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Color of Passion Episode 106 Update on Tuesday 17th April 2018


Repeated scenes: Amador tells Lucia he won't fight to retain Vinicio and Lucia tells him she thinks he's the one trying to defraud the pottery factory. Daniela tells Marcelo off and splashes him with water. Thought you might enjoy a screencap of that!

Also repeated but more important for this episode: Rebeca goes over to Clara's house and offers her help with Benito's medical bills - for a steep price and Clara's silence. Clara will think it over.
Now for this episode!
Amador gives Vinicio his severance pay. Vinicio is whiny about the amount, but Amador has a point, he didn't last long on the job. Amador tells him to get out of town ASAP. Vinicio balks and starts reminiscing loudly about the factory fire (that Amador paid him to set, that almost killed Naz). Then that scumbag fondly recalls killing poor beloved Trini or as he puts it, "the lady that died." Amador wants him to shut up too and tells him to scoot. Vinicio warns him to watch out for Lalo on the way out.
Clara brings Benito some water. He asks her who the lady was who visited them. Clara tells him it's a lady who lived in a house she used to work for. Benito asks how she knew he was sick and then comments they don't need her help because the doctor is going to cure him. A troubled Clara simply agrees, they don't need her help. Benito is having trouble swallowing the water and comments he has been having trouble swallowing that day. (Uh-oh!)
Normita gives Lalo authorization from Amador to buy some materials. Lalo snarks that if Naz was there, he'd have been working on the projects already. Lalo encourages Normita to go find Naz and get him to come back to the factory. They spot Vinicio and Lalo asks Normita why he's there. She says to get his severance, and thankfully this is the last we'll see of him. Lalo hopes that one day they can say the same of Amador.
Lucia and Marcelo in matching pink have a date. He tells her about his meet-up with Daniela going badly. Lucia offers to postpone the wedding until Daniela is feeling better about things. Marcelo is like are you serious? Luckily, Lucia is not really serious. Whew! They get down to wedding talk. Naz and Mags have agreed to be witnesses. They need one more, which Marcelo will take care of. Lucia is seeing Leti later and will ask her mom for the medical certificate needed. Lucia says there's one more person to fill in; Marcelo interjects that it better not be her mom or sister. Lucia says certainly not, that would be crazy of them. LOL! She means Roman. Ugh. Why. Marcelo has an "ugh why" look on his face but reasons that if he told Daniela, his girlfriend of 10 plus years, certainly Lucia should tell Roman, her "boyfriend" of 10 plus days. Marcelo is reminded to tell Lucia that Daniela mentioned to him that Rebeca and Swag Daddy Alfredo are sleeping together. Lucia isn't all that surprised, and reasons that her aunt is free to do what she wants with a man. Marcelo is worried for Swag Daddy's safety, given who he's getting into a relationship with.
Rebeca and Roman meet. He wants to refer Nora to another doctor because Nora thinks of him as her sister's suitor. Rebeca is bored by this and he calls her out on it. Rebeca balks at being referred elsewhere, because she doesn't want Nora going from doctor to doctor. Roman repeats that Rebeca is a fundamental part of Nora's emotional issues and if she doesn't change, Nora won't get better. Rebeca calls Roman mediocre and is glad he won't be Nora's doctor anymore. Uh, they're both correct?
Rebeca leaves Roman's office and gets a call from Ricardo summoning her to pick up that picture of her when she was MC Becky. You know the one.
Daniela fully turns into Whinelia this episode with a call to Momster whining about how Marcelo has totally dumped her forever for Lucia. Momster encourages her to return to Mexico City and plot next steps. Daniela doesn't see the point as she has lost Marcelo forever and hangs up on Momster. Rod and his rod call Daniela next, and she ignores the call. He leaves a message for her to call him and talk about something important.
As Rod hangs up, Amador comes to his office. Rod tells him he was trying to call a lady friend. Amador wonders what happened with Lucia and all the other ladies he's been with. Rod tells him to shut it, as he doesn't want to end up with a farce of marriage and dead lovers like his dad.
Lucia swears Leti to secrecy. Good luck on that Lucia. Leti wants to be there when Lucia tells Nora. LOL. Well I found that funny, but Lucia doesn't and firmly tells Leti to not joke like that. Lucia gets a mysterious call from Gloria asking her to come see her in person...

Leti says to be careful, because Gloria and Nora are vipers.
Lalo and Tere meet up after work in the dark. Tere is hustling to get there and out of breath when she arrives. She starts to tells Lalo what she learned about Clara. Creepy Vinicio watches.

Marcelo and Swag Daddy Suarez meet up. Swag Daddy is not happy that Marcelo had let Daniela believe he was into her again. Marcelo is sorry about that. Swag Daddy is still not happy. Marcelo says well hey, you've gone back to Rebeca! Swag Daddy tells him not to worry, Rebeca won't drive him to suicide like she did Marcelo's brother. Marcelo ignores this cruel remark and continues to list Rebeca's other crimes, sins and victims. He mentions that Rebeca ruined Mags wedding by sleeping with the groom, who was none other than Ricardo. That gets Swag Daddy's attention. Marcelo tells Swag Daddy to talk to Ricardo and get more information, so that he doesn't end up like poor Alonso.
Rebeca and Ricardo are having their meet up. He returns the MC Becky photo to her. She notices her love note isn't on it, and demands the original photo. He wants to keep that as a memory before he leaves. He comments that she always gets away with everything bad she does, while the rest of the world must pay. He asks if they can part as friends and goes to shake her and then pulls her in for a kiss. They pull apart and it seems from the lusty look in Rebeca's eyes they might get busy...

But nope: SHE BITES HIS EAR to hurt him! 

I screamed when this happened. It was out of nowhere.
If you think the episode just took a turn for the worse, you are correct. The next scene is Tere walking down a dark, deserted street. (Ugh, Lalo should've walked her home!) She encounters that awful Vinicio who wants to stop and talk. She knows that's bad news and tries to get away, but he makes it hard.

He grabs Tere and drags her into an alley. She breaks free trying to get away but it's a dead end. He finds her hiding and grabs her from behind and begins to rape her.

I heard Univision cut the full scene and I'm glad; what they showed was hard to watch as is.
Instead of walking Tere home safely, Lalo went to visit Clara and ask why she withheld the fact that she worked for the Gaxiola's from him. Lalo lets her know he's disappointed in her and leaves.
After Lalo leaves, Benito collapses. He is struggling to breathe. Clara tries to get him to a taxi to go to the clinic.
Roman gets his visit from Lucia telling him about marrying Marcelo. He congratulates her. Lucia encourages him to support Nora but he tells her he's dropped Nora as a client and told Rebeca that. Roman tells Lucia he hopes she will be happy, but he needs to put distance between them. For once, I like Roman. Lucia realizes how selfish she was in this conversation and apologizes.
Swag Daddy checks on his morose daughter Dani. He comforts her. Then he asks her if Ricardo is still in town. She doesn't know.
Momster lectures the heck out of Marcelo over the phone about returning to Lucia. She asks if he will stay in Puebla. He says they plan to leave ASAP. Momster tells him never to come back again.
Naz overheard part of that conversation and asks Marcelo if he will be telling Momster about the wedding. That's a big N-O! Marcelo explains how complicated things with his mom are and how he understands now why his dad didn't stay married to her. Naz thought his dad had died and Momster had remarried. Marcelo affirms this and says he doesn't know the full story - yet. The doorbell rings. It's Normita with some food for Naz. He invites her in to say hi to Marcelo.
Lucia finds poor shattered Tere sitting outside their mansion.

Tere tells Lucia about Vinicio's attack. Lucia wants to report it to the police immediately.  Tere is embarrassed and wants to keep it quiet. The very idea upsets her and Lucia gently takes her inside to rest.
The nurses tell Clara to let them treat her son and they'll let her know when they know something. She's distraught.
Rebeca destroys the picture of MC Becky. 

Clara calls Rebeca at that moment and accepts her proposal. Rebeca says they'll meet tomorrow but Clara says no, you need to come to the hospital now.
Mario and Mags baby-making talk in their satin pajamas. FF>>>>>
The nurse says that Benito is stabilized but must stay the night. Clara needs to settle up. First she needs some air (and to meet up with Rebeca).
Outside, Rebeca finds Clara sitting on a bench. Rebeca assures Clara that they'll find the best care for Benito. Clara says he needs some expensive testing. Rebeca hands her some money and tells her to contact her if she needs more. Rebeca then tells her to drop Sara as Benito's doctor. Clara balks, as Sara is the doctor she trusts. She is firm enough that Rebeca backs off this demand but warns her not to tell Sara anything or the support will end and her real misfortunes will begin.
The next day, Marcelo visits Lalo at the factory. Lalo is sad that Marcelo disappeared without a proper goodbye but all is forgiven when Marcelo asks him to be the third witness. Lalo is thrilled. We need a happy screencap today, especially because it's about to get dark again, so here is Lalo's face when he's asked:  

The happiness is short-lived, as Lucia calls Marcelo and tells him about Tere and Vinicio. Tere won't go to the hospital and Lucia is not sure what to do. Marcelo tells her he's coming over. Lalo overhears and knows something is up.
Lucia brings Tere some juice in her bed. Tere is so upset. Lucia insists that Tere report what happened. Tere doesn't want anyone, especially Lalo, to know. Lucia says that Lalo will support her more than anyone. Lucia calms her down and says she won't say anything and that she told Rebeca Tere was too sick to work today.
Lucia leaves the house and encounters Lalo, who has clearly been informed of what happened. Lalo says he loves Tere, he needs to see her and he will be with her through this. Lucia insists that he can't see her today, she needs a day to recover. Lalo is reluctant but Lucia directs him to go to work. Lalo says that the animal who did this needs to pay and suddenly bolts off. Uh-oh.
Vinicio is packing up to skip town, with plot cross in the background.

Lalo bursts into Vinicio's trashy apartment with a baseball bat and the men get into an intense fight. Unfortunately Vinicio gains control of the bat and is about to swat Lalo, who has been forced to the ground. Lalo sees the cross and has a flashback.

It hits Lalo and he exclaims, "You killed her! You killed Dona Trini!"

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