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Color of Passion Episode 101 Update on Tuesday 10th April 2018


Repeated scenes: Lalo will be Naz's representative at the factory. Daniela tells Marcelo that she won't tell Momster about Rebeca and Fede. Brigida overhears Ricardo and Amador arguing and gets confirmation Amador murdered Ligia.
Ricardo scoots like a big galoot after Brigida confronts Amador. They go inside and she is half angry, half devastated. He tries to plead her case, but she knows she's married a monster. Brigida knows she needs to leave and grabs her purse.
On her way out the door, she runs into Rod who has stopped by to visit the folks. He can see his mother is upset and asks what happened. Brigida just tells him he was right about his father, and Amador doesn't deserve him as a son. He presses and she tells him to ask his father, and asks Rod to forgive her for making Amador be his father. Mother and son embrace.

Leti is sitting at her vanity and goes to call Sergio, then thinks better of it. She thinks to herself that she still loves him even though he doesn't deserve it. She's clearly missing him though.
Rod goes inside the house and asks Amador what happened. Amador tries to evade questioning and when that doesn't work, he lies and tells him that his mother thinks he's cheating on her again. Believable, so Rod asks who he's cheating on Brigida with. Amador again tries to evade but when pressed, offers up Rebeca's name as the woman Brigida thinks he is cheating on her with. (LOL!) Rod is not surprised about this either, as they spend a lot of time together. Amador says of course it's not true, I'm not cheating on your mother. Rod asks where his mother is going, but she didn't tell Amador and she left her cell phone behind.
Turns out Brigida went to the Gaxiola mansion. Tere fetches Lucia to help her, as she is sobbing. Brigida asks for Rebeca. Lucia asks what happened, is it your son? Rebeca comes in and says she's here. Brigida asks if they are truly friends, and if so, can she stay there for tonight? Rebeca hesitates (and is probably going to spin out a no), but Lucia interjects that of course Brigida can stay there. Rebeca agrees and takes Brigida to the guest room so that she can calm down and think things through. Brigida asks that no one tell Amador that she is at the Gaxiolas' home.
Sergio gets an unwelcome visit from Nora. He begs her to leave. She wants to know why he isn't returning her many calls and messages. He says because he didn't want to. Nora guesses he's just mad about Leti. He asks why she is so persistent and she says she just wants to be friends again. Sergio mentions that she told Brigida she was interested in him and Nora says that was just to get Brigida off her back about being with Rod. She comes close to him and says, unless you are ... Sergio cuts her off and runs across the room for his life.

Sergio tells her not to even try, because the only woman he loves is Leti, got it!? Nora says she feels bad, so why doesn't she call Leti and straighten her out. Sergio has to run back across the room and stop Nora from calling. Sergio tells her there's no reason to, because he and Leti broke up. He asks Nora to leave. She does, mission accomplished...

Sadly, Leti was headed over to Sergio's and sees Nora leave. Leti is very sad.
Marcelo calls his old assistant (I think), Lorena, and thanks her for her help with his move back to his old Mexico City apartment. 

She also, THANK GAWD, ordered a new rug. I thank you Lorena!
The next two move-in tasks for Marcelo? Delete Lucia from his contacts and unpack plot gun.

Having settled Brigida in, Rebeca and Lucia talk at the bottom of the staircase of doom. Rebeca confesses that she doesn't want Brigida there. Lucia calls her out for being a bad friend especially given that Brigida was there for Rebeca when Alonso died. They start to get into it about something (honestly, I read the transcript and I still don't understand what exactly it was about - there's so much they can get into about, so feel free to elaborate) and Lucia says she didn't tell Nora... of course Nora walks in and wants to know what they didn't tell her. Lucia tells her that Daniela and Marcelo have moved to Mexico City. Rebeca asks where Nora was, and she responds, with Sergio. Rebeca tells Nora that Brigida had a fight with Amador and is at their house.
Nora goes to her room and makes a call, but it goes to an out-of-service area message.  She's upset.
Rod returns home, dejected over his family's situation. He confides in Sergio and tells him that his dad cheated on his mom with Rebeca. Just then he gets a call from Lucia, who tells him that Brigida is staying at the Gaxiola mansion. Way to not let anyone know, Lucia. Rod appreciates her letting him know. While he's relieved his mom is safely housed for the evening, he knows she wouldn't stay at the home of the woman who his father said he was accused of cheating on his mom with. So Amador was lying but that means the problem is more serious.
Lalo visits Clara to let her know he found a doctor for Benito and arranged an appointment. She's very grateful.
Mags visits Naz during his time off work. He asks her about her conversation with Sara regarding how Adriana died. Naz tells her to not just take Ricardo at his word since he can be untrustworthy. Mags just wants to know the truth about Rebeca and Adriana. Sara has told her that Clara might know more. But they don't know how to find Clara. Naz understands, as he won't be able to rest himself until he finds out who killed Trini.
The nanny and Clara discuss how the nanny thinks Lalo is crushing on Clara. Clara is clearly crushing on Lalo. This is interrupted by the police coming for Clara. Benito rushes out to defend his mom and stumbles. The nanny and police pick him up while other officers haul Clara off for questioning.

Cute detective Ramos and his partner Juarez discuss the case. Benito's visit to the hospital helped the police locate Clara. Meanwhile, Benito and the nanny discuss getting a lawyer for Clara and getting Lalo's help.
Marcelo and Swag Daddy Suarez have breakfast and coffee. Swag Daddy offers Marcelo a job as his "general manager" which basically means he wants to pay him to stay with Daniela and manage her affairs. Marcelo is reluctant but Swag Daddy tells him to think about it.
Lalo calls out Vinicio for doing a work task improperly. They get into a physical fight, and Lalo is bloodied and beaten to the ground, which Lucia spies. She tells Vinicio to get out immediately. He resists, saying his true boss is Amador. She holds firm and tells him to go. Good job Lucia!
In Amador's office, Rod asks his father who the woman was, since there's no way it was Rebeca as Brigida went straight to her for help. Rebeca comes in and interrupts the conversation, and Rod leaves. Rebeca asks if he knows Brigida is staying at her house. Amador says that Rod just told him. Rebeca says that Brigida spent the night ranting about Amador but never said exactly what the problem was, which was strange because she's not one to keep silent. Amador says that Brigida thinks he is cheating on her.  Rebeca says that's believable because you had the affair with Mario's secretary. Amador says that was ages ago and she's dead, didn't you know? Rebeca didn't really keep up with Ligia and asks if her death upset Amador. He says no. Rebeca asks if Amador has another lover? Amador says some mumbo jumbo about feeling alone after 20 years of marriage and creepily hits on Rebeca. 

Rebeca is not into it and tells him to fix his marriage and get his wife out of her house.
Alfredo and Marcelo talk about how Momster wants the photos of Rebeca and Fede that Swag Daddy's PI took. Alfredo tells him he's on Marcelo's side. Let's keep this from Momster.
Alfredo is driving but still enjoys a flirty phone call with Rebeca. Swag Daddy mentions that Daniela still has the lease for the apartment in Puebla so they could use that. 
Juarez questions Clara. She thinks he's accusing her of murdering Trini and denies it.  He asks her about seeing Trini that morning and she tells him she only was seeking financial help for Benito's medical problems.
Amador goes to the mansion to see Brigida. She has calmed down and tells him that she will return to him and keep what he did a secret from the police and Rod. She makes it clear she is only doing this for Rod's sake and she has two conditions. One is that they will no longer share a bed or have relations. Two, we will learn in the next episode because it is so confidential that Brigida wants them to drive home before she tells him.
Juarez tells Clara they suspect the person who broke into Naz and Trini's killed Trini when she caught that person in the house. Clara holds firm that she's not a thief and did not return to Trini's house. Lucia had given her the money she needed. Juarez reminds Clara she was a robber in her past life as a plot maid for the Gaxiolas back in 1994. Clara says that her son's father was the actual robber of the Gaxiolas and she has paid dearly all her life for messing with him. Juarez leaves the room to discuss the case with the cute detective. They agree that it must have been a man who killed Trini. Ramos mentions that the nanny is there to give a statement.
Rafi comes over to help Marcelo unpack. She really ships Marcelo and Lucia and doesn't buy this reconciliation with Dani at all.
At the factory, Lucia recollects happier times with Marcelo but more important, the flashback involves Lucia actually using that camera from the credits we've never seen her use!

Her flashback gets interrupted by Rod giving it the old college try one more time for her affection. She tells him to move on already with his life because it will not be happening.
Momster in her blue and orange getup and pearls looks like she is dressed for an alumni tailgate party at my alma mater UVA. She is visiting Daniela who whines about being unable to walk. Momster encourages her to keep up the therapy and be positive, or she'll turn Marcelo off. Dani whines that he's only with her out of sympathy. Momster thinks he really loves her. She tells Dani she really needs to try to recover and be positive and Marcelo will come around. With that encouragement, she leaves. But oops, Momster forgot something, and goes right back in. And this is what she sees:

Momster compliments Dani on her extraordinary acting ability. Dani knows she's in deep doo-doo.

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