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Fire and Ice Update on Wednesday 11th April 2018


Babee asks Cherry what he is doing in market and whats in his bag? Cherry says nothing, i was shopping for myself, Babee says okay come with us home, he says i will come later, Babee says why cant you come with us? he says no, he goes with them.
Twinkle comes to Kunj and asks about his first day in college? he says it was very nice, i was nervous in start as i was joining college after much time but students and teachers are helpful, Twinkle asks if there are girls in his college? Kunj says ofcourse there are, Twinkle asks how many girls? Kunj says i didnt notice, Twinkle says tell me, Kunj says there were many girls, some are very pretty, Twinkle says you were eyeing them? Kuinj says there were infront of me so i would see them, why you are asking questions like typical wives?
Twinkle says please, Kunj says there is nothing like husband and wife between us so let me study, he leaves, Twinkle throws pillow at him and is angry.
Cherry brings bag to Anita, Anita is scared, Cherry says dont worry, she asks Cherry to be careful, Cherry takes out box from bag, he is opening box, Anita is afraid, cherry opens box, there is snake in it, Anita gets sacred, Cherry says seller has given me guarantee that with one bite of this snake, poison will run in body and person will die, what to do next? Anita says we will wait for tomorrow’s pooja, we will put this snake in flower basket and fill it with flowers, Kunj and Twinkle will put hand in basket to take flowers and snake will bite them, Babee said Twinkle and Kunj are like Shiv and Parvati now we will send them to Shiv and Parvati, Cherry says you are very clever, Anita thanks him and says let them sleep peacefully tonight as after that they will sleep for whole life.
In morning, Cherry hides snake in flower basket, he says Anita’s idea is solid, lets see who will die first from Twinkle and Kunj, i want Kunj to die first but Anita wants Twinkle to die first, now its upto God whom he will call first.
Cherry is bringing flower basket inside house, Twinkle strikes with him, basket falls but Twinkle doesnt see snake, Cherry hides snake with flowers, Babee asks Cherry to not use these flowers now as they have fallen on floor, he takes basket from there, Babee asks Twinkle to get ready, Cherry smirks.
Leela thanks God for saving her from accident, she says dont know who was the man who saved me, i couldnt say thanks to him, i felt like i know him when i saw him from back, humans are weird, sometimes our own relatives feels like strangers and strangers feels like our own, i wish i could thank that man, i dont know who is he, Leela feels dizzy, she says why i am feeling dazed?
Babee brings Twinkle in hall, she asks Usha to tell Twinkle about pooja, i will come later, Twinkle sits beside Usha, usha asks Twinkle to wash Shivling with water then milk, Twinkle does it, Usha then asks her to prepare pooja plate, Pooja plate is about to fall from Twinkle’s hands, Usha says you cant do anything normally, for Babee you are ideal daughter in law but i cant forget the fact that we fall in problems because of you, babee comes there, Usha talks nicely with Twinkle, Anita comes there and sees Twinkle taking flowers from basket which has snake in it, she waits for snake to bite Twinkle, Anita thinks she got saved this time but not everytime, today she or her husband will die, flowers will get less in basket and danger will become more for them. Leela is feeling dizzy, she thinks to check BP, Leela comes out of house, she finds Anita giving money to some man, man says your work wil be done but my name should not come out, Leela thinks that Anita is upto something again but i have to find out what she is upto, she will not tell me. Man leaves after meeting Anita, Leela thinks to follow man.
Leela starts following man, she feels dizzy and faints, a car comes there, some man takes her from there.
Pooja starts in Sarna house, Pundit asks Kunj to put garland on idol, Kunj is about to take flowers from basket, Twinkle says i will take it, Anita says to Cherry that Twinkle is going to die now, Twinkle takes flower from basket, she touches snake and feels something inside basket, Shiv ji(from neeli chatri wale) comes there and showers his blessing on Twinkle so snake doesnt bite her and changes to flower garland, she takes garland and puts on idol, Cherry says how garland comes in basket? if snake changed to garland? Anita says this cant be true, snake must have gone out of basket, we have to find it, Twinkle prays to Lord to protect her, her family and Kunj).
Shiv ji says i am coming to tell my stories on neeli chatri wale at 8:30pm.
Leela is in someone’s bedroom, she wakes up and says where i am? i was following man, how i came here? she finds her and Twinkle’s childhood picture, someone comes in room, Leela is shocked to see man and says you?(aap), he is same man who saved her from accident, he comes to Leela, Leela says you are alive? you kept me away from my biggest relation? it means i was right when i saw JP with Anita, you and JP didnt die in ship accident? then why did you remain away from me and Twinkle for so many years? you didnt even contact us, why you didnt tell us that you are alive? you didnt miss us? we kept thinking that you are dead and you are alive, fit and fine, Man says i will explain everything to you, sit down, Leela slaps him, he is stunned, Leela says what will you explain? why did you hide? why did you make us think that you are not alive? Leela says i lived like widow for so many years with the fact that my husband is alive and Twinkle was raised without father, i handled everything alone, i raised her, handled business, made Twinkle marry, no reason can keep father away from daughter, why you have come in our lives now?

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