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Color of Passion Episode 104 Update on Friday 13th April 2018


• Daniela does the unbearably uncouth and barges in on Daddy in flagrante delicto with Rebeca.  ¡Qué horror!  He races out of the bedroom after her but rather than questioning why she’s forgotten what a door is there for, he starts begging her to stop and tell him what's the big deal, anyway? “--She’s a widow and I’m not married…..”  Well, it’s a matter of any woman but her.  This is the woman who murdered Marcello’s brother.  Daddy defends Becky which angers Dani even more.  Is he in luhhhhhv with her?  She’s very important to him, he deftly sidesteps when answering.  Oh, and Papi finally thinks to ask why she’s suddenly walking instead of heading to therapy.  “--Later, Pops.  It turns my stomach seeing you in bed with that …..woman!”

• Dani races out and into her Mersnottes Benz which runs out of gas a few blocks down the way.  She calls Rodrigo and nicely asks him to help her out since she’s run out of gas and just happens to be back in Pueblo (chasing after Marc). 

• Across town, Brigida and Amador are eating Sunday breakfast.  He’s trying to persuade the little woman to put the shares of stock he owns into Rodrigo’s name rather than hers.  Nothin’ doin’, ddddarlin’.  My mind’s made up and it ain’t gonna change.

• Back at Alfredo’s, Beca’s putting back on her sexy black number from the night before and giving him grief about telling Dani about her being the woman with Federico the day he killed himself.  Freddy says Dani must have found out by accident somewhere.  He does give Becky grief about Dani’s telling him she tried seducing and had also slept with Marc for which he gets a deserved slap.  (Gentlemen are more discreet, suffice it to say.) Beca’s real beef is his bringing up that if Nora only knew and she has problems now..... 

• Nora calls her useless psychiatrist and tricks him into racing over to see about Lucia who’s in dire need of him, instead of her waiting till Monday and making an appointment like rational people who really don’t need his help would do……He screams at her for doing this once he arrives.

• Freddy admits to Beca that he’s still got the hots for her just like in the old days, but in a good way.  He doesn’t want to break it off. She admits she feels the same.  They may grouse but it’s all good from what Viewerville can tell—and they have mucho dinero and bitchy bratty daughters in common.  Speaking of Nora—nope!  He’s not allowed to speak of Nora y punto.

• Meanwhile, Marc and Lucia are enjoying their getaway.  They take a cabana on a dock complete with shower that’s just big enough for two…..

• Beca walks in on Spaghetti Aldrede as Nora admits to him that she has never stopped “loving” Marcelo and Doc has botched his part of the deal. Lucia has run off with Sparky Marc.  Beca seconds that as Nora races off in a snit. She tells Dr. Loser to straighten up his medical act and get Nora off this sick obsession for Marcelo or he’s off the case.

• Milagros screams and threatens Rafaela over possibly encouraging Marc to chase after Lucia again.  Rafi gives it right back to her and says lay off or she’ll walk out and find another position with somebody else who respects the help. 

• Millie gets a visit from (Aida?) The Other Woman.  They snip and snarl at each other about Marc’s daddy, Cristobal, definitely planning to leave Millie because of the nasty way she treated him.  However, wasn’t it strange that the dude just happened to have died of a heart attack right before he left?  (Can’t the writers think of something more original than what happened to Lucia’s dad?  I hope there’s a good reason this history is the same.)   Also, says Aida, how interesting that Millie got hitched again so soon after Cristobal’s death!  And, if there is such a thing as divine justice, then Dios will be demanding an explanation…..  This makes Millie burn inside and she goes looking for pictures of hubby with Marc to sniffle over.

• Across town, Sergio finds Leti at home and persuades her to listen to what a jerk he admits to being and they kiss and make up;

• In town, Amador meets up with Earring Dude and promises to pay him out of his pocket to keep him happy and ready to look for a job outside Puebla.  ED still has a few little things pending before he leaves so he can wait a bit.  One of those must be beating up Lalo or Teresita (ya think?).

• Lalo and Teri bring chocolates to Clara’s kid on their way to Sunday mass.  They meet Clara down the street after leaving Clara’s.  Tere is introduced to her and thinks Clara looks familiar.

• On their way back to Puebla, Marc asks Lucia to marry him the very next day por lo civil and to have the church wedding later—an elopement.  She agrees. 

• Beca calls Freddy and cries to him about Nora being very delicate and ill emotionally. Yeah, she’s tried psychiatric help but with little result.  Beca feels alone in this struggle and refuses Freddy’s help.

• Rod has invited Dani over for some wine and pizza and she apologizes for being such a bitch to him the last time.  She and he both admit to being a couple of losers in life.  They have let the wine go to their heads and so start having rediscovery sex on the carpet.

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