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Doli Armaano Ki Episode 377--378 Update on Monday 16th April 2018


Kidnapper says he has same exact ring. Sam’s mom says that it can’t be possible. Sam has found Tani’s ring for her. Kidnapper smiles and sarcastically praises Samrat’s capability. Tani asks Samrat why he didn’t tell her that they are business partners.
Outside, James threatens Samrat to get 20 lakhs ready by tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Urmi is helping Shaurya study for his exam. When she gives Shaurya orange juice he ends up accidentally spilling it on the bed.
Urmi tells Shaurya to go out and play.
When they flip the bed over to take it out to dry Urmi finds a bunch of pills under Shaurya’s bed and is surprised.
Ishaan and Urmi visit the doctor who tells them that the pill is actually a painkiller only prescribed to adults. It is dangerous for kids.
He also lets them know that the employee who had switched the cancer report is used to taking bribes, and that maybe someone from their house bribed him.
On the otherside, Samrat and his recent girl friend go to the hotel to get the evidence by which James is threatening them. Samrat goes in while she waits by the car. He manages to fool the receptionist by spilling juice on her and asking her to go change. Then he rips out the paper which has his and Kiran’s name on it.
Outside, Samrat is happy that they have the evidence in their hands and no one can blackmail them now. Someone clicks a picture of Samrat and Kiran hugging.
At home Urmi and Ishaan question Shaurya if anyone besides them had given him medicine when he was sick. Shaurya thinks a bit and replies “Damini Dadi”.
Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan and urmi ask shaurya cajolingly, who fed him the meds. He says that damini used to give them to him, when they both were out. They are boggled, but dont express it. They then ask him to remember if anyone else gave anything. He denuies, and asks why are they asking such questions. They distract the child, but exchange troubled and boggled glances amongst themselves.
Scene 2:
Location: Hotel pool
Samrat waits for james, to arrive so that he can cut him down to size. When james finally arrives, he has his own share of taunting and teasing him, and then asks if he got money or more of tani’s stolen jewellery. samrat talks about how he has managed to erase all evidence, and then gloats about his sharp mind, and asks him not to bvother him anymore. He then leaves. But he still smiles and guffaws loudly.
Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat comes homee to find tani, dancing to latest romantic numbers, thinking about how he would have to find a way to get out of this. She sees him and asks him to come. he pretends to be upset that he isnt able to spend some time with each other, even when they are in love. She says that they too spend time. But he says that office doesnt give them time. She says that she cant believe he loves her so much. She says that she can join office. He asks her not to do this, as they wont get time there. He says that he has been observing lots of misunderstandings, and needs a timeout to refresh their relation. He suggests to go to goa for some days. She refuses saying she has a friend’s marriage. He tries to coax her into this. She says that her decision is final. He asks if she would do this now. He says that they can have some good times. She says that she doesnt want to go, but can go after the marriage. he asks her to attend the marriage then, and he shall go alone.she asks how can he go to goa alone. he says that he shall not be alone and live with her memories. he again talks about how much he needs her love, and she begins to melt on her resolve. He is happy that she finally agreed.
The next morning, while all are having breakfast, damini tells anirudh that ishaan and urmi went in the morning, for some work. samrat and tani come down with packed bags. tani tells them that they are going to Goa for a mini vacation. They sit for breakfast. Sandhya then says that she needs ten lakhs for her fairness treatment. while all are shocked, samrat says that its a trivial amount. Alok is boggled. samrat says that maybe she is going for plastic surgery. Alok says that he wont waste money and damini and anirudh too say that its a sheer waste of time, energy and money, and asks her to get over this complex. sandhya talks about how she is taunted. Sanrat asks teasingly whats her prupose of this treatment as she is already married. She asks alok if she would get the money and he refuses point blank. She then asks anirudh, and aagain says that there’s money for samrat and everyone else, but not for her, since she is dark. She points out how there always is money for samrat’s vacation and a new business. Anirudh asks samrat, and he asks not to bother it. Anirudh agrees to give the money to her, and says that he has a condition, that after the treatment,. whether its successful or not, she would get rid of her complex. he wishes her all the best.
Scene 4:
Location: Chawl
ishaan and urmi go to the chawl to find out about Munna, the lab technician. When they finally arrive, they knock on the door, and find that Munna nomore stays here, as he didnt have money and couldnt pay rent. They ask if he knows anything else, but he doesnt entertain them and goes inside. they are tensed. they wonder where to find now, and asks people again, and then gets to know of another location, on the first floor. they rush there. Uermi finally spots munna, and shows him to ishaan. they are both surprised to find him, at the bidi stall. The screen freezes on her face.
Precap: urmi and samrat decide that till they dont find out who gave shaurya those meds, they shall keep him with gaurav only. Meanwhile, Shashi tells samrat all of this, as to how she overheard that they are doing all this, since they sense danger to shaurya’s life. Samrat wonders tensedly that urmi shouldnt get to know that he got shaurya’s reports tamperede, and wonders whats urmi upto now.

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