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Color of Passion Episode 97 Update on Wednesday 4th April 2018


*Aída Lugo makes her entrance to the story, She won’t say if she’s the woman that had affair with Marcelo’s father, I suspect that Momster hasn’t been completely honest about what his father did and didn’t do. She tells Marcelo it was a pleasure to meet him, in a meaningful way. Hmmm. 
The friend of Aída asked who that guy was, she tells him the son of Cristóbal Escalante. Apparently he looks just like his father. 

*Magdalena comes home to a furious Mario who wants to know why she didn’t tell him that she met up with Ricardo. At this point, he’s so mad that she doesn’t trust him to keep him informed about what she’s doing, he doesn’t stay for the explanation. 

*Sergio, Lety, and Ricardo are having dinner together. Ric and Sergio are getting to know each other while Lety stews about something. Finally she blurts it out, what the hell were you doing talking to Magdalena about? She doesn’t want him to interfere in Mag and Mario’s new marriage. He promises he wasn’t and he won’t. 

*Alfredo is at his hotel room looking at photos that the investigator gave him, the first couple are of Federico, the next few of Rebeca. As he does this he remembers what Sara told him about Reb, that she’s not to be trusted, she’s got a lot of dirt on her. He then calls the factory to talk to Rebeca.

*Mario canceled all his appointments and meeting today to drink away his sorrows.

*Roman the smotherer is visiting Lucia at work. She gives him a tour of the factory and Amador asks Normita who he is.

*Brigida wants to be friends with Nora, now that she’s BFF with her mom again. Nora tells her that she’s interested in Sergio, and to please tell Rodrigo that she is so that Rodrigo doesn’t get his hopes up about her, of course.

*Rodrigo is getting scolded by his father, Amador just saw Lucia walking around the factory with her new boyfriend Roman. And by the way, Lucia doesn’t like our new contract and is trying to undo it. She said that she thinks Amador is only doing it because he’s getting something personally from it, does Rod know where she got that idea?

*Lucia explains to Roman who Rodrigo is, and why he is working at the factory. Nora is only interested in her boyfriends, and Roman figures he’s next. 

*Bec is home early getting ready to go out, she tells Nora that she’s going out with Brigida, but Nora wonders why Brigida didn’t tell her that this morning when she saw her. Oh? What did they talk about? Nora is going after Sergio now, she’s over Marcelo.
Bec is looking for just the right dress for her date with Alfredo.

*Rafaela tells Marcelo that Naz wants him to stop over to his house.

*Alfredo opens the door and Rebeca saunters in, he wants to know why no one likes her, lol. Ooh, she’s steamed! Who’s everybody? Marcelo, Sara. She is fuming, and she’s gonna leave, but he grabs her by the shoulders. He can’t forget her, he tells her, and they start ripping each other’s clothes off.

*Marcelo is getting an earful from Naz about that contract Amador is resurrecting, Marcelo doesn’t know why he’s involved, he doesn’t work at the factory anymore. Naz tells him that he’s the one who knows the details of it. After a lot of cajoling, he convinces Marcelo to help break the contract.

*Milagros is still babysitting Daniela, wondering where Alfredo is. She tells Dani that Marcelo is making arrangements for moving back to Mexico City. 

*The after sex bedroom talk. Alfredo said he looked all over for Bec after she left him all those years ago. She reminds them that they were both married, but he said he would have left Dani’s mom for her. He tells her that they’re both free now, but she finds lots of reasons not to hook up with him again. 

*Lucia arrives as Marcelo leaves, I actually look forward to him being gone, I’m so tired of their drama. Naz tells her that he asked Marcelo to help break the contract, but she only thinks of herself, and she doesn’t want to be reminded that she’s moved on with a better guy who has no drama, in fact, he’s quite boring. Naz reminds her that the factory is important, and that she should care about what happens to it. Bratty girls won’t hear of it, her personal feeling and life are THE most important thing, and she’s mad at Naz for putting the factory first over her feelings! 

*Sweet Lalo asks Tere if she would mind him bringing Benito along on their date tomorrow to give him a chance to get out of the house. She smiles just as sweetly and says she doesn’t mind at all. 

*Clara apologizes to Norma, she’s ok with it, Lalo explained, and agreed to let Clara bring her son with her the next time if she doesn’t have anyone to watch him. 

*Rebeca comes home wearing that ‘I just had the best sex I’ve had in a long time’ look and Nora wonders how on earth she could have that much fun with Brigida, she doesn’t even like her that much. 

*It’s Alfredo’s turn to babysit Daniela. 

*Brigida wants to invite Rebeca to dinner, now that they’re BFFs again. Amador is wondering if Rodrigo is going to betray him.

*Sergio is trying to convince Rodrigo that he’s never getting Lucia back. He suggests he hook up with Daniela. Sergio tells Rod that he fought with Lety AGAIN. Rod tells him not to lose her, she’s a good catch.

*Lety tells Sara that she screwed up by telling Mario that Ricardo met with Mags. Sara is very angry she did that, calls her a gossip, and she better not tell Lucia anything about this.

*Marcelo didn’t get his old job back and he tells Milagro that Aída Lugo sends her regards. He told Mil that he asked if she were the woman who his dad left her for, and that got Mil very angry. Daniela is leaving the hospital tomorrow, and she can’t even walk yet.

*Marcelo arrives to see Dani at the hospital, Alfredo is going to go home to get his wallet and a change of clothes for Dani. Dani said the paralysis is supposed to be only temporary. Marcelo says he wants to get back together with her, and she makes him pinky swear that he really means it. He does and they kiss.

The End. 

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