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Color Of Passion Episode 98 Update on Thursday 5th April 2018


 Mario and Magdalena have begun having marital problems due to Leti misinterpreting a conversation she observed between Mags and Ricardo. So this episode begins with Mags and Sara having a conversation about it and Sara offering her help. 
We see Momster and Marcelo repeat the conversation from Friday about how he met Aida Lugo aka Maldita seas at a restaurant in Mexico City. He tells Momster he asked Aida how she knew his father and was she the woman his father left Momster for? Momster is none too pleased. Aida didn't give him an answer though. Marcelo asks Momster if Aida is the woman and gets a bitter angry No. Momster then tells Marcelo that Dani will be released tomorrow from the hospital but still cannot walk. 
Momster and Marcelo retreat to their rooms. Marcelo googles/buscos Aida Lugo and finds something he calls "impossible." Momster hurls around a few "Maldita seas!"
More repeated scenes. Lucia is outside the apartment and flashes back to Marcelo telling her he's returning to Mexico City. Marcelo kisses Dani and promises to be with her. She promises him she'll do whatever to win his love back.
Finally some new scenes. Mario stayed out all night. Mags is not happy about this. Where was he and why didn't he answer her calls? In a hotel because he didn't want to talk to her. He just came home to take a shower and change for the office. Mags says they can either live together like strangers or separate. Mario hedges and Mags chooses separation.
Momster had a rough night as she couldn't sleep, thinking about all her secrets.

Rafiella comes in to her room. Momster tells her about Marcelo finding Aida. Rafiella is all oooh. Momster is afraid Aida will return. Rafiella says she's afraid of Marcelo finding out her secrets and delivers her "La vida nos cobra nuestros pecados" line. She really isn't too empathetic and advises Momster to come clean. She leaves and Momster calls her a metiche.
At the factory, Normita patches a call from Swag Daddy Suarez through to Rebeca. She thought he was going. He'd like to see her again.
Meanwhile, Normita tells Lucia that Swag Daddy called Rebeca. She then tells her about the time Swag Daddy came to the factory and recognized Rebeca as "Adriana" and Rebeca said no. Lucia realizes what's up and goes off to interrupt Rebeca's phone call.
Lucia stomps into Rebeca's office and yanks the phone out of her hand. She confronts her about using Adriana's name while cheating on Alonso again.  How many men did she do this with? 

Rebeca says that Lucia speaks as if Adriana had been a saint, and Lucia should be honored that Rebeca used Adriana's name. Lucia says that her mom and Rebeca are very different. Rebeca tells her to get out and stop saying stupid things. Lucia asks if she's afraid of Nora finding out all her secrets? Rebeca asks if Lucia is threatening her. Rebeca is done. Lucia shoves some paper into Rebeca's hands (thanks Vivi) and tells her it's the new pottery designs which Rebeca will not be changing.
Mario arrives at work and Felicia tells him Sara is in his office waiting for him. It turns out she came to defend Mags (who doesn't know she is there). She tells Mario that she was having a problem with Ricardo and Mags was just trying to help her. Ricardo does nothing for her. Mario says if that's true, why didn't she tell him about seeing him. Sara says because she asked her not to. This all seemed reasonable enough to me, having slept through it all, but it wasn't good enough for Mario, who is irritated and kicks Sara out of the office even though she promises Mags really loves Mario.
Leaving the office, Sara spots Sergio. She tells him she was trying to see Mario while Leti was out running an office errand, and please don't tell Leti she was here. Sergio agrees. Felicia overhears all this.
At the hospital, Swag Daddy tells Dani he will hire a nurse to help her. Dani says that won't be necessary as she has Marcelo. The nurse arrives with Dani's new wheelchair, which she eyes apprehensively:

Is she faking? Hmmm. Not yet, anyway!
Marcelo helps put Dani in her wheelchair. Meanwhile, Ricardo inquires about her at the nurses station and learns she's checking out. Then Magdalena walks by and Ricardo stops her. She blasts him for causing the fight between Mario and Mags (she mistakenly thinks he's the one who told Mario about their conversation). Ricardo asks Mags if she spoke to Rebeca about Adriana's death. Now Mags stomps off. Marcelo, Dani and Swag Daddy observe this argument from a distance and Swag Daddy wants to have a word with Ricardo but Dani tells him not to bother, and the group leaves.
Rebeca is irritated with Normita for telling Lucia about Swag Daddy's interactions with her. She reminds Normita that she's the boss.
Rodrigo visits Lucia in her office and tells her he's irritated about the rude way she treated him in front of Roman last episode. Lucia says he humiliated her a thousand times worse. Rodrigo knows and says that he knows he won't be forgiven, but he had thought she was a better person. Lucia apologizes and looks sorry anyway.
Marcelo and Daddy settle Dani into her apartment for the next few days. Marcelo needs to go out and Daddy goes with him to ask what is up between his daughter and Marcelo. He doesn't want his daughter to get hurt again and he knows she loves him but Marcelo doesn't love her. Marcelo says he promised to support her and that's what he's doing. Good enough for Daddy. Marcelo then asks Daddy about the investigator he hired to locate Rebeca. Could he get the investigator's information for a friend? A bemused Daddy hands over the business card.
Amador gets a visit in the office from Vinicio. Apparently while I was sleeping during the deadly middle lull of each episode, Amador had wanted Naz and Lucia to do something work-wise and Vini reports that they haven't done it yet. Amador is unhappy about this.
Rafiella came to the factory to visit Naz. Aw! She finds Lucia and tells her that she will be returning to Mexico City with Marcelo and company soon. Rafi is sad that Lucia and Marcelo are no more. But she believes their love is forever and their hearts cannot be fooled. I don't know about that Rafi, but I'm sure the fans who ship them will love it.
Labor unrest at the Gaxiola factory. Naz did not want to execute Amador's work order. Naz tells Amador he's not going to let the dishes leave the factory for that work order Amador is so into. Naz won't quit either, he's a partner in the factory now thanks to Al's will. Amador orders Lalo to start working on the order but he refuses, being Team Naz. All of the workers refuse to do the work. Amador is quite unhappy with the sudden labor strike!

Lucia and Rafiella hear Amador bellowing. Lucia tells Rafi it's no one. Meanwhile the workers meet with Naz and yup, they are going to strike! Naz tells them it's between him and Amador and they shouldn't lose their jobs and should get back to work. The workers, led by Lalo, refuse and stand by Naz.
Amador walks down the hallway with a funky camera angle on him, looking for Rebeca. Normita tells him she went home. Amador next stops by Rod's office and complains about the workers. Rod advises him to calm down and speak to Rebeca. Amador wishes that Naz had died in the fire. Ugh. Rod has the same reaction.
Lunch and plotting with Nora and Gloria. Nora reminds Gloria that she'll owe her bigtime for all this. Why is she doing all this for Sergio anyway, he's not that great. (I laughed.) Gloria reminds Nora that she did a lot for not-that-great Rod and his rod. That irks Nora and she stomps off, saying she needs to see her psychiatrist. Gloria is surprised. Nora says her household thinks she's crazy and maybe Gloria should consider that.
Leti has finished her errand and arrives at the office. Felicia tells her that Sergio is with Mario and her mom came by but Mario said she's banned from future office visits. Meanwhile, Mario hands Sergio some edits to a legal document and Sergio asks about Sara's visit. He didn't like how Mario spoke to Sara. Mario quite correctly tells his employee to bug off, as it's not his business. He also asks him not to mention the visit to Leti. Sergio picks up on his boss' uncharacteristic bad mood and again is reminded it's not his business.
Packing up is underway at Marcelo's. Momster is trying to unpack a glass to have some water.  Marcelo notices she's still in her robe and not impeccably dressed as normal. She tells him she's feeling badly, not physically but emotionally, because she's dreading returning to Mexico City and the memories of Federico. She's going to get dressed and retrieve his ashes. Marcelo offers to go with her but she declines the offer. Momster is clearly rattled.
Dani and Swag Daddy debate Marcelo's feelings for her. Swag Daddy advises her not to push things. Dani asks for her phone but it was destroyed in the accident. Swag Daddy will get her a new one.
Amador visits Rebeca and asks her to back him up in the labor dispute. Rebeca wants to get Naz' side of the story first. Amador doesn't want to wait to make the goods because that will be the second time they fail this client. Rebeca says they need to find a less sensitive client. Amador says that Naz is doing this to get revenge for Trini's death because he thinks (correctly) that Amador had something to do with it. Rebeca asks Amador if that's not true. Amador takes offense but Rebeca tells him she knows he's capable of any barbarity to get what he wants. Amador tells her the same is true of Rebeca and mentions the night Alonso died. Rebeca kicks him out. They had a weird chemistry during this conversation, and Amador agrees with me, as he mentions that they have a lot in common, more than Rebeca thinks.
Lucia is team Naz of course in the labor dispute. Naz isn't so sure he handled things well. He's concerned Rebeca and Amador will retaliate against the workers. Lucia notes that Vinicio was the only worker who didn't back Naz. Naz tells her that Vinicio is a hanger-on "achinchicle" with Amador and that's why. Lucia remembers that Rafi had returned Naz's house keys and gives them to him. He's sad she's leaving town as she's a nice lady. Lucia is too and Naz asks if she'll miss Rafi more than Marcelo? Lucia won't answer that.
Nora is lying on the world's worst psychiatrist's couch and he tells her she doesn't actually have to do that. Roman is surprised to see her though. Nora says she realizes she needs help. Roman questions if that realization is real or just what she thinks people want her to do. Nora says that no one ever believes her. Another useful appointment I see. Roman asks what she's feeling and Nora says to start, she's happy that Roman and Lucia already hooked up. Heh. Roman tells her she's there to talk about herself. So how's it going with her plot to hook up with Marcelo. THIS GUY. Nora says she's not into Marcelo anymore. Roman looks bummed and asks her why. Nora says she realized she was wasting her time and now she's interested in Sergio. She dated him before and didn't realize then how good he was, but now she does and she wants him back.
Leti asks Sergio about her mom coming to see Mario. Sergio doesn't know what it was about, but if Sara didn't tell Leti, she must have had a good reason. He says of course Felicia told you. Leti says that Felicia is gossipy like she is. LOL. They start to make up for a quarrel I must have slept through on Friday when he gets a phone call. He doesn't answer - it's his stalker, Nora - and Leti demands to see his phone. She calls the person back and gets Nora. Leti tells her to leave Sergio alone. Nora cracks up. Leti hangs up. Quarrel back on!

Milagros has picked up Fede's ashes and the padre sympathizes with her, saying it must be hard. Momster says yes, and it's worse because I haven't been a good mom to his older brother. The padre advises going to confession. Momster recalls the big line of the night from Rafiella - "La vida nos cobras nuestros pecados."
Rafiella and Marcelo are packing and chatting about Naz. Then they move on to Momster. Marcelo notices she wasn't her usual strong persona, and seemed fragile. Marcelo thinks it has to do with the news he delivered yesterday (about Aida, which he doesn't tell Rafi) and bolts out. Rafiella, like anyone packing for a move, is annoyed to lose a helper.
Momster decides to go to confession. She tells the padre she's never been all that religious, but she hopes that it will help lighten her load. She confesses that she's never been a good mother to her oldest son and took him away from his father when he was very young and it was her fault he grew up without a father. She looks pained and the padre looks bored. So that's how the episode ends...

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