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Color of Passion Episode 96 Update on Tuesday 3rd April 2018


Lucia breaks off the kiss with Roman and asks him for more time. This should be yet another BIG red sign to Roman that he is nothing more than a rebound, but he soldiers on. He tells Lucia she can have as much time as she needs (as long as that time is no longer than a week, I’m sure), but he has one condition—that they spend that time TOGETHER. Lucia agrees, and they get back to drinking their pre-dinner wine. 

Sara rips into Leti for sharing her personal business with Ric that she was sick. He waltzed right into her bedroom, like he owned the place! Leti thinks he was just being nice, but Sara makes it clear that she and Ric will never, ever be friends. “Well, your friend Magdalena doesn’t feel the same.” Leti spills about the tryst in the park she just spied between Ric and Magda. Sara definitely knows what that was about.

Sergio arrives, and Leti tells him she was fighting with her mom about her father. Sergio thinks Sara likely has perfectly good reasons for not wanting to be near the guy, and he doesn't have a high opinion of him either. Leti thinks he’s not so bad, and in fact, she wants Sergio to meet him. She asks how things went in the courts, and Sergio nearly forgot that’s the lie he told about where he was going when he went to see Nora. He continues the lies when he gets a text alert from Nora, and tells Leti it’s Rod.

Sara calls Nazario, who still looks shaken up over the death of Trini’s bird. She tells him that she told Magda about Rebeca possibly being Adriana’s killer, and then Magda went straight to Ric. She’s giving Naz a heads up, in case Magda comes to him. Naz asks if Sara told Magda about their suspicions of Rebeca being involved in Alonso’s death too, and is relieved to hear she didn’t.  

At dinner with Mario, Magda is quiet, unable to eat, and is evasive. When Mario mentions that Samuel came to see him and asked Mario about her, Magda gets nervous. She assures Mario that she’s happy, when he asks. Mario suggests they go away for a few days, since they had to cut their honeymoon short. Magda thanks him, and even gives him a lovely kiss on the hand, but tells him she has too much work at the hospital right now. Mario looks worried.

On the mean streets of Puebla, two cars pull up next to each other at a stoplight. Lucia is in the passenger seat of Roman’s car, and he chatters away, not noticing that Marcelo is the driver in the other car, and that Lucia isn’t listening to a word he’s saying because she’s transfixed by Marcelo. Roman drives on, and drones on, without ever realizing.

Lalo pays Clara a visit and scolds her for making him look bad with Normita. Benito gets her off the hook by telling Lalo it was his fault for running off without informing his mom or madrina. Lalo offers to take him out any time he wants, after he gets home from work in the evenings. Clara’s sure Normita won’t hire her again, but she plans to go over the next day to apologize anyway.

Marcelo makes Milagros happy by announcing to her and Rafaela that they are going back to Mexico (City)! Pack your bags, and my stuff, ladies! He’s headed there tomorrow to meet with his old boss about his old job.

Lucia also makes a happy announcement, at least happy for Nora. She tells Nora that she and Roman are now novios—well, they’re giving it a try. Despite being pleased that everything is working out as she planned, Nora still can’t help but get a nasty dig in. “Let’s hope it all doesn’t turn ugly like it did with your other two suitors, because frankly, you don’t really choose well.” Before leaving, Lucia asks about Sergio’s visit. Nora claims he just unexpectedly came to see her. Lucia makes sure Nora knows that Sergio is now Leti’s man, so hands off, hermana.

Over at Bro Central, Rod is in the middle of calling Sergio an idiot for first going to see Nora, and then lying about it to Leti. And when Rod is the sensible one in the conversation, you know you’ve really messed up. Sergio makes all kinds of excuses—she called me, I didn’t call her; she seems sincere, maybe she’s changed; she’s no longer interested in me. Rod is emphatic—Nora will never change; she’s likely plotting something; she’s a viper. If he were Sergio, he would tell Leti, because if she finds out from someone else…

Brigida finds Amador opening a celebratory bottle of midnight white wine. She joins him in celebrating that everything is coming up roses in the fabrica. Even Rod is making headway with Lucia. Brigida still thinks Nora would be a better match for Rod. Amador is dismissive of Nora. He agrees that she inherited her mama’s good looks, but not her elegance, intelligence, sophistication, or her astuteness. Brigida starts to gets a bit jealous with all these effusive compliments for Rebeca, but Amador swears he doesn’t have a thing for her.

The next morning, Magda is waiting in Rebeca’s room when she emerges from her dressing room. She gets straight to it, and asks Rebeca point blank if she killed Adriana. Rebeca gets agitated and indignant, but that doesn’t work on Magda. She makes Rebeca swear on the thing most precious to her, on NORA’S LIFE, that she had nothing to do with Adriana’s death. Rebeca evades the question for a bit, then looks Magda square in the eyes, and swears on Nora’s life. (In case you weren’t keeping track, you can be assured that Karma has noted that both Amador and Rebeca have now sworn on the lives of their only children, while telling a blatant lie.) “If I find out that you had something to do with the death of Adriana, I assure you that I will personally make sure you rot in jail.”

On her way out, Magda sadly contemplates the landing and banister where Adriana fell. Lucia greets her aunt, but Magda has no mind for pleasantries. She begs Lucia to move out of that house and come live with her. She can’t be at peace knowing that Lucia is living there with Rebeca—who hates Lucia because she’s the daughter of Adriana. Lucia knows, but she’s not leaving that house until she’s settled some scores with Rebeca. Magda picks up on how ominous that sounds, but Lucia doesn’t elaborate. Instead she mentions that she plans to keep the promise to her father, to not leave until she gets married. Lucia is sure she can handle Rebeca. Magda insists and says she wants to protect Lucia, but Lucia won’t be swayed. Magda then enters Lucia’s room and hugs and cries over the picture of Adriana.

While Rafaela does all the work packing up Marcelo’s tchotchkes, Mili casually sips her coffee and bitches about being happy to leave Puebla and never hearing Lucia’s name again. Marcelo’s already arrived in D.F. at his apartment. He’s once again assaulted by the memory of finding Federico’s body when he sees the blood stained rug. (Someone should really get rid of that thing for him.) He slides to the floor, and begs Fede forgiveness for having failed him. Marcelo really is on a downward spiral of guilt.

Back in Puebla, the nurse and Alfredo are on hand to take Daniela on her first test walk. And it’s an utter failure. They try over and over again, but Dani’s long, gangly legs give out on her. She can’t feel her legs and starts freaking out about it. The nurse runs off to get a doctor, and Alfie tries to keep Dani calm. When the doctor arrives, he tests Dani and finds that some parts of her legs/feet have feeling, while others don’t. He believes it’s just a matter of time, and they should remain calm. In the meantime, he’s prescribing physical therapy. Alfie insists that he wants to take her back to D.F., so the doctor agrees to discharge her tomorrow, at their own risk. Dani's depressed and doesn’t want to go anywhere. Alfie sweetens the deal by telling her Marcelo’s going back to D.F. too.

Lalo apologizes to Naz for offending him with his comment about him and Normita. Naz says no offense taken, and in fact, he’s been thinking. Normita is a great girl (he really did call her a muchacha) who just needs some company, and he’s an old man, soon to kick the bucket, and he doesn’t want to do it alone, so what the heck! (So romantic! NOT!) Lalo is ten times more excited by the news of a possible Naz-Normita noviazgo than Naz is. Naz breaks off their convo to chat with Lucia about putting a stop to the Provedora de Centro contract, now that the work order has come through.

Lucia and Naz make their case to Rebeca about not going through with the contract. They express their own doubts about the low price and high quantity, and about Al’s deep reservations about it. Rebeca has Normita look for Amador, who’s getting an update from Vini. He tells Amador that Lucia and Naz are plotting against him, but he doesn’t know what they’re plotting. It becomes clear when Amador joins them all in Alonso’s office.

Amador once again says it’s a good business deal for them-- Al only had a problem with it because he had a personal problem with Amador, and the low price is balanced by the high quantity. When Lucia mentions that she believes he’s benefiting from the deal somehow (based on Rod’s half-assed info), Amador challenges them to prove just how. Rebeca decides to side with Amador, and rubs it in Lucia and Naz’s face that she definitely has Nora’s vote, so they are outvoted. When Lucia and Naz leave, she lets Amador know that she doesn’t trust him either, but she sided with him just to stick it to Lucia. “But if I find out that Ricardo has something to do with this, the one who’s going to end this partnership is ME!” Amador gulps, and swears there’s nothing shady going on. In the courtyard, Lucia tells Naz that either Rebeca is Amador’s accomplice in this, or she sided with him just to screw with them. BINGO! Naz has a plan, but he’s not sharing it with Lucia yet.

In the hospital, Alfie and Milagros discuss Dani’s condition. Mili encourages Alfie to head home to rest. She’ll stay with Dani-- she loves her like a daughter and wishes she had a daughter. They say daughters stick close to you, more so than sons. Alfie reminds her that she has/had two great sons. He wonders why she never married again, so that she might have had that daughter. Aw, hell no! I buried two husbands and had no interest in burying a third. Mili rolls her eyes for good measure after Alfie leaves, just thinking about a third husband.

On his way out of the hospital, Alfie bumps into Sara and asks her to share a coffee with him. They sit outside and decide to finally speak informally to each other. Alfie starts fishing for info about whether Sara has kids and her marital status. She tells him about her daughter, being a single mom, and her baby-daddy who just recently came back into the picture. In fact, Alfie knows him—Ricardo Marquez. Yep, the cradle-robbing, gold-digging bastard who was dating his daughter. Alfie’s next question is about Rebeca—he knows Rebeca doesn’t think highly of Sara. “I also have nothing good to say about her…She’s a woman who harms the people closest to her.” Alfie tries to fish for more info, but Sara clams up and takes her leave after wishing him and his daughter a safe trip back home. Alfie looks thoughtful.

Leti’s on the phone, happily making dinner plans with Ricardo for him to meet her novio Sergio. Sergio arrives, and seems intent on telling Leti about Nora’s renewed interest in a "friendship" with him, but Leti’s news about their dinner with her dad derails him. Leti then shares her burning piece of gossip about seeing Magda and her dad in the park last night. Neither of them realizes that Mario is passing by and has heard it all. He walks right in and demands to know WHEN she saw them. Leti tries to walk it back. Maybe it wasn’t them…it was dark…But Mario isn’t listening. He rushes out, fuming.

Sara and Magda chat in the hospital. Magda wants to believe Rebeca is telling the truth, but she’s having a hard time. Sara doesn’t believe Rebeca in the least. Magda’s so confused and upset, she couldn’t even speak to Mario about it. They agree that Lucia must not know.

Lucia lights into Rod for not giving her detailed enough info to really fight Amador and Rebeca. Rod’s obviously having a tough time playing both sides of the fence, and still doesn’t tell Lucia that his dad is an owner of Provedora de Centro. “The next time you want to show me you’re on my side, give me something more concrete!”

In D.F., Marcelo enters a restaurant and calls Rafa to let her know he didn't have luck with his old boss (someone new is in his old job), and he’ll hit the road back to Puebla after he has lunch. Two middle-aged ladies are chatting at a nearby table, and one of them can’t take her eyes off Marcelo from the moment he walks by. She approaches him and asks, “Are you related to Cristobal Escalante? You look exactly like him.” Marcelo also stands and asks if she knew his father. She admits that she knew him VERY well, and mourned his death, more than Marcelo can imagine. It all clicks for Marcelo, and he expectantly asks her if she’s the woman for whom his father was going to divorce his momster?

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