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Fire and Ice Episode 145--146 Update on Tuesday 17th April 2018


Scene 1
Yuvi and Mahi’s pre wedding ceremony is going on. Twinkle sees Mahi’s saree stuck in fan, she says if fan starts running then Mahi.. Yuvi brings Mahi closer, fan switches on, Mahi’s saree starts unfolding, all ae shocked, she is undressed as fan runs in other direction of saree draped, Kunj runs and covers with his coat. Yuvi says to Twinkle that why you did this? Mahi says you can stoop so low? Twinkle says i came to fan side to switch it off, Mahi says stop lying, truth is that you cant bear fact that Yuvi loves me, you are jealous of my happiness, you did this with me? Twinkle says how can you think that i can do this, i told you Yuvi has planned something thats why i was asking you to not wear this saree, Mahi says i dont wanna listen to you, you insulted me infront of all, Twinkle says why would i do it? i told you Yuvi has made plan to insult you in party, Mahi says just shut up, dont blame Yuvi for your plan, Leela says Mahi you have misunderstanding, Twinkle cant do this with you, she is your sister, Mahi says i kept bearing all this thinking she is my sister but now i wotn sit quiet, Leela says lets go in room and change clothes, Mahi says i will not go anywhere, Twinkle wanted to me stand here like this so i am standing here now, Twinkle requests her to change clothes, Mahi says why you didnt think about me when you made this plan? Yuvi says lets go Mahi. Twinkle says to Yuvi that you have again become successful in insulting my relative, i warned you to not do anything with Mahi, she is about to slap him but he holds her hand and says i did mistakes in past but i love Mahi and cant do anything like this so keep your bullshit to yourself, Kunj holds Yuvi’s collar and says Twinkle told me about your warnings but i thought you will not do anything, you have crossed all limits, Yuvi says she is lying, i didnt do anything, Kunj slaps him and says you are lying, you tried to malign girl’s respect, how could you, he is about to punch Yuvi but Mahi comes inbetween, Yuvi says Twinkle is lying, i didnt warn her, i didnt meet her, Kunj is about to beat Yuvi but Mahi stops him and says who gave you right to beat Yuvi? Kunj says Yuvi told Twinkle that he will insult you in party, Mahi says even you are taking here side? she is trying to break my relation, you should make her understand, RT says enough, he asks Twinkle to leave, Yuvi smirks at Twinkle, Kunj says to Twinkle that lets leave from here, he drags her from there.
Kunj and Twinkle comes in room, Twinkle says why i am not able to save my sister? why i always lose to him? i will talk to Mahi, i cant sit quiet, she is my younger sister, Kunj says we will talk later, Twinkle break things and says i need to protect my sister, Kunj says control yourself, Twinkle says my own sister doesnt trust me, Yuvi is winning over everyone, my father doesnt trust, no one trusts me, she breaks pot and hurts her hand, Kunj holds her finger and sucks her blood, Sajna ve plays as Twinkle looks at him, Kunj asks if she is feeling pain? Twinkle says not more than seeing my sister with Yuvi, he will destroy her, she says leave me alone for sometime, Kunj says i cant leave you alone, Twinkle pleads to let her have sometime alone, she runs from there and comes on terrace. Twinkle cries on terrace, she locks door, Kunj from inside asks her to open door, he says dont give pain to yourself, he listens rain and says weather is not good, you should come inside, he says if you dont come in then i will break door, Twinkle doesnt listen and drenches in rain, Kunj breaks lock, he tries to hold Twinkle’s hand but she cries, he puts his hand on her hand, Twinkle cries and takes her hand away, she looks at Kunj and cries, Agar tum saath ho plays, Kunj cups her face, he wipes her tears and comes close to her but Twinkle moves away. Kunj comes to her, he pulls her towards him and nods to not cry, he lifts Twinkle in his arms, she looks at him, he takes her from there.
Kunj brings Twinkle in room, Twinkle asks him to put her down but Kunj pulls her closer to him more, Twinkle is surprised, Kunj brings her to bed and makes her lie on bed, both share eyelock, agar tum saath ho plays, Kunj moves away, Twinkle cries and says everything is finishing infront of my eyes, Yuvi is destroying everything and i am not able to do anything, she cries, Kunj feels bad, he tries to console her but cant.
Scene 2
Leela says to Mahi that i know Twinkle, she cant even dream to hurt you, she loves you alot, trust your mother, Mahi says you will take Twinkle’s side obviously, i am new to you, you dont know me, you dont even care about me, all you care about is Twinkle, RT says what are you saying? say sorry to her, Mahi says i am sorry to love a guy who treats me like princess, i am sorry that Twinkle and Yuvi had past but its gone, Leela only takes Twinkle’s side, why you all cant see that Twinkle is trying to break my relation, why you all people are against me. Rt says nothing like that, i am with you, we will have sangeet ceremony tomorrow, Yuvi comes and says we will do patch up of sisters too tomorrow.
Twinkle thinks that i have to talk to Kunj that i cant runaway from my duties, Mahi needs me, i cant leave her alone, Kunj thinks that Twinkle is right, we should not leave Mahi alone, i should cancel plan of canada, Kunj says to Twinkle that i have taken decision, Kunj says to Twinkle that i have decided, we will not go anywhere, we will stay here and solve everything, i will talk to Leela, Twinkle says you were not listening to me earlier then how you agreed now? Kunj says i have taken this decision as husband of yours, even if i take you away from all this, you will not be at peace as you will keep thinking about Mahi, Twinkle says i will always have guilt if i leave Mahi now, its all my problem, if you wanna settle down somewhere then you can leave me and go
Yuvi says we will settle all matters between sisters, Mahi says to RT that see even after so much, he is trying to patch up with Twinkle, Rt thanks Yuvi for understanding, Yuvi says i am part of family, Yuvi thinks that i have fish in my net now, i will do so much bad with Twinkle’s sister and all her respect will go away.
Twinkle says why are you destroying your life to fulfill your duties? Kunj says to Twinkle that you are my wife, your problems are mine too, he pulls her closer and says i am not doing this as my duty but i care for you, for your family as they are mine too, Kunj says dont give “duty” lable to my love, i am not going to leave you anywhere anytime, he leaves, Twinkle thinks that i am not alone, Kunj will always be

Scene 1
The episode starts with Twinkle is sitting in the gurudwara and praying…she finishes praying and goes to
sit with leela who is also there in the gurudwara. She tells leela that she cant run from her responsibilities
and she will not shift to canada.Leela says even i cant stay without u but i wanted u tho go there and live in peace.
twinkle asks leela to get tension free from her side and nothng will happen to her as she is not alone and kunj is there with her…
she says from the time kunj has hold my han i hav got a great confidence that till he is with me nothing wrong will happen(Kunj is also there and he hears this).
Leela is happy and agrees to twinkle she says i hav to go now sangeet preperations hav to be done(she is sad).She is leaving and looks at kunj and smiles.
twinkle is standing and praying kunj joins her. Twinkle is about to take rounds arround the idol(dont know what its called)when kunj holds her hand and starts
taking rounds twinkle lovingly keeps looking at him(leela sees this from far and smiles with tears in her eyes).they complete 2 rounds and the preists tells them
every time i see ull in the gurudwara i feel that u are a made for each other couple. Twinj look at each other. Kunj asks twinkle if she has any plan to expose yuvi
twinkle says yes.
Scene 2
Yuvraj sits outside sarna house and burns a rose with acid and says this is what will happen with mahi aswell and smirks. Twinkle comes there and instigates him
says i will not let u and mahi be togethr…i will not let u marry her by any means….i will stop this marriage come what may ….you wont be able to harm her he
tells see what i do with ur sister in todays sangeet and confesses that he is ploting against if u can then save her. He leaves.
Kunj a was standing behind a pillar and he recorded their entire conversation.Twinkle get glad that their plan is successful and gives him a high 5.They leave to
show the video to mahi.
Scene 3
Anita is in mumbai she meets SHABNAM(frmo jamai raja)and shabnam gices her a bottle of shampaigne which has acid in it. Anita thanks her and says i knew only
u cud do this work for me. she calls yuvi and says the work for which i had come to mumabai is done(revealed that anita was with yuvi)
Scene 4
Twinkle goes to mahis room and asks her to see the video in which yuvi has confessed everything.Mahi is not interested but twinkle compels her to watch it.
Yuvi is tensed…BY misfortune mahi only the part of video where twinkle says “i will not let u and mahi be togethr…i will not let u marry her by any means..
..i will stop this marriage come what may ..” she gets angry on twinkle and says you wanted to show me this that u are threatening yuvi.
Twinkle forces her to watch the entire video she will come to know the truth. Yuvi pusposely holds mahis hand and shakes it so tht the mobile falls. he says
ya mahi see…see mahi…see what this twinkle has come up with today. The phone falls from mahis hand and breaks. TWINKLE gets angry on yuvi an mahi
asks her to stop it…stop blaming yuvi for your plans. MAHI takes a scissor in her hand and asks twinkle to leave or she will kill herself. twinkle tries explainin her…
leela and RT come there they try stopping mahi but she says if twinkle dii doesent go from here i will kill myself. Leela and RT get scared RT asks twinkle to leave.
kunj tells twinkle lets leave…they start leaving when mahi tells them 1 more thing plz do not come in my sangeet i dont want ull to come, TWINJ leave.
Scene 5
Twinj think how should we enter the sangeet….just then raman comes there with rajasthani dancers and asks them to wait in the guest room there is time
for their performance. Twinj hide and listen to this twinkle smiles and looks at kunj…he gets thinking.
Scene 6
kunj comes to the guest room in the disguise of a rajasthani dancer he greets the other dancers saying Khamba Gani. A girl wearing ghagra choli and ghunghat
comes and holds kunjs hand…he aks her who she is and says that he is married…the girl lifts her ghunghat and its none other than twinkle…he says ohh tu hai
she says come on lets go…they start leaving when she says OOOUUCCCHHH…kunj asks her what happened she says the dori f her blouse got opened. KUNJ quickly
hugs her she asks him what is he doing and tells to leave her….kunj sya i m not dying to hug u im just tying the knot of ur blouse. He ties it and says now come.
Scene 7
SIDHART(from jamai raja)calls twinkle and informs her that he saw anita meeting shabnam and taking something from her…he says i couldnt hear the or see
what shabnam gave her but u please be alert i guess anita is planning something.
twinkle thanks him and wishes him luck saying kunj told me everything im sure u will bring back roshni’s memory.

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