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Cosita Linda Episode 41--42 Update on Tuesday 10th April 2018


Diego is worried because Vivi is not coming home.

He begins to wonder where she might be, but Ana takes her home after dinner. Vivi told her about her sex life with her husband and it was very uncomfortable for Ana, who came home in tears. Santi tries to support her, but she refuses to speak. Tiffany goes to Olegario's room to have sex with him.

Ana helps Diego put Vivi in ​​bed, but he is more concerned about his wife's lies. Palmira is desperate because she does not know where her son Nico is. Santiago loves more and more Marijosé and seeks to marry her. Maya thinks that Mariana could hide something and she is determined to find out. Palmira and Darío go in search of Nico in the hospitals of the city, but in vain.

Maya kisses Santi. Pelón sees the scene and wants to kill Santi, but he fled at the sight of the police. Darío and Palmira with the help of Lupe discover that the boy is in prison. Nico confirms his participation in the robbery but refuses to denounce the other members of the gang because he fears reprisals on Maya or his mother. Pelón pulls Santi in the park because of what happened with Maya.

Santi is then transported to the hospital in an ambulance in a very bad state, but still alive. Consuelo thinks that her son could go out with Tiffany and warn her that she is not a reliable person and that she will end up betraying him. Lisandro asks Prudencia to give him a chance to show him that he still loves him. Ana tells Maya what happened last night with Diego and his wife when he knocked on the door.

Ana asks Maya to forget Santi because he was madly in love with Mariana. Ana understands because the same thing is happening with Diego. Tiffany plans the wedding of Fede and Marijosé and asks him to give him the list of guests. Nico wants to catch Dulce's attention because he's in love with her, but she considers him a kid.

Laura becomes jealous of Palmira. Olegario wants to dismiss Laura but Diego is opposed because she has a very important job in the company. Prudencia meets Lisandro by chance and he is asked to leave, he is ready to return to his heart after so many years. Marijosé spots them in a café and decides to come and greet them. Lisandro asks Prudencia why Narciso's daughter calls her "mom".

Vivi asks Ana to be her personal assistant again and spend the whole day with her. Mariana goes to college, as if she were Marijosé and her friends do not understand why she is so different. Meanwhile, Marijosé makes love with Santi. Ana begins training with Romi for the audition of the latest Broadway musical.

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