from there. Gulkan says she will not go from here as natru and fmaily want her to go, but she will not leave her dowry amount for them to enjoy and will stay here and teach them a lesson. They think they are very intelligent, but don’t know what Gulkan is, she will make their life hell.

Precap: Dev says he will stay in another room away from Payal until he makes himself compatible to her.
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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