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Bride With Benefits Episode 7--9 Update on Wednesday 4th April 2018


The episode starts with Jogeshwar’s friend taking Ayodhya to Bhuvaneshwar’s neighbour’s house. Ayodhya inquires about Payal, and Neighbours praises Payal. Ayodhya leaves without saying anything. Neighhour’s wife tells he may have come to enquire regarding Payal’s alliance.
Indu asks Bhuvaneshwar if he thought about Payal’s marriage. He says he will find a family where Payal’s qualities are valued than dowry and asks her not worry about Payal or Rajat.

Payal reaches her office in the morning and sees Ayodhya waiting for her. Ayodhya tries to speak, but she angrily walks into
her cabin reminiscing Ayodhya’s misbehavior. She calls her secretary and asks him to come in. Once he comes, she asks what is this goon doing here. Secretary says he is Jameshedpur’s big contractor Ayodhya Prasad and must have come regarding contract. Payal asks to send him in. Ayodhya comes in and sits arrogantly. Payal asks what she can do for him and why he was beating Bhushan. Ayodya Bhusan helps him get contract. Payal says Bushan is govt employee, how can he help him. She calls secretary Satish and warns him not to entertain people like Ayodhya and give any contract. She asks Ayodhya to get out of her office.
Dev who has fallen in Payal’s love reminisces their meetings, her misunderstandings, and thinks she is very beautiful and innocent and though he has seen many beautiful girls in life, he is getting attracted to her every moment.
Ayodhya tells Jogeshwar about Payal and tells she is PWD engineer. Jogeshwar says she must be getting a lot of alliances then. Ayodhya says many alliances came, but nothing is finalized. Jogeshwar says if Dev’s marriage happens to her, then they will get monthly income life long, Dev will get some govt job, and even he will get contracts. Ayodhya says his reputation is very bad in Payal’s eyes. Jogeshwar says then they have to use some tricks. Ayodhya says Jaiswal’s friend is Payal’s neighbor. Jogeshwar says then he will meet Jaiswal and get some ideas from him.
Jogeshwar meets Jaiswal in friend’s daughter’s marriage. They discuss about 40 lakhs spent on marriage. Jaiswal sees Payal’s mama and tells Jogeshwar his work is done. They both then discuss about dowry menace in front of mama and Jogeshwar speaks against it and says he will not get any dowry for his son’s marriage. Mama listens to their conversation carefully.
During marriage, groom’s father asks bride’s father to present gold in rituals. Jogeshwar gets an idea to get into mama’s good books by opposing it and fights with groom’s father for taking dowry, warns he will call police, does bride and groom’s pheras himself and leaves, all the while looking if Maama is watching him. He then leaves looking back repeatedly. Mama stops them and says he has a niece Payal’s alliance for his son Dev. Jaisal asks him to speak to Bhuvaneshwar and inform when to come. Jogeshwar says he wants to change the age old rule and want bride’s family meet at his place instead. Mama gets very impressed with his thinking.
Dev reaches outside Payal’s house and continues staring at her house. Payal comes into balcony to dry her hair after bath. He gets mesmerized and continues looking at her. Friend gets him paan and while he gets busy, payal leaves. He scolds friend for disturbing him.
Precap: Gulkan slaps Guddi. Jogeshwar gets irked and pours petrol on her brought dowry to burn it.

The episode starts with Dev reaching Payal home with her given address and sees her in garden drying her hair after bath. He dreams playing with water with her and fighting over a towel. Mere naina….song… plays in the background. She falls in his arms, he touches her face and hair. His friend wakes him up from dream. He sees Payal’s secretary meeting her to get contract papers signed. Payal signs papers and gets back into home. Friend tells Dev that Payal is officer and he is unemployed, so it is very difficult for him to get her.
Guddi comes to Gulkan’s room to thank her for rescuing her from goons. Gulkan says everyone think her as arrogant woman. Guddi says she considers her as her protector and says ladies have come down for satyanarayan pooja. Gulkan
says they have come to show off their costly saris. Guddi tells her about Dev’s alliance. Gulkan asks if it is fixed. She says bride’s people are coming tonight. Gulkan asks her to go down while she comes later.
Jogeshwar and his friend come home laughing and praising themselves how they fooled Payal’s Mama. Gulkan comes and asks what planning they are doing. Jogeshwar says he is not planning anything, calls Santoshi and tells her about Dev’s marriage alliance. Gulkan says Dev is still studying and unemployed, so if he is getting huge dowry for his incompatible son. Jogeshwar says he is not taking any dowry. She says he must be scheming something else. He asks her to at least behave in front of outsiders. She says his friend is always at home shamelessly and warns Jogeshwar if he takes dowry, she will not keep quiet. Guddi interferes and says Dev is dad’s son and it should be his decision. Gulkan gets irked and slaps her.
Jogeshwar gets irked and asks her to mind her ways. She asks him to behave, else she will slap even him. Neighbors gather outside door. Ayodhya comes and asks what is happening. Jogeshwar says his wife is insulting him in front of whole society and she will slap him soon.
Payal drives new car home with dad and Neelu. She gives car to dad and asks him to give it to Rajath. Dad praises her and says he is thankful to Indu to get him such a lovely daughter. She asks him to stop praising her and give keys to Rajath as if he brought car. Indu runs in to bring Rajath.
Ayodya takes Gulkan’s side and says Guddu should apologize. Jogeshwar gets irked and says he has become wife’s servant and he can leave home with his wife. Gulkan says he bought house with her 1 crore dowry money, so he should get out. He asks what does she mean.
Gulkan says truth is very sour and nobody likes it. Jogeshwar says she is a snake that bites everyone. Gulkan warns her to stop, else she will slap him. Jogeshwar slaps her instead and asks her to stop staring at her, asks to go to her room. Ayodhya asks him to stop yelling at Gulkan. Jogeshwar says if he takes his wife’s side, he can leave home with his wife. Gulkan says he bought this house with her dowry money, so he has to go out. He calls servant and asks to bring petrol to burn dowry items. Servant stants silently. He goes himself in to get kersone.
Neelu brings Rajat and Indu out and shows car. Indu asks whose car it is. Bhuvaneshwar says it is for Rajat to start a transport business. Indu asks Rajat to touch dad’s feet. Bhuvaneshwar says son looks good hugging when he is grown up, hugs and gives car keys to Rajath. Rajath thanks him. Indu asks bahu to get pooja thali. Once bahu brings pooja thali, she performs pooja and asks Rajath to break coconut in front of car.
Jogeshwar says Gulkan that Ayodhya used her dowry money to expand his business. He pours petrol on dowry items and tries to set fire. His friend stops him. Jogeshwar when he has such an arrogant bahu, he cannot tolerate it. He gets a heart attack and falls on floor. Whole familly gets worried for him.

The episode starts with Ayodhya taking Gulkan to their room and packing their bags. Mom comes, says she will not let her beta, bahu leave home like this and will speak to Jogeshwar. Gulkan starts her yelling again and says she herself does not have any right in this house and has to accept Jogeshwar’s orders, women are not respected in this house and it is good crooked oldman asked to leave house, else herself would have left. Ayodha does not utter anything and continues packing bags.
Payal’s family happily takes selfies with their new car. Guttan mama comes and asks to start pooja. Neelu gives him laddu and says pooja is finished already. He gets into home, asks bahu to get him tea and snacks, dad to get him black suit and didi to get him silver coin. Bhuvaneshwar/dad
asks to stop his hogging and to tell what news he has. He says he has found best alliance for Payal and they have to go to groom’s house tomorrow. Dad asks how can he fix everything without his consent. Mom says he is Payal’s mama and cares for her. Guttan says groom’s father has a good business in town and opposed dowry in one of friend’s daughter’s marriage. Dad agrees.
Jogeshwar’s friend asks him to rethink as once family is shattered, it will be very difficult for him to survive. Jogeshwar says he can live without money but not without self-respect and dignity. Ayodhya comes down with Gulkan and bags. Guddi asks him to not leave his own house, but he leaves. Gulkan smirks all the while.

Dev rushes home in his bike. His friend asks him to slow down. In Payal’s house, bhabhi praises Payal for setting dining table well. Payal says she is looking very happy today. Bhabhi says Rajat is happy, so she is also happy. Indu/mom tells dad that he cannot be understood, he bought car for Rajath even after opposing it. She asks him to speak to Jaiswal for Payal’s alliance. He asks her not to rush, they will get better alliance if they lose this one. Payal calls everyone for lunch. Rajath comes, apologizes dad for his mistakes and hugs him. Dad says human being is not right or wrong, time is and when he has right time now, he should concentrate on his work now. He gets emotional seeing Rajath having food happily. Payal senses his emotions, but keeps quiet.
Gulkan reaches her brother’s house. Sister-in-law/bhabhi gets happy seeing her, brother also gets happy, but gets tensed seeing bags with her. Gulkan says she left house. SIL asks why. Brother asks to come in first. Gulkan asks Ayodhya from school direclty here. He agrees and leaves.
Dev comes home and rushes to Ayodhya and Gulkan’s room, but finds it empty. Guddi says she tried her best to stop them, but Gulkan with her usual arrogance did not listen to anybody and left. Mom hugs Dev, cries and says Ayodhya left home. Dev leaves, she tries to stop him but keeps quiet when Jogeshwar shouts.
Bhuvaneshwar comes to Payal’s room. She asks if everything is alright. He says he is feeling odd getting credit for buying Rajath’s car. She says even her money is his and if Rajath will know, she bought this car, he will not accept it. He asks if her decision is right, she says it is and asks him to keep quiet for Rajath’s brighter future.
Dev comes to Gulkan’s brother’s house and hears children telling Jogeshwar is very bad. They see him, run and happily hug him. Brother takes children to their room. Dev requests Ayodhya and Gulkan to return home. Gulkan says she will not come back as Jogeshwar does not respect women and suggests to not take his wife there after marriage, else Jogeshwar will make her also his servant. Dev says there is nothing like that and asks Ayodhya to come. Ayodhya says he is not related to that house and will not come back. Dev says if he does not want to come, it is okay, but he cannot break relationship with him. Ayodhya says he should take care of family from now.

Precap: Payal’s family reaches Dev’s house with alliance. Dev’s friend asks him to come down and look at bride. Dev says he will marry only Payal, unaware that bride is Payal.

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