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Cosita Linda Episode 40 Update on Monday 9th April 2018


Lisandro suggests to Yanez that he should become the director of the security department of the company Luján and be the personal bodyguard of Olegario.

He proposes to install a security system to monitor the staff. Viviana reveals to Tiffany her sister that she is interested in Olegario and how this relationship would be fruitful. Pelón and Cacho continue their plan to fly to the residence of Luján.

Dulce and Santi finally make peace. Marijosé insists on talking to Santi and solving their problem. Meanwhile, Mariana accepts in front of all her family, to get engaged with Fede. His sister, Marijosé, has no idea.

Diego on the other hand is ready to undergo it just to have Ana close to him. This rapprochement, however, can be very dangerous because Viviana can discover the true identity of Ana Lorena.

Switching between Marijosé and Mariana begins to affect their lives. Mariana wants to be served like a queen while Marijosé loves Santi. Palmira and Vicente begin to have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, her friend, Prudencia, tells her that she has seen Lisandro and she is worried

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