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Doli Armaano Ki Episode 381--382 Update on Wednesday 18th April 2018


Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat finally turns around to see who has come in. He ducks just in time, when he hears urmi and ishaan’s voices in the hallway. They come inside, and samrat is ducked behind the sofa. Inside, urmi is unable to find the envelope, and is concerned. ishaan asks her to find it later, while saying that he is hungry. they both leave to go for dinner. Samrat eyes them going from hiding behind the wardrobe. As they leave, he takes the pics, and some aaccidentally fall out from his hand. the sudden noise startles urmi and she turns around. Samrat is scared and shocked, as he is collecting back the pics. he again ducks, while urmi points that she senses someone’s presence, but ishaan says that she is just hallucinating, and takes her down for dinner. Samrat comes out just then. He takes the pics and burns and flushes them, thinking that he had a close shave today.
Downstairs, all are having dinner, while sandfhya walks around with her fairness treatment pack. They ask her to eat, but she denies. Anirudh asks about samrat, and tani says that he isnt feeling well, and is resting in the room. The telephone landline rings, and both samrat, upstairs and sandhya downstairs pick up at the same time. She starts talking and the person turns out to be James. Samrat is shocked, and starts fumbling, much to james’ plight, when he desires to speak to urmi. Samrat desperately tries to get sandhya to turn down the phone, and after much hassle she does. Samrat then asks james how dare he call here aand send pics to urmi. Samrat’s tone changes, and james gives him a place to meet up, soi that they can again talk about their arrangement. samrat hurriedly complies. James cancels the call. Samrat is highly tensed.
Urmi asks rani about the envelope and gets to know that she had kept it properly. Urmi is boggled, while shashi thinks that this is samrat’s work too, and tries to distract that maybe rani didnt keep it correctly. They start discussing how they have been witness to strange things recently in the house. But urmi is determined to find out whats wrong, and then expose the people as and what they are. Shashi is tensed. Sandhya points to damini, in hushed tones, as to how they might have failed, but urmi is hell bent and shall succedd too to send samrat out of the house. Damini is amused.
Scene 2:
Location: Tea stall
Munna pverhears a person talking about illegal pharma work on the phone, expressing his frustration as to how he isnt getting the right person to do his illegal job, when he haas lots of money to give. munna barges in and says, after giving his medical history, that he is a master of illegal works involving medicine, and starts glating. He gets the name of a deadly medicine, that isnt given without a doctor’s prescription, and he okays to arrange it in one hour, and gives his address to the person, to come with cash to take the med. he complies.
Scene 3:
Location: Chawl
Just when munna arranges for the medicine, the person reveals that he is a police officer, and that he is under arrest. munna is boggled, as he doesnt under stand whats going on. Ishaan and urmi come and tell him that he is finally exposed. munna asks whats going on. Ishaan says that he is a crime officer, and had he told earlier, he wouldnt have had to face all this today. Munna begs them to allow him to leave, as he has left all these work. the officer reprimands him for his big statements, and munna turns to all of them for an apology. urmi says that what he did was illegal, but he can save himself. Munna hurriedly asks what can he do. Urmi asks him to tell them who asked him to tamper with shaurya’s lab reports. munna asks if he would be left if he tells them. They comply. Munna finally blurts out that its Samrat. they are shocked. 

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