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Color of Passion Episode 100 Update on Monday 9th April 2018


We pick up this episode with the annoying insufferable Whinenelia discovering that Rebecca Murillo was the woman that caused Fede to commit suicide.  She demands to know why he has the photos and Alfredo explains to her that Milagros had requested him to find out what he could. Whiney wants to know why he hasn't told Mili the truth. Alfredo says because Marcelo told him not to; out of fear that his mother would do something reckless after she found out.  Whinenelia says she won't keep quiet, Mili deserves to know the truth.  Alfredo says fine..go ahead and then you'll lose Marcelo when you've just gotten him back!  I wish her jaw had been broken in that crash.  It would have been wired shut for at least six weeks to heal. 

Back at Marcelo's the movers are making Rafi nervous and she tells them to be careful with Marcelo's things.   Marcelo meanwhile deals with Mili who is sad to be leaving Puebla without the blood of her son's killer under her fingernails.  Marcelo reminds her that Fede took his own life out of choice, it wasn't the woman's fault. Mili says it's the same to her.  Marcelo says it's time to leave the pain and bitterness behind and return to Mexico with a clean slate.  Mili says she'll try.   Marcelo tells Mili that Whiney and her father are returning to Mexico too and that she should ride back with them.  Why?  Marcelo says because he has some things to button up before he leaves.  He'll catch up with them later in Mexico.

At casa Gax sNora has ditched the neck brace to her mother's dismay. I don't want to wear it. Okay well tell me why you were so pressed last night?  Is it because I lied or because I was with a man? Both.  Well I'm not cheating, your father is dead.  sNora still doesn't like it.  Rebecca says she values her daughter's opinion, but doesn't she have a right to rebuild her life?  After all,  Alonso never loved her.   sNora asks if she went out with him this one time or has she been dating him all along?  No, I swear it was just this one time.  Besides he's going back to Mexico.

Lucia arranges a consult with Sara for Benito, though she doesn't have all his full details. She promises to get Lalo to call Sara with the info.  Lucia is grateful Sara is willing to help out especially because it's a favor for someone else.  Sara is happy to help, and apart from what she felt for her father, she's always cared for Lucia.  Lucia says she never told Sara, but she would have been happy to see her father with Sara.  Sara is visibly moved and asks Lucia why she doesn't care for her Aunt Rebecca.  Lucia says for many reasons, but she used to love her Aunt, very much.  Sara says one day Rebecca will pay for all she's done.  Lucia hopes so.   On her way out, they discuss Lety and her drama.  Sara pleads with Lucia to talk to her friend, because Lety doesn't listen to her mother.  Sara likes Sergio.  Lucia says she can't advise Lety because she's had no luck in love herself.  Sara says we have that in common.

Meanwhile the little drama queen gives Sergio the cold shoulder at work  Are we not going to talk? Nope. In fact I've been thinking…we should break up.  What? Yup, all we do is fight and I'm tired of it.  Sergio says well just be clear girl all these fights are not my fault.  Oh are you saying they're mine?  Sergio thinks it's best they just not talk about it, he doesn't want to fight with her.  So if your decision is made..fine!  Lety seems a bit shocked that he's not putting up a fight and she tries one more time.  So the decision is made then?  Yes!  Lety says she's going to ask the boss for another office then so she won't have to see Sergio.  He thinks that's a perfect idea!  Girl bye!  He grabs his file and leaves her there with her gullet gaping!  #FreeSergio

Whinenelia ray of sunshine that she is, answers the door to Mili and Rafi who've come to ride back to Mexico with her and Alfredo.  All she can do is bitch and moan that her father left to go run errands and hasn't come back.   I can't blame the man, can you imagine living with this broken muffler constantly emitting her exhausting fumes?  Blah blah blah.  Mili then makes the mistake of saying why they are there, to ride back with her because Marcelo is going to be detained.  What? Whiney starts a slow freak out.  Marcelo isn't going back with us to Mexico?!  Mili calms the nut job and reassures her that he is, but just later.   Whiney says well who knows what time they'll be back in Mexico. Her dad isn't back and she hasn't packed yet because he isn't there to help her. Rafi probably anxious to drown out this wench, offers to go to the room and pack for her.   Whiney notices Fede's ash box and asks if Mili hasn't found out anything.  Mili says no, that her father wasn’t able to get any information and now that they're leaving to Mexico, Marcelo wants her to forget about it, but she can't.  Mili wants Dani to help her by getting some info from Marcelo.  Dani says she will try but she doubts she can do much better. Mili says a woman always knows how to get what she wants from a man.   Errr..not Whiney, Milagros.  This shrew is a nagging fail with all men.    

Alfredo ditched his nagging daughter to see Rebecca who comes upon him waiting for her at the Fabrica.   Rebecca appears less than thrilled to see him, but she invites him into her office anyway, away from Normita's nosy behind.   I don't think it's a good idea for you to show up here.  Alfredo says he was just coming to check up on her after the dust up last night with her daughter.   Rebecca says don't worry, it's all good. She explained to her daughter that he was just a friend who was saying goodbye.  Oh so we won't be seeing each other anymore?  Rebecca says not likely, she doesn't want her daughter upset or thinking that her mother has just moved on as if her father never existed.   Is it true that your daughter is a bit mentally unstable? I mean that's what Marcelo said.  Rebecca snaps back that she doesn't care what that guy thinks,  the only thing wrong with her daughter is she's grieving since her father died.  Besides, his own unstable psycho daughter wouldn’t  like it either.  Alfredo says so what, he's an adult he does what he wants and he thought Rebecca did too, it's clear you've still got hangups.  Oh well, she knows where to find him if she changes her mind.  Ciao Baby!  On his way out,  Amadiva catches sight of the very expensive looking Alfredo (this man has some swag)  Er can I help you?  No, I was just see here to see Mrs, Murillo.  Bye!   Amadiva is dying to know who that was.  Alfredo Suarez says Normita. Why was he here?  Oh well why don't you ask her?  Amadiva takes her suggestion and goes into Rebecca's office.  I just saw Aflredo Suarez he a new client?  Rebecca doesn't bother to acknowledge Amadiva with a look, instead choosing to give her attention to the work in front of her.  An acquaintance. Oh..or is he the new man you've been going out with lately?  That's none of your business!  Amadiva says yeah it's not but Brigida is sure bothered. It seems Rebecca is lying to her daughter and Brigi feels like she's being used as a cover.  Rebecca doesn't t owe explanations to anyone.  Amadiva says well Brigi is worried her friend is on the wrong path. She doesn't understand how a woman like Rebecca who is beautiful, elegant, smart and sophisticated could have a natural need for fun.   Me thinks Amadiva is crushing hard.   Rebecca  says whatever..if that's why you came in, then see your way back out. Amadiva says no…he came to tell her about the worker strike courtesy of the union Leader Nazario! Amadiva suggests she fix it or it's going to become chaos.

At the hospital Clarita worries for her son and she tells Lalo it has been awhile since he'd had an episode like this.  She thought her son was getting better, especially after going out.  Lalo feels bad and thinks it might have been his fault. Clarita assures him it wasn't.  Lalo asks if she knows what's wrong with him and Clarita says no and she ran out of money to have more tests done on him. Lalo asks about his father and she says he's in jail and never helped anyway.   The nurse comes and tells them they can go back to see Benito. 

Amadiva wants to speak to Lucia who reluctantly agrees.   He asks her to help him get the workers back to which she declines. She supports her Godfather and his decision.  Amadiva wants to know why she dislikes him so much, is it because he's Rodrigo's father and he left her at the altar?  Or is it because she blames him for Marcelo not working there anymore?  No, neither of those things. I can't like someone who buddies up with Ricardo Marquez.  Amadiva says her opinion of him will change soon.  I doubt it.  Her cell rings and she requests privacy.  Amadiva leaves.  It's Marcelo who wants to inform her that he's moved out of her apartment. He wants to return her keys.  Lucia says she will come to the apartment.

Lalo comes to see his buddy Benito who appears to still be having a bit of trouble breathing.  The kid worries that his mother is going to prevent him from going out anymore. Lalo says not to worry, he'll handle it.  Benny thanks Lalo for being his friend. 

Lucia comes in to find Marcelo enjoying a view of Puebla from the balcony of the patio. He turns to see her standing there. I didn't hear the bell.  The door was unlocked.  He hands her the keys and tells her she can look around and make sure everything is in order.  She doesn't think that's necessary.  He tells her that he's paid all the bills but a few have yet to arrive, when they do, he'll pay them. He doesn't want to owe her anything.   It's so formal and she  asks him if he realizes that he's talking to her as if he were just a tenant.  It's obvious he is holding on to his emotions by a thin thread and he apologizes for not knowing how to deal with this.  She asks if he thinks she does.  He doesn't know but they seem to be sure they're doing the right thing right? Well you're dating Daniela and I'm….he stops her.  He doesn't want to know or hear it.  He wishes her well and they share one last soul stirring goodbye kiss.  Marcelo breaks away and without looking back leaves a heartbroken Lucia alone in the apartment where it all began for them.

Amadiva walks the fabrica which is like a ghost town and finds one lone employee in the courtyard.  Vinicio.   You see boss? I'm here, I’m loyal.  Well a lot of good that does me without workers.  Vini doesn't miss a beat and angles for a promotion to Naz's position.  You need to get rid of that old man anyway.  Amadiva shuts his dream down.  You failed me twice anyway.  Vini says the third time is the charm he's at Amadiva's service. Yeah I'll keep that in mind.

Naz opens the door to a surprise visit from Rebecca.  Can I come in?  Sure thing.  She wastes no time in telling him why she's there.  Stop this nonsense and get back to work! If I don't?  Well you're a partner and I can't fire you, but the longer this goes on there will be consequences.  Like?  I will fire the bunch of lazybones without severance pay.   Naz says they have rights.  No, not if they've abandoned their jobs.  No one is indispensable and I can have new workers fast.   Naz tells her he finds it strange she is so aligned with Amador knowing that her husband didn't trust him.  Rebecca says well she needs someone who knows the company and he has experience.  Naz uses her own words back on her, no one is indispensable.  He thinks it's that Amadiva has something on her.   She coolly tells him she won't entertain his stupid theories; he needs to get his workers back to work tomorrow or she'll fire them all.   Gotta hand it to Rebecca the woman never lets anyone see her sweat. 

Mili makes it back to her house and I wonder why such a black cloud woman would pick bright sunny yellow for her foyer.  Anyway,  Alfredo offers to get the luggage to the room, but she tells him workhouse Rafi will do it.  Before he goes Mili requests a few favors.  The first is she wants Al to help Marcelo get a job.  Alfredo says he will but Marcelo most likely wouldn't appreciate it. He's proud and prefers to do his own things. Mili says yes, but she knows Alfredo has contacts just don't tell Marcelo she asked for Alfredo's help.  Ok.   The second request is she wants the name of the investigator he used.  Why?  Well maybe he missed something in his investigation and I could help him.  Alfredo says he doesn't have his information on him at the moment but he'll get it for her.   After he leaves  Mili vows to make the woman pay.

Lety comes home dragging her lip behind her on the stairs.  Mama asks what's wrong?  Lety tells her that she and Sergio broke up.  Why?  Because she discovered he didn't love her.  How did you do that?  Lety tells her mother that she gave him the love test she saw in her monthly seventeen magazine.  Poor Sergio, he really has had the worst of the women in this novela.    Sara who has more patience than I do, told her daughter it was silly.  What will you do? Quit your job?  Lety tells her mom no, she likes her job.  She will just strictly have a professional relationship with Sergio.  

Sergio meanwhile is ..mind blown!  Say what?  Snora is interested in me again? You must be confused.  Rod says no, he told Sergio that sNora was up to something.  Sergio says it makes no sense.  Rod says nothing she does makes sense, but he better tell Lety.  Sergio tells Rod she broke up with him. Most likely she realized she didn't love him.  Rod says his buddy is being a drama queen.  Me? May I remind you of all the times you cried over Lucia?  Rod says it was different he lost Lucia over something stupid. Sergio is making a tempest in a teapot, he can fix this.   Sergio just wants to go out and have a bro night.  A few beers and drown their sorrows.  Rod says he's got din din plans with the familia.  He invites Sergio, who wisely passes.

Alfredo comes home and catches the wrath of the bitch on wheels.  Where's my new phone?  Ugh..I'll get you one tomorrow.  Well let me use yours so I can call Marcelo.  Alfredo says he already told her to back off the clingy nagging.  She tells him she already told him she doesn't need his advice and to butt out.   Okay well then my cell phone will butt out too, use the land line to nag your boyfriend to death.   Grrrr…Whiney wheels herself clumsily to the phone and gets Marcelo's voice mail.    I am really starting to feel sorry for Marcelo, not quite as much as Sergio though. 

Marcelo who at the moment is driving to Mexico (though he should drive anywhere except to Mexico where those two hyena's are waiting)  reflects on his last moments and the kiss with Lucia.  While Lucia seeks solace with her aunt Magdalena. She almost went after him she tells Magda  Well why didn't you?  Lucia says she thinks it's best he go so she can forget him and let him live his life and she will live hers.  Magda doesn't know what to say to comfort her niece.  Lucia just wants her aunt to hug and hold her.  Magda says of course, I wish I could do more for you.

Lalo helps Clarita get Benny back to bed.  They are so grateful to Lalo who must have missed work.  No, I didn’t have work and I most likely won't tomorrow.   He promises to come by and check on Benny.  Benny tells his mom, that Lalo is a cool dude right?  Yes,  we are so lucky to live here.   Outside Lalo encounters Naz who has been trying to reach Lalo all evening.   What's up with your phone?  Lalo tells Naz about his sick neighbor and the run to the hospital, he must have forgotten his phone.  He invites Naz in. 

Back home Lucia takes out the apartment keys, another reminder of the finality of things between her and Marcelo.  She calls Doctor Dreamy and tells him she's ready to go on that weekend get away. He wants to come over right away to plan it, but Lucia says she's not up for it, but prefers to see him tomorrow. 

Naz persuades Lalo to go back to work as  his acting representative. Lalo agrees but wonders what to do if they try to get him to accept that shady contract again.  Naz says go ahead and work and he'll stop it later..he's not letting Amadiva have his way.  Lalo wishes Marcelo was there, he'd be able to handle this.  Naz says he's not and he's not coming back either, he left for Mexico. Lalo is hurt, he left without saying goodbye. He thought they were friends.

Marcelo arrives to Whiney's and wheels her aggressively through the house. I pray it's toward a bank of plate glass windows.  Sadly it's just to her living room.  You're late she says.  He tells her he had things to do, was it a tiring trip?  No, I just got nervous because your mother had Fede's ashes.  And?  Whiney tells Marcello she has the 411 on Rebecca and Fede. She saw the report her father had.  She demands to know if he knew this before or after he fell in love with Lucia.   Marcelo says it doesn't matter and he doesn't want to talk about Lucia or her Aunt. He left Puebla and he doesn't want to   be reminded of anything in the past. Whiney agrees no Lucia.  She promises to keep quiet about Rebecca Murillo.

Amadiva comes home to find Brigida plying Ric with alcohol.  She excuses herself to check on dinner but not before inviting him to stay.  Amadiva quickly squashes it saying Ric hates family meals.  Once out of earshot, Amadiva demands to know why Rick is there.  He just wanted to see what was up, you've been m.i.a. lately.   Amadiva says yeah well how are things with the Marcelo Escalante deal?  I'm working on it, you know like you're working on the supplier contract.  Huh?   Rick lays into Amadiva accusing him of starting it back up and trying to cut him out of the deal when he found the client.  Amadiva plays dumb and says there is no deal because there are no workers.  Rick isn't having it and warns Amadiva not to play him.  Keep your voice down!  Too late, Brigi has heard.   The two men take it outside but it escalates drawing Brigi closer. How dare you come to my house and complain and threaten me when I'm the only one who gave you a job when you came back to this town.  Stop playing the victim Ric shoot back. You owe me!   I owe you one favor!  Oh yeah, well it's a big one papa!  Amadiva tells him to lower his voice.  Rick says no, he covered up for Amadiva. " I didn't tell the authorities or anyone, not even your wife where you really were the night…." Amadiva tells his friend to shut up, but Rick refuses. No I won't shut up!  The night Ligia Cervantes was murdered.  Shut up..shut up I said!  But it's too late Brigida reels from the news but manages to make it outside to confront her husband.   Don't shut up Ricardo, I'm very interested to hear what you have to say. She looks Amadiva square in  the face and says  I always suspected you murdered that woman… but now I have no doubt.

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