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Color of Passion Episode 99 Update on Friday 6th April 2018

Milagros confesses to Father Samuel that she hasn’t been a good mother to her oldest son because she deprived him of a father at a young age. Father Samuel asks her why she says this and is received by silence. He looks and sets out of confession to find Milagros gone.

Leti tells Lucia about her trouble with Sergio. She doesn’t think it’s going to work out because first Gloria and now Nora are after him. Lucia asks Leti if she’s sure it was Nora who called and Leti confirms that it was because she called her back. Lucia tells her that just because she called Sergio doesn’t mean she wants to get back with him but Leti reminds her that Nora doesn’t respect any boundaries. Lucia confirms that this is true but Nora is still obsessed with Marcelo. Thankfully, he’s leaving soon. Leti then asks about Roman and while Lucia confirms that she doesn’t love him yet, she will eventually forget Marcelo and love Roman like it happened with Rodrigo. Leti reminds her that Rodrigo gave her a motive to hate him, when Marcelo didn’t, so it’ll be harder. Lucia asks her to drop this conversation but asks that she please give Sergio another chance. 

Mario, with a long face, goes to visit Father Samuel. Mario asks him for some time to talk and Father Samuel obliges. 

In the hospital, Sara tells Magdalena about her disastrous visit with Mario in the morning. Magdalena thanks her but remains offended at Mario’s lack of trust. She’s also scared that Mario doesn’t want to be with her anymore but Sara shakes away the thought. Magdalena reminds her that when it comes to Ricardo Marquez, Mario doesn’t understand any reasoning. Either way, they both hope that this is behind them soon and thanks Sara for her friendship and sisterhood, especially because the only sister she has left doesn’t get along with her. Sara thanks her as well and gives her permission to tell Mario the truth about her and Nazario’s theory. Magdalena thanks her.

Father Samuel chides Mario for his own insecurities as Magdalena has given him no reason to doubt her. Mario explains that it’s not his insecurity because Magdalena saw Ricardo without telling him at night in a park. Father Samuel reminds him that Magdalena doesn’t have to tell him everything about her life and then asks if he loves Magdalena. While Mario initially hesitates, he confirms that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. He’s just angry and hurt because Magdalena kept this from him. Either way he feels like crap about their fight. 

Rafaela finds Milagros in her room, looking at Federico’s photo and ashes. Rafaela asks what took her so long and Milagros tells her that she went to confession but it didn’t take away her sadness though she feels calmer. Rafaela tells her that it’s a start and then confirms that the movers are coming tomorrow so they had better get a move on. Milagros, however, does not want to leave Puebla because Marcelo will find Aida easier in Mexico City. Rafaela reminds her that what needs to happen will happen. 

Marcelo is conversing with Alfredo’s PI about Empresa del Centro. He asks him to find all the information he can about the company and its legal representative, Heriberto. He then asks the PI to also find all the information he can about Aida Lugo. He describes her as elegant, pretty and about 55 years old, living in Mexico City. The PI warns him that it may take a while since his description isn’t helpful but Marcelo asks that he continue. 
Lucia gets home and confronts Nora about her interest in Sergio. Nora explains that he found out about her accident and called her to find out what happened. They had a good time when they were together and she has fond memories of him. Either way, she had no idea Leti would go ballistic. Lucia explains that Leti and Sergio are in a relationship and she would prefer that she keep her distance and stop doing good things that look bad. Nora laughs and tells her to stop gives her sermons like her mother. Lucia tells her that Rebeca has no moral authority to give anyone a sermon. Nora asks Lucia if she hates Rebeca but Lucia confirms that she just hates what she does; Lucia just hopes that Nora never finds out how she truthy is because she may end up forgetting she’s her mother. Lucia caresses her cheek and leaves her. 

Rebeca is in her room when her phone rings. It’s Alfredo who invites her to dinner because Daniela is back at the apartment. Rebeca doesn’t accept because people might see them and then the rumors would start since she’s recently widowed. Alfredo explains that they’re old friends and no one would be the wiser. Rebeca accepts as she doesn’t have Tere on Saturday afternoon and they make a date to meet late. When Alfredo hangs up, he goes to attend Daniela who keeps calling for him. 

Benito is begging Clarita to let him go out with Tere and Lalo as he already promised he would. Clarita is wary of letting him go because he may feel bad but Benito tells her that Lalo can take him back if anything and he really wants to meet Lalo’s girlfriend. Clarita is shocked and slightly bothered at the girlfriend news. Just then, Lalo comes to pick Benito up and asks Clarita for permission. Clarita accepts and gives them her cellphone number so they can call her if anything. She begs them not to come late and Benito kisses her goodbye. 

Magdalena is leaving the hospital when she runs into Mario in the hallway. Mario confirms that he came to pick her up because he loves her and, regardless of anything, he wants them to be okay. Magdalena confirms that she loves him as well but he didn’t even give her a chance to explain what happened. Mario asks her to only confirm that Ricardo Marquez is no longer important to her and Magdalena confirms this is so. They kiss and finally go home together. 

Marcelo helps Daniela into her new wheelchair and she chides him for taking so long to come back with it even though he left in the morning. Marcelo tells her that he was busy with the movers and such. Daniela tells him that she’s happy they’re back together and asks him to stay the night but Marcelo tells her that Alfredo would not be too happy to hear about them sleeping together. Daniela explains that he’s probably tired and would appreciate the help and Marcelo agrees that he might. Marcelo then asks Daniela to please try to stand up but she gets angry and asks that he please not pressure her. Marcelo backs off and Daniela thanks him again for being with her. Daniela kisses him as Alfredo walks in and asks Marcelo to stay with Daniela for a couple of hours as he gets something to eat. Marcelo agrees and Alfredo goes outside to text Rebeca that they can meet. 

In her room, Rebeca looks at herself in the mirror, confirms she looks good af and goes downstairs. She checks her hair and makeup again in the living room as Nora watches from a dark study. 

At a fair, Benito tells Lalo and Tere that Ferris Wheel is huge. Lalo confirms that it’s 180 ft. and Benito asks if he can ride it. Lalo tells him he can but he will ride with him. Tere is going to stay behind because she’s scared of heights. They ask her to take care of their popcorn but Tere doesn’t know how long they’ll last in her possession. They laugh and go off to ride the Ferris Wheel. When they’re done, Tere welcomes them with open arms on the ground. 

Roman tells Lucia that Nora went to her session with him as promised. Lucia is happy and asks him how it went. Roman tells her he can’t share what happened because it’d be unethical and then worries how their relationship will affect his sessions with Nora. Lucia tells him that he can’t leave Nora because she will probably have a hard time trusting someone else to be her therapist; either way their relationship won’t get in the way. Roman asks her if she enjoys their relationship and is happy with him and Lucia confirms that she is. He is the calm eye of the storm and while it would be easier if she left, her father constructed the house for her mother and she can’t just leave. Roman then proposes that they take a weekend trip to disconnect and Lucia accepts. She asks where they will go and Roman tells her that it’s her choice. Lucia hesitates and Roman tells her that she can think about it so she’s not pressured into anything. They kiss.

Rebeca meets Alfredo at a restaurant with a kiss on the cheek. She asks about Daniela and Alfredo confirms that he left her with Marcelo since it appears that they’re back to together. He then pours her a glass of wine and they drink to her beauty. Just then Nora arrives and demands to know why Rebeca is meeting Alfredo Suarez behind her back. Rebeca asks her to calm down and sit down. Nora screams that Rebeca first told her she didn’t know Alfredo and now she’s cozily dining with him. Rebeca grabs Nora and pulls her out of the restaurant but Nora confirms that she spoke with Brigida, who told her she never went out with her. She then tells Rebeca that the only reason she lied is because she knows that she’s doing something wrong but Rebeca counters that she only lied because she knew Nora would blow a gasket. Rebeca tells her that her lying doesn’t excuse her behavior and confirms that she knew Alfredo and they were only having dinner because he’s leaving town. Nora screams that she’s tired of her lying and confirms Lucia’s suspicions that Rebeca doesn’t have the moral authority to give anyone a sermon. She storms off and leaves Rebeca shocked. 

Daniela and Marcelo as having the most (un)exciting date. She’s lying in bed and he’s off in a corner of the couch, reading. Daniela explains that she’s been bored all day and proposes that he read to her. Marcelo gets on the bed next to her and she beckons him to come closer and he does. She then rips the book out of his hands and kisses him. Marcelo stops short and Daniela tells him that he promised to be with her. Marcelo explains that she’s still recovering and they need to be careful. Daniela backs off and then Marcelo notices the time. He wonders why Alfredo is not back yet from getting dinner. He then goes to get Daniela something to eat and leaves her hot and bothered. 

Brigida stops by Sergio’s apartment with fresh business attire for Rodrigo’s job at the factory. Rodrigo tells her that he has plenty of clothes he can wear and Brigida asks that he please let her give him these clothes. He finally accepts and Brigida asks if he really likes living with Sergio, especially when he brings Nora over. Rodrigo stops short and Brigida explains that she spoke to Nora the other day and she’s really interested in Sergio and Sergio would be a fool to let her go. Brigida wonders what Nora sees in Sergio anyway and Rodrigo asks her to be quiet since Sergio is upstairs and has done more for him than Amador ever did. Brigida reminds him that Amador got him his job back and Rodrigo cautions her to be careful because Amador is having problems in the factory again and he may be in a bad mood. 

Nazario goes to visit Normita and they sit down for coffee. He apologizes for coming so late but he wanted to forewarn her that today all the workers had gone on strike because of him and tomorrow they wouldn’t be showing up for work. Normita thanks him for letting her know and tells him that she’s surprised he came all this way just to tell her. Nazario explains that he also wanted to make it clear that he had fun the other night. Normita brightens at this and Nazario tells her that he’s been distant lately but he enjoys her company as well. Normita thanks him and then Nazario asks if she has anymore dessert from the other night and Normita confirms she does and goes to get him a piece with a cup of tea. 

Rebeca gets home, screaming for Nora, when Lucia goes outside her room and asks her what happened with Nora. Rebeca demands to know what she told Nora because she noticed that she filled her head with stupidity. Lucia screams that she didn’t tell Nora anything and demands to know what she found out. Rebeca explains that Nora saw her dining with Alfredo and Lucia laughs and tells her that if that’s her reaction to an innocent dinner, she can’t imagine her reaction when she finds out that she used to cheat on Alonso with Alfredo and even used Adriana’s name to do so. Rebeca asks why Lucia hasn’t left yet and Lucia confirms that she’s waiting to see her downfall. Rebeca stops short and then smiles and tells her that Marcelo is back with Daniela though she doubts she cares since she’s already found a nice rebound in Roman. She wishes Lucia a good night and leaves. 

Alfredo arrives home with a bag of Italian food but Marcelo confirms that he and Daniela already ate. Alfredo apologizes for being so late because of traffic but Marcelo understands and know he probably needed a break. Either way, Daniela barely noticed because she fell asleep. Alfredo thanks for taking care of her and Marcelo tells him that Daniela asked him to stay but he didn’t know what he would think of it. Alfredo tells him that he doesn’t need to, Daniela is just being demanding. Marcelo doesn’t argue. 

Benito arrives home with Tere and Lalo and thanks them for the good time. Lalo is happy that they could distract for a few hours and then they make a date to go to the movies later in the week but Tere gets to pick the movie. Benito asks them why Lalo and Tere are so formal and Lalo confirms that it’s because they respect each other. Benito then thanks them again and goes inside. Lalo then asks Tere if it bothers her that they’re so formal and Tere confirms that she doesn’t mind, they respect each other. At least she does because he’s a great human being with a big heart, especially where Benito is concerned. She then gives him a kiss on the cheek and thanks Lalo for introducing Benito to her because he’s a great kid and they had fun. Tere then asks him to take her back home since they got to wake up early but Lalo explains that he doesn’t because he’s on strike and they walk off. 

Benito tells Clarita about the good time he had at the fair, on the Ferris Wheel and he didn’t even feel bad. He assumes the trip did him good but Clarita warns him not to abuse his good fortune and then asks him to get ready for bed. She wonders how she will repay Lalo for all his favors. 

Ricardo is waiting at a bar when Vinico comes and tells him that he left him hanging regarding their business transaction. Ricardo takes a while to remember and then tells him that he’s not doing too bad working for Amador. Vinicio confirms that it doesn’t but he doesn’t like working at the factory anymore because things have been slowly changing since Alonso’s death. He confirms that even though Amador has Rebeca’s support, the employees don’t listen to him. In fact, they went on strike today because of an order he was forcing them to complete. Ricardo asks him what he’s drinking and Vinicio tells him that he’s drinking the same thing as him. Ricardo smiles, knowingly. 

Amador is also having his lonely drink when Brigida comes in and chides him on his drinking habits. He asks if she wants to join him but she refuses and instead asks what he plans to do about the strike. Amador tells her that it will all get sorted out in time but Brigida wants to know if they can count on Rebeca’s support. Amador tells her it’s in Rebeca’s best interest to support him and Brigida tells him that, while she’s happy to have her friendship back, she thinks Rebeca is using her as an alibi. Amador asks her to elaborate and Brigida explains that she was there the night Alonso died and tonight she told Nora they were going out. Brigida and Amador wonder what she’s up to. 

The next day, Alfredo is sitting Daniela down on her wheelchair when she complains about his technique and asks why he just didn’t let Marcelo do it. Alfredo tells her that he went home and she should be careful about how much she pressures him because he could get tired of her. Daniela wonders since when he’s so worried about her and Alfredo screams for her to stop because he has his limits too. Daniela tells him that he’s not the one in the wheelchair and Alfredo tells her that her accident wasn’t his fault. Daniela tells him that he did abandon her for years and Alfredo takes in a breath. He waves his white flag and ask that they drop the conversation because they are together for far too long to be fighting all the time. She asks him when they’re returning to Mexico since they’ll have enough space there to ignore each other, especially since Marcelo is leaving today. Alfredo confirms that they’ll leave too once their things are packed. 

Lucia is working in her room when Tere walks in and tells her about her date with Lalo and how they went out with a kid who has an illness that no one can diagnose. She confirms his name is Benito and asks if Sara can possibly look at him and run some tests. Lucia tells her she can but she’s not sure if Sara would be able to help as well as a specialist. Tere tells her that this would just be preliminary but then asks how much the tests would cut since his mother is not wealthy. Lucia asks her not to worry but asks that she let her talk to Sara first. Tere agrees, thanks her and leaves. 

Clarita knocks on Lalo’s door fiercely and asks for his help as Benito isn’t feeling too good. Lalo tells her that he’ll call a taxi immediately. 

Daniela wheels herself into Alfredo’s room and asks him when they’re leaving. Alfredo is nowhere to be found and Daniela notices a manila envelope on his bed. She wheels herself over, grabs the envelope and opens it. Inside she finds the security camera photos the PI gave Alfredo regarding Federico’s and Rebeca’s secret rendezvous. Alfredo comes back in and Daniela demands to know why he has photos of Marcelo’s brother and Lucia’s aunt. Alfredo demands she give them back but Daniela has already had her light bulb moment: Rebeca Murillo is the woman Federico committed suicide over. She tells Alfredo that she’s going to love telling Milagros the truth…

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