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Defendant Episode 18 Final Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


News breaks about Min-ho’s arrest, and Jung-woo escorts him to the prosecutor’s office. Min-ho mockingly says that if Jung-woo thinks he killed his wife, he must want to kill him. Jung-woo says he constantly wants to kill Min-ho, but Ji-soo wouldn’t want him to, because he’s a prosecutor. Min-ho asks if that’s why Jung-woo lured his wife into exposing his identity, but Jung-woo says he just didn’t want Eun-soo to find out his father is a murderer, which enrages Min-ho.

Jung-woo tells him that soon, he won’t have to put on this act anymore. When they arrive at the prosecutor’s office, reporters swarm them, and Min-ho tells one of them to get lost, shocking her. Once he’s taken inside, the reporters question Jung-woo, who says that the truth will come out soon.

Attorney Lee joins Min-ho in the interrogation room, and his client asks if it’s over for him; Jung-woo enters and remarks that he must be nervous. He hands over a file listing the details of the case and leaves them to read it all and decide if Min-ho is done for or not.


Jung-woo meets Yeon-hee in a different interrogation room and thanks her for calling him about Min-ho’s escape plan. He knows it wasn’t easy for her to testify to Min-ho’s identity, and asks why she changed her mind. Yeon-hee says that Jung-woo’s words about Eun-soo lingered with her; Min-ho has been a good father, and she can’t bear for her son to find out what kind of person he really is.

Min-ho gripes that Deputy General Jung is nowhere to be found despite all the bribes he took, and tells Attorney Lee to get Joon-hyuk for him instead. Joon-hyuk is in his office, agonizing over the pen he took from Min-ho, which contains a recording of Joon-hyuk promising to find and destroy the knife used to kill Ji-soo.


Min-ho tells Joon-hyuk he’ll do anything if he lets him go free, an opportunity the prosecutor can’t afford to miss — can’t he gauge the situation? Joon-hyuk says it’s Min-ho who has misjudged this situation.

Cut to Deputy General Jung getting arrested as he blusters about his seniority. Jung-woo says the night guard who was watching Sung-kyu testified that the deputy general told him to leave his post when Sung-kyu was murdered. Now, he’s being investigated for other connections with Chamyung, and investigators have to drag the indignant man out.

Jung-woo tells Joon-hyuk that the deputy general will be punished thanks to the information he passed on. Joon-hyuk asks why Jung-woo isn’t taking him in when he’s arresting everyone else related to this incident. Jung-woo replies, “Because I know you.”

Joon-hyuk gives him the Nemo plush toy and confesses that he came to the house the night of Ji-soo’s murder, and that the doorbell Jung-woo heard that night was him. He says he never believed Jung-woo was guilty, but once he erased evidence about his presence that night, he couldn’t turn back. He also admits that he’d been greedy for Jung-woo’s UN position, and Jung-woo takes this in, shocked.

“I knew it was wrong, but all I could think of was covering this up. Even when Ha-yeon called, my first thought was hiding it,” Joon-hyuk says tearfully. He says that if he’d come to his senses earlier, Jung-woo could have reunited with Ha-yeon sooner. (Yeah, no kidding, you worm.)

Joon-hyuk apologizes and gives Jung-woo the incriminating pen, promising to testify at the trial if Jung-woo needs him to. Jung-woo says he’ll lose his job if he testifies, but Joon-hyuk says it was that very fear that brought him down this path; he’d forgotten why he became a prosecutor in the first place.

As Joon-hyuk walks away, Jung-woo clenches his fists, inadvertently playing the message recorded by the stuffed Nemo he’s holding. Closing his eyes, Jung-woo squeezes the toy over and over so he can keep hearing Ji-soo’s voice. He finally breaks down in tears. “Thank you Joon-hyuk. For letting me hear Ji-soo’s voice again.” Looking tortured, Joon-hyuk leaves. Ugh. I hope you stew in guilt for the rest of your life.


Jung-woo returns to Min-ho to ask if he admits to the charge of Ji-soo’s murder. When Min-ho pretends not to know who she is, Jung-woo asks again, and Min-ho suddenly “remembers” her, saying that he thought Sung-kyu was already proven to be the culprit.

In response, Jung-woo plays the recording of Min-ho saying that he stabbed Ji-soo. Min-ho lunges for the pen, but Jung-woo moves it out of his reach, saying that Joon-hyuk gave it to him. Min-ho laughs and curses Joon-hyuk, and Attorney Lee asks for a break.

Attorney Lee warns that he could get a death sentence, so Min-ho orders him to find a way out. Attorney Lee recommends a plea bargain, which Min-ho angrily refuses. Meanwhile, Jung-woo, Prosecutor Choi, and Investigator Go watch from the observation room.

Jung-woo holds a press conference to announce that the prosecution has verified that “Cha Sun-ho” is the real culprit behind the Wolha-dong murder, and that they are charging him with three counts of murder and two counts of contract killing. Reporters ask who the third murder victim is, and chaos erupts when Jung-woo reveals that it’s Sun-ho, whom Min-ho killed and is now impersonating.

Min-ho’s mother watches this news report with shock and confusion, but Yeon-hee turns it off, telling her mother-in-law it was just a dream and that her sons went on a business trip. The old woman nods, though she seems disturbed, and Yeon-hee thinks, I’m sorry, Mother. Because of Eun-soo, I had no choice.


Min-ho waits in the interrogation room as the day wears on. Attorney Lee informs him that he’ll be transferred to a detention center soon, reiterating that his best option now is a plea bargain. Min-ho refuses again, so the lawyer tells him to pretend to be crazy — he can plead for a reduced sentence and eventually be transferred from prison to a hospital. Attorney Lee says he’ll look for a psychiatrist willing to cooperate with them.

When he’s transferred, Min-ho puts on a convincing show, raving that he’s Cha Min-ho and pretending to see the ghost of his father as he grabs a reporter’s leg and begs for forgiveness. Afterward, Min-ho grins secretly as the police van takes him away.

Chul-shik arrives at the prosecutor’s office, looking sharp in a suit. He marches up the the information desk and says that he’s here to see Prosecutor Park Jung-woo in order to turn himself in. He sings, “I love you bay-bee,” as he swaggers across the lobby, until he trips over his own feet. Heh. I love this guy.


Chul-shik goes to Jung-woo’s office, where he meets Investigator Go, who has been expecting him. Chul-shik admires Jung-woo’s nameplate and sits in his chair, pretending to be a prosecutor as he puts his feet up on the desk, much to Investigator Go’s great amusement (and mine). Prosecutor Choi comes in then, and Chul-shik jumps out of Jung-woo’s chair in fright, stiffly announcing to the bewildered man that he’s here to turn himself in.

Jung-woo comes in (Chul-shik gives him a shy wave), and Prosecutor Choi asks if he’s aware of Min-ho’s antics. Jung-woo says he is, and his superior warns him not to let the man get away as he leaves, eyeing Chul-shik doubtfully.

Jung-woo greets his friend and tells Investigator Go to draw up his paperwork, and Chul-shik giggles as he shows his friend his visitor badge. He asks how long he’ll have to be in jail, and Jung-woo says once Min-ho’s case goes to trial, Chul-shik will be released.

Eun-hye visits Mil-yang again, who tells her that he’s decided not to apply for a retrial after all. The woman he went to prison for enters the room with a shy smile, and Eun-hye leaves them to talk. The woman apologizes, crying, but he gently tells her it’s all right. In the hallway, Eun-hye runs into Tae-soo, who has been reinstated, and they greet each other warmly.

A contemplative Mil-yang is back in his cell with Gangster Hyung when the guard announces an “experienced” newbie: it’s Chul-shik! He enters with a salute and a grin, and his friends happily welcome him. He tells them he turned himself in, and that Jung-woo made a deal with the corrupt warden so he could return to their cell.

Gangster Hyung says he’ll be released soon, too — he’s just written to his kids to say he’s sailing home to them. Mil-yang tells them that he’s going to apply for a retrial.

Jung-woo picks up an ecstatic Ha-yeon from kindergarten. He asks her if she’s surprised to see him instead of Grandma, but she says she wishes he would come pick her up every day. He agrees that he’d love that too.


Jung-woo promises her that once he’s finished with this case, he’ll pick her up from school more often. They adorably seal their pinky promise with meows, but Ha-yeon says it’s okay if Grandma comes — she knows he’ll feel bad if he can’t keep his promise. He thanks her for understanding.

Prosecutor Choi calls Jung-woo to tell him that Min-ho has applied for a psychological evaluation. Jung-woo asks the judge who approved the examination how he could do so before the trial has even started, but the judge won’t budge, and he denies Jung-woo’s request to get Min-ho evaluated by other doctors.


Jung-woo enters the waiting room where Min-ho sits huddled in his wheelchair. Min-ho motions him close, then whispers, “What can’t I do with money and power in the great Republic of Korea? Please tell me, Prosecutor Park.” Jung-woo glares at him and says he’ll see him in court.

In his opening statement, Jung-woo declares his intent to expose the hidden truth and those who covered it up, while Min-ho sits zoned out and twitching in his chair. Before the trial starts, Attorney Lee asks to submit his psychiatric evaluation, but Jung-woo objects, saying it’s absurd that Min-ho deteriorated this much in the few days since he was appointed chairman of Chamyung. The judge accepts the report anyway.

Jung-woo calls Joon-hyuk to the witness stand and asks him to identify Ji-soo’s murderer. He says it’s Min-ho, who told Joon-hyuk himself about the knife he stabbed Ji-soo with. The knife had Min-ho’s blood on it, and he’d asked Joon-hyuk to find it. Jung-woo plays the recording of that conversation, causing Eun-hye and Tae-soo to look at Joon-hyuk with shocked disgust.

Min-ho’s lawyer protests that they don’t know what state his client was in when the recording was made, and that they can’t trust Joon-hyuk’s testimony, as he’s been friends with Jung-woo for fifteen years. Jung-woo agrees that they’re old friends, but also reveals that he’s charged Joon-hyuk with covering for the defendant and for destroying evidence in this case. Jung-woo asks why Joon-hyuk is testifying when it will cost him his career and land him in jail, and he replies that he now wants to reveal the truth that he’s been hiding.

Seok testifies next, saying that Min-ho ordered him to kill Sung-kyu, which prompts Min-ho to say, “Min-ho? My brother is dead.” When Jung-woo asks him if Seok is telling the truth, Min-ho becomes agitated and starts apologizing to his father again. Attorney Lee objects to his mentally incapable client being questioned, which the judge sustains.

Jung-woo asks Seok to say who stabbed Ji-soo, and the young man pauses before he says, “It was Cha Min-ho.” At this, Min-ho starts to repeat over and over that Min-ho is dead. Ignoring the commotion, Jung-woo asks Seok to explain what happened that night in detail.

Seok says, “On that day, I anesthetized Park Jung-woo, who was already asleep. Then I grabbed Yoon Ji-soo from behind, and Cha Min-ho grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her twice with his left hand.”

Min-ho gets up, yelling and trying to grab Seok, so Attorney Lee requests an adjournment. Once he’s alone with his lawyer, Min-ho drops the act and asks what Attorney Lee thinks of the situation. The lawyer says that now his only hope is the insanity scheme, assuring him that the judge is on their side.

Once court reconvenes, Jung-woo tries to question Min-ho, but the judge tells him to question Attorney Lee instead, as the defendant is unfit to answer. Jung-woo requests a secondary psychiatric evaluation, but Attorney Lee says that Min-ho has been taking drugs which may invalidate it; the judge says he’ll decide later if another evaluation is necessary.

A woman enters the courtroom and takes a seat, and Jung-woo asks to call one final witness.


Yeon-hee takes the stand, and Jung-woo asks her when she found out her husband was dead. She says it was the day of Min-ho’s suicide, when Min-ho came to their house in the guise of Sun-ho. Jung-woo asks her why she pretended not to know all this time, and she replies, “I pitied him.” Min-ho’s face begins to lose its vague look, and he begins to tremble.

Jung-woo asks how she could pity him, considering what he’d done. “Because I loved him,” Yeon-hee

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