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Color of Passion Episode 105 Update on Monday 16th April 2018


As Lucia happily agrees to marry Marcelo,  a depressed sNora sleeps.  Rebecca checks in on her daughter and then makes a tearful call to her lover, Alfedo who is drinking and obviously worrying about his own head case daughter.  He quickly answers his cell most likely hoping it's Whinenelia.  " I'm desperate" Rebecca says as soon as his "hello" is barely out.   Why?  She tells him when she arrived home her daughter was very ill.  Alfredo assumes it's physical but Rebecca tells him her daughter is a very emotionally fragile girl.  Alfredo wonders if she's sought professional help for her daughter.  Rebecca says yes but it's not helping.  She doesn't know why she called, except perhaps just to talk to someone, because she feels so alone and it's painful to see her daughter this way.  Alfredo offers to come over, but Rebecca says it would only make things worse.  He muses that it's odd that though their daughters are going through different things,  they are both having trouble with their girls  He tells Rebecca he doesn't even know where his daughter is and she won't answer her cell. 

I wish I didn't know where she was Alfredo, but I do.  She's at Rod's assaulting him with her guppy mouth.  It looks like things are going to progress further with Rod and the rod.   Man how far you have sunk Rodrigo.  

Marcelo takes Lucia home and she tells him that this was the best day of her life.  Really?  Yes, but now it's back to reality.  Marcelo says well don't forget they're getting married soon.  Lucia tells him it can't be tomorrow because they still have to do the mandatory prep work and get witnesses.  She also has no plans to hide the news from her Aunt Mags or Naz.  Marcelo suggest that they could be the witnesses.  Lucia thinks it's a great idea but they will need two witnesses for each person, so maybe another one could be Lety?  Marcelo says he'll find the fourth.  They share a passionate kiss and Lucia pulls away to bring up ..Whinenelia. Huh? Any way..she wants to know if Marcelo will talk to guppy gal  before or after the wedding.  He doesn't look to jazzed, but Lucia insists he has to even if he doesn't mention the wedding. He agrees that he should but he wants it to be clear, that they are getting married this week for sure.   Yes!  They seal their evening with one last steamy kiss as sNora spies from the porch. 

Rafi comes home and calls for Mili as she heads to her darkened bedroom to find a semi trashed room and an empty bottle of liquor on the floor.  Meanwhile Mili is soused and slumped against the dresser.  What happened?  Rafi asks distraught and worried.  Mili simply cries as Rafi begs her to answer.  She finally answers and says that a woman came to see her, that woman dared to come to see her.  What woman?  Rafi asks.  That damn wretch!  I wanted to kick her out but I couldn't Mili wails.   Rafi realizes that none of it makes sense and she wisely tells Mili they can talk later because what she needs right now is a bath.  She pulls Mili up from the floor and slowly guides her toward the bathroom.

Another room that is semi trashed is Lucia's;  and she comes upon it and the person responsible for it.   What happened here?  She asks sNora.  There was a lot of wind sNora replies.  You got back together with Marcelo didn't you?  Don't deny it because I saw you kissing him.   Lucia says she wasn't going to deny it, but she thought it would make her sister happy.  After all she did say one time that she wanted the two of them back together.  Snora tells her sister it doesn't make her happy.  Lucia says well that's too bad because this time it's for good.  Snora furiously grabs her sister by the arms and tells her she has to break up with him and get him out of her life.   Lucia shoves Snora off and asks her what is wrong with her.  Snora issues a chilling warning to her sister.  Listen carefully if you decide one day to marry Marcelo, I swear I'll kill myself.   Rebecca who has just come up the hallway over hears the threat and sees her daughter rushing out of Lucia's bedroom.   She pauses in Lucia's doorway, to see Lucia visibly shaken by the whole ordeal. 

A shirtless Rod leans against the bathroom door and asks Whineyhiney to open the door.  Was it that bad?  She finally opens and fully clothed, pushes past him, whining that it shouldn't have happened, that she's mistaken again…blah blah. She's opening herself up to a relationship when maybe she's just angry.  Same dumb drama with this chick.  Rod is a gentleman and says it happened and he doesn't regret it.  She tells him he should forget it.  I agree Rod, forget this guppy and toss her back to the loser pond she came from.   He offers to take her back to her car and she says she can get a taxi.   Sergio comes in and notices the tense scene but says hi anyway and rude biatch that she is, she just walks out.  I can't stand this heffa.   Wasn't that Whinelia SoreAss?  Uh huh says Rod awkwardly.   You don't have a shirt on.  Sergio says astutely noticing the scene, wine glasses, empty plates and his buddy with no shirt.  Whiney SoreAss and you with no shirt.  Rod shrugs a dude-you-don't-need-me-to-explain-it-to-you.   No Rod, Sergio gets it.

Lety shares the good news with her mother that she and Sergio worked out their misunderstandings and are still in love with each other.  Sara says good for you but you could have at least let me know you were going out with him because I tried calling you and you evidently didn't have your phone with you.  Lety is all don't marsh my mallow mom.  I had no clue my boo was picking me up.  It was a good day.   Sara realizes her daughter is very happy and gives in with a hug.  She doesn't miss an opportunity to tell her daughter to learn a lesson though and not let gossip or lies ruin this relationship, she needs to guard it.  Lety agrees.  Sara says she hopeful that Lety will one day get married and start a family…everything Sara didn't have.  Lety says she didn't need a normal family because she had a great mother and that has been more than enough. .  Sara is touched but doesn't miss a beat to tell her daughter that may be true but it hasn't stopped Lety from spending so much time with her father now that he's reappeared.  Lety teases and tells her mother to not be jealous.  Speaking of her dad has he called or left any messages?   Sara says no why was he supposed to call? Lety says no but lately he's been calling her.  Sara says well then that old man will call.  Lety teases her mom again about being jealous.

Don Nazario sits on his patio reading in the evening moon light? Or maybe there is a patio light?  Either way he gets a buzz at his front door.  He's surprised to see Marcelo there.   The two hug and Nazario says he's surprised to see his buddy there, he figured he was at the capital by now and not in any hurry to come back.  Marcelo says well here I am.  Can I crash here?  I know there are hotels but I wanted to talk to you.  Naz is happy to provide a place and asks where his luggage is. Marcelo has only a backpack with dirty clothes.  I don't know why we needed to know this, but we do.   Naz tells him to come on in and tell him everything. 

Speaking of spilling the tea,  Sergio who is really surprised by this revelation wants his curly cue buddy to give it up.   He grabs a bottle of wine prepared to get the dirt, but Rod says nope.  I'm not gonna kiss and tell with you or anyone.  Sergio says his buddy is doing really well and to prove a point goes to the chalkboard and playfully says let's see..1. Lucia 2. sNora, Lucia's sister 3. Ligia 4. Whinenelia, Ligia's cousin.   Rod says not to make fun of him, but Sergio says he's really glad his buddy listened to him, she seems like a good option.  Rod says well she doesn't think so.  Sergio says well what about you?  Rod says well he is angry but he's liked her from the beginning.  Sergio says then go for it.  You started off good right?  Rod warns Sergio not to blab to Lety who is a known gossip.  Sergio says is it because of Lety or because you don't want Lucia to find out.  Rod says it's because Whiney doesn’t want anyone to find out.  Oh lies, Roddy boy. I'd be ashamed too. 

Whiney attempts to sneak into her apartment, now that she can walk quietly but she's busted by her father.  I've been calling you all day, why didn't you answer.  She says because she didn't feel like it.  Well where have you been?  She says she also doesn't feel like telling him.   He tells her whether she agrees with his life style, doesn't give her the right to treat him that way, he's her father.  She says sorry but I'm not in a good mood.  She has another mood?  Alfredo asks why what happened?  Marcelo sent me to hell again.  It turns out he's still in love with Lucia Gaxiola and he came to Puebla to find her and that's why I'm here, to demand he give me an explanation.  Alfredo wants to know how she got to Puebla.  She tells him in the car the drive was using.  Alfredo lectures her about taking chances after just having had an accident.  She tells him to relax nothing happened.  Darn.  Alfie says they'll head home tomorrow and he'll have Faustino get the car.  Whiney say hell naw..she's not leaving until she talks to Marcelo and whines him to death.

At casa Gax Lucia prepares to crawl into bed when Rebecca comes in announced.  You want to tell me what's going on?  With what? Marcelo!  Lucia breaks it down easy she's back together with Marcelo.  Do you think this is game? You go away with Roman and come back with Marcelo.  Lucia says well that's life….things change.   Rebecca is clearly weary and exhausted of the battle with sNora and Lucia..each on their own course that will collide with her in the middle.  Didn't I make it clear that it wasn't good for you to be with that lout?  Good for who? Who? Lucia demands.   Rebecca sings the same tune…he came to cause pain and hurt us all.  He also stole from your father.  Lucia has had enough and she tells her aunt she has no desire to argue with her about this and if Rebecca's liver explodes from anger over this she doesn't care.  She opens the door and tells her aunt to leave, but Rebecca doesn't.  Instead she shuts the bedroom door and tells Lucia the same way you don't care about what happens to your sister?  Listen to what she just told you..what if she…?  Lucia halts Rebecca's guilt trip and tells her it's one thing that she has put up with all the crap that her aunt has done so she wouldn't hurt her sister, but it's another thing for her to put her own happiness on hold just to keep sNora happy.  Rebecca asks if Lucia thinks she'll really be happy with Marcelo, and will he feel the same way when he's in jail for the rest of his life.  Lucia tells her to get out. 

In sNora's room the wheels are turning inside her head and she suddenly springs upright in bed and grabs the phone.  Were you sleeping?  Well I'm calling to tell you it's time you pay me back the favor you owe me.  

Naz gives his blessing for Marcelo to marry Lucia but why the rush and in secret?  Marcelo says there's no secret, they just don't care to blab it to everyone except those they care about.  Like him, which by the way..will he be one of their witnesses?  Naz says yes of course but he still doesn't think this is the way to do it.  Stfu Naz, you old busy body. Geez why does everyone insist on butting in with advice that isn't warranted or needed with these two?   Marcelo tells Naz they just want to get married and have a relationship and tie that cant be broken.  Naz says he gets it, but if they do it this way there will be consequences. You still want to do it this way?  Marcelo says yes.  Naz keeps on being a debbie downer and brings up where they will live. How they will live and the fact that Marcelo has no job and can't come back to the factory until the legal stuff is settled.   Marcelo says he knows but that process could take months or years and they want to get married now.  All he wants to know is if he has his friend's support.  Naz says of course because he can tell he's not going to change Marcelo's mind.  He will be a witness, but under protest.  Naz and Marcelo hug it out.   Last I saw, Lucia has an apartment in her name and pretty sure she has money.  So it's not like they'd be homeless. 

The next morning Rebecca, looking divine in her wide pants and black top comes into sNora's room to find her bright and happy at her vanity.  The energy in her red top is mirrored in her attitude. She is ready for the day and tells her mother she feels fine!  Rebecca says she's happy and she will be spending the day with her daughter instead of going to the fabrica.  sNora says no need she feels great!  Really?  Yeah look at me! Snora twirls and says besides she doesn't want her mother changing things for her or she'll feel bad.   Rebecca reluctantly agrees but tells sNora to call her if she needs anything.   sNora agees.  I love you Rebecca says giving one last look at her daughter. Snora says me too, now  leave and stop worrying.  She happily goes back to her vanity to no doubt prepare for the machinations of this next round in her devious games.   Rebecca meanwhile gets a call from Roman.  Lucia isn't here so if you're looking for her call her cell phone.  Roman says he's not calling about Lucia, it's about sNora.  Rebecca tells him that sNora woke up just fine today and she doesn't think it's worth discussing her with him. Roman tells her if she really cares about her daughters mental health she will meet him at his office. 

Tere mops the floor and has her aha! moment when she has a flash memory.  She clearly remembers telling Rebecca about a woman coming to see her. She described the woman to Rebecca,  about your age, but older, not as refined.  Later Rebecca had given a name to the woman…asking if Clara had come back looking for her.   The puzzle pieces were in place now and now Tere drops her mop and calls for Lucia as she runs up the stairs.  What is going on? Rebecca asks coming out of the study.  Tere tells her boss that she is just looking for Lucia to tell her something but it's not important.  Rebecca says Lucia is at work and wants to know what it is because the way she was yelling it had to be important.   Tere says she can tell her later it's really not important. Rebecca says is it about Marcelo?  Tere says no it was about Lalo's neighbor who's son is ill.  Rebecca says she knows the story and how Lucia felt the need to get Sara Ezquerra to help. I don't know what the big deal is with all of that. Tere says well if you knew Benito you would find it sweet.   Yeah well maybe I would, but I don't know him.  Tere says well you sure know his mom, Clara.  Who?  His mom Clara, she's the lady who came to look for you one time and you weren't here.  It was the same time Dona Trini died.  Cara impactada!   Clara?  Tere says she doesn't know her last name.  Rebecca doesn't care she doesn't want Tere to tell Lucia any of this  Why?  Rebecca ever quick on her feet tells Tere because Clara was working there the day Lucia's mom died and took advantage and robbed them. Tere is shocked! Are you sure?  Rebecca says if Lucia finds out then she will tell Sara not to help the boy, do you want that?   Tere says no but she still can't believe that Clara would do something like that, she seems like such a good person.  Rebecca says well maybe but we see only faces not a person's heart.  Tere says it's strange.  Rebecca tells Tere not to say anything or Benito won't get help, that's his name right?   Tere says yes and she won't say anything. She get back to work as Rebecca recalls her visit from Clara when she reminded Rebecca that the last time they saw each other was right there at the bottom of the stairs where her sister's accident happened.   Rebecca looks up to the spot from where Adriana fell.

Winner winner chicken dinner!  Sara tells Clara that Benito most likely has the viral disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome.  She explains how it attacks the nervous system and can cause paralysis and breathing difficulties.   It is usually brought on by an infection, but she won't know for sure until another test is done.  She asks Clara if she has insurance.   Clara says yes, but it's basic and doesn't cover most things  Sara tells her to check around and see if she can get this test done someplace cheap because this hospital is private and it would be expensive. Once she gets it done bring the results back to Sara.  I'm guessing it's a spinal tap, Sara wants done.  Clara will definitely need someone to bank roll her for this one.  Sara says she's not going to charge Clara for her services. 

Out in the hospital courtyard Lucia breaks the new to her Tia Magda about her upcoming nuptials.  Magda is at first speechless which makes Lucia think her aunt is not happy. Magda says of course she is, she's just surprised..she didn't know they had gotten back together.  Lucia says yes and they are getting married, they just didn't want certain people to know.  Magda says she understands…like sNora?  Lucia tells Magda what sNora threatened to do if she married Marcelo.  Magda comforts her niece and tells her not to listen to sNora, she's emotionally blackmailing her.  Lucia says yes but she can't help but get nervous, sNora has already attempted suicide several times.  Magda knows Lucia is right but says sNora is in therapy now.  Lucia says maybe but her doctor says she not taking it seriously.   Magda says speaking of the dreamy doc does he know what you're about to do?  Lucia says no and she feels really bad about letting him get hopeful with her.  After all we got naked under a blanket and almost did the deed.  Still she thinks Roman is a great guy who will understand and want her to be happy.  Magda says well no one can be happier than her to see her niece so happy and certain of what she's doing.  She loves her and of course she will be her witness.  Lucia thanks her tia and says now we'll both be married.   Magda says yes but Lucia will beat her at having kids.  Lucia says no..she's not in a hurry to have a baby yet.  Magda sadly says she is.  Lucia tells her aunt to not get desperate, she just got married it will happen.  Magda says she ready to buy pacifiers and baby clothes and to get her tummy.  Lucia embraces her aunt and says it will happen.  Magda says she loves Lucia and loves seeing her niece happy.  In the background Clara walks close that if Magda turned around she would find the woman she's been looking for.

Those dirty clothes rear their smelly selves when Naz comes into Marcelo's room to tell him they are freshly washed and dried.  Marcelo who has also been freshly washed and dried thanks him.  He though Naz had gone to work already, but Naz says he isn't returning to the factory until he can figure out a way to take down Amadiva and that shady contract. He reminds Marcelo of his promise to help him.  Marcelo says he's still waiting to hear back from the person who is digging up the dirt.  Naz says Marcelo needs to hurry up and get dressed because his breakfast will get cold.   Marcelo thanks Naz again for his support and welcoming him into his home.  Marcelo says it may seem odd but with Naz he feels the support he thinks he would have felt with his father if he'd lived.   Naz says he feels the same way. If he'd had a son he would have liked him to be just like Marcelo. 

Rafi comes in with breakfast for a hung over Mili who says she feels like her head is going to explode.  Rafi gives her some aspirin and Mili asks if Marelo has called. No.  Mili ask her to not tell Marcelo what happened.  Rafi says she wouldn't because she's not a gossip. Oh really?  And secondly she'd have to tell him why his mother got drunk. Don't remind me.  Rafi says she can't understand how such a strong, brave and confident woman would allow herself to be frightened by that woman (Aida).  Mili says well it terrifies her to think that if that woman dared to come to the house and she found Marcelo what nonsense she could tell Marcelo.  Rafi says well if Mili's conscience  is clean what nonsense could she tell him?  Mili breaks down and says she can't keep calm because Rafi was right when she said that life charges everyone for their sins, because it's charging her already by taking Fede from her. She can't bear for life to be so hard on her by taking Marcelo too because if he finds out--- Rafi says well despite everything she's his mother and no matter what she did  he's going to forgive her.

Rebecca arrives to the fabrica and Normita tells her that Amador left the final check authorization for Vini.  Well can you give me Eduardo (Lalo's) file.  Normita impertinent as usual begins blabbering to Rebecca that the fight wasn't his fault it was Vini who started things. Rebecca wisely shuts the annoying receptionist down and tells her she's not firing him she just wants his file.  Normita who further affirms my dislike of her even if I dislike Rebecca too, challenges Rebecca. Why do you want to see it?  Bisch really you are the employee.  Rebecca tells her she wants to see how much he makes.  Normita tells her she has that on the computer.   I want the file..right now! 

Aida is at a library or bookstore putting books away with her friend Rosaura  She tells her friend she went to see Mili. Did you feel better after talking to her?  Aida says not really because she thought after having Mili in front of her that Mili would admit and accept what she did. Oh please girl that was never gonna happen,.  Aida says Rosaura should have seen how arrogant and preponderant she was.  Aida says that Mili can't accept that she had nothing to do with busting up that marriage and that when she met Cristobal the marriage was already over.  Rosaura  says she doesn't even think Mili loved her husband because she married another man right after he died. Yeah and look at who she married, that's exactly why I think that Milagros Fuentes is responsible for her son being an orphan.  Umm no he had a mother.   Rosaura says and boy does he look just like his father. Aida says yes and ever since I saw him I can't sleep at night.  Aida wonders how Marcelo figured out she was the woman his father was going to leave his mother for.  Rosaura wonders if Aida ran into him again would she tell him the truth   Aida says no, it was a coincidence they saw each other and even though Mili thinks she's a witch, Aida has no reason to speak bad to Marcelo about his mother.  These two gossipy hens make me salty.  Mili may have had something to do with her husband's death, but Aida you're no saint. You still were a mistress and your friend needs to shut her speculating pie hole.  I hate uppity women like this who act like they don't need to sweep their own porch. 

Insubordinate Normita finally cones in with the file.  Rebecca asks her how the son of the lady who works for her is doing.  Normita says about the same.  What does he have?  Normita says she doesn't know but she thinks it's serious and since his mother doesn't have the resources she hasn't bee able to properly help him.  Normita starts to sing Sara's praises when Rebecca shuts it down.  You can leave now!   Rebecca opens Lalo's file and jots down his name and address.  Pretty sure we know why and who she wants to find.  This woman is crafty.

Marcelo finally calls Whiney SoreAss and she catches major attitude about how he's finally calling her after leaving so many messages..  Yeah I know it's just that ---What? Lucia prohibited you from calling me?  Marcelo says they need to talk in person.  She agrees and he says he's on his way back to the capital and will see her in two hours.  No need, I'm here in Puebla stalking you so meet me at the café in front of the cathedral in half an hour.  He hangs up and looks like he's about to go to a public hanging.

Rebecca comes out of the factory and Alfredo is waiting for her.  Rebecca doesn't appear to appreciate it and keeps on walking telling him she'd already told him to not come looking for her. He says he wanted to see how she was.  I'm good, thanks! Alfie says he was thinking that maybe it would be wise to hospitalize her daughter.  My daughter is not crazy!  Alfie says not a mental asylum but a place where they help people deal with their emotional issues.  Rebecca cuts him short and thanks him.  Alfie doesn't get her, last night she was all desperate and today she doesn't want to discuss it. I do but not now, I have to go I'll call you later lover.  Alfredo looks really puzzled.

Clara tells Benito's godmother about the expense of the test that Sara needs done. She checked around and it's the same price just about everywhere.  It's not just that, but then there will be the expense of treatment and medicine.   The godmother says she will help all she can, Benito is her god son.  Clara is appreciative but she knows her friend is barely making ends meet with the pension from her husband.  Clara says she would sell her soul to the devil is necessary.   What are you saying?  Just what I said, I'm capable of anything for my son to get well.   You said he was sleeping all morning right?  Her friend says she worried he's going to have another crisis.  Clara is concerned and her friends says she has to go .  Clara walks her out and thanks her for staying with him.  Her friend says to let him rest.  Clara checks on the sleeping boy and hears his labored breathing.

Lucia is on the phone and it's obviously Marcelo who tells her he is going to see Whiney who is here in Puebla.  She says it's good for him to go talk to her and to call her after he's finished.  They hang up and Amadiva comes in to tell her that Vini's salary is ready and he assumes she's okay with giving him what he earned. Yup it's all good.  Amador wants it noted that he didn't fight for Vini to keep his job to show his good will and loyalty.  Lucia says it doesn't change a thing for her.  Amadiva wants to know what he has to do to get her to change her mid about him.  For that to happen you  and my aunt would need to remove the legal suit you have against Marcelo.  Amadiva says it's not going to happen. Lucia says he's innocent.  Amadiva says if that's true he's got nothing to worry about.  The person who needs to worry is you because when the truth comes out you will be the one going to jail for defamation.  I like your optimism because that's all it is, optimism.  Amadiva leaves so sure he's got the upper hand.

Whiney shows up and rebuffs Marcelo's attempt to greet her. She immediately starts her baby whining.  She immediately guilt trips him with the promise he foolishly made to her..that he wouldn't abandon her again.  He says he deserves it but he has to be sincere with her.  Whiney says she can't believe he's doing this to her again and she blames Lucia saying she snapped her fingers and he went running back to her.  Marcelo cracks her face by saying nope I was the one who after hopping twenty feet away from your guppy lips went running to find Lucia.   Whiney says well it's obvious you were only with me out of pity and when you saw I was better you forgot your promises.  Marcelo says he's sorry he can't be the man she expected but -- She tells him to save his pretty speeches about how any man would be lucky to be with her.  She knows it by heart.  Marcelo says fine he wont' say anything but he will speak to her father to explain things.  Don't bother he won't care he's too busy being entertained by Rebecca Murillo.  What?  You heard..that woman is my father's lover.  So you see?  Everything will stay in the family.  My father with that shrew and you with that dead fly niece of hers.  She goes to leave and Marcelo tells her he wishes they could end on good terms.  She answers by throwing a glass of water in his face.   Go to hell! You have no idea how much I lament not dying in that accident. Not as much as this patio Whiney SoreAss.

Clara gets a knock at her door.  It's the devil herself.. Rebecca.  Oh wow you hid so well, I'm sure the police will love to know where you live.  Clara says well if youre talking about Trini's death it's already been cleared up with the police.  Oh well if that's so you must feel guilty about other things because you haven't told Tere or Lalo or Normita about how you left my house years ago after stealing from us.  Clara asks how she knows those people.  Because they work for me? Didn't you know? Some work at the factory and another works at my house.  Clara says you mean your sister's house.  I'm sure your family doesn't know what happened the day your sister died.  And according to you what happened?   Clara says she heard her and Adriana arguing and that's why she came out of the kitchen. She saw her fall and Rebecca was by the railing. She knows Rebecca is guilty of her sister's death.  Rebecca says you didn't see anything because that never happened.   Clara says she says it because it's true and Rebecca has no idea how badly Clara has wanted to tell Adriana's daughter and now more than ever that all these people supporting me are close to you.  Rebecca threatens her that if she says something things are going to go very badly for her.  Oh yeah? What are you going to do to me?  To you? Nothing but you have a son who's very sick right? He'll have to pay the consequences.  Clara doesn't appreciate her threatening her son but Rebecca tells her to calm down and sit down.  Rebecca says to prove she's not the awful person Clara thinks she is, she's going to make her a proposition.  She's not going to hurt her son but instead give her a lot of money so she can take her son to the best doctors.  However if Clara says something she and her son will regret being born because Rebecca will send them both to hell.  So you decide Clara.

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