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Gangaa Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


Sudha sings the bhajan. Everyone starts singing with her. Ganga keeps stealing glances at her.

Shankar and MLA see the CCTV footage. They see Ganga and Solnaki in there. Solanki is shown keeping the CD inside her bag. Shankar cannot see her face clearly though so they check the footage from another camera. Shankar recognises her to be the same girl who had created a buzz that other day. I have seen her at Niru’s house. MLA is shocked. The goon too has seen her there. MLA advises them to question the girl or kidnap her if she does not reply. No one else should get hold of that CD. Shankar assures him that he will do anything and everything to either get that girl or the CD. MLA reminds him that his name should not get involved in any of this. The elections are near. Shankar promises him that he will do it smoothly. He tells the goon to find out about Ganga’s location at the moment.

The girls are practising dance. Mrs. D’Souza is simply sitting, watching something on her phone and eating. Bulbul finds them doing it wrong. She asks Madam if they can go home. Gunwanti ji isn’t here and neither is Ganga here. We were called here because of her and she isn’t here! Mrs. D’Souza tells her against it. We have to follow what Ma’am says. Bulbul gets an idea. So many sweets have been made at my home on the occasion of Janamashtami. Shall I bring them tomorrow? Mrs. D’Souza nods.

Everyone is ready to leave for home. Ganga had gone back to bring Madhvi’s phone. She had probably forgotten it at the Ashram. MLA’s goons notice Ganga. They start following her. Madhvi gets down asking Gaga to join them. MLA’s goons turn their face to the other side. Ganga sits inside the car with Madhvi and they all leave. MLA’s goons hope that Shankar finds something so they don’t have to kidnap the girl.

Chaturvedi Sadan is in a mess. Shankar and two other guys are searching the house for that particular CD. One of the guys coincidentally drops the CD in Sagar’s room. Shankar sends him to the other room and steps over that CD. He does not pay heed to it. none of the men can find that CD anywhere. Shankar is about to see a photo on the wall (photo of Amma ji and Sagar) when Amma ji and everyone return home. Shankar hears their voices. He sends his goons out.

Amma ji and everyone is shocked to see the house all ransacked. Amma ji and Maharaj ji notices torch light upstairs. Maharaj ji goes upstairs but they have left by now. He shares that it is all mess upstairs too. Amma ji is worried thinking what all might have got stolen. Ganga points out those thieves know no one keeps money and expensive stuff here. They might have come to look for something particular. Sagar wonders if someone is still hiding inside the house. Madhvi assures him that everyone has left. Amma ji asks Madhvi to call Pulkit.

Police checks the house. They find no one in the house. Nobody has seen the face of anyone. they dint come to steal as everything is in its place. What can be the reason? Maharaj ji requests him to deploy a few of his men here. Niru is out of town. It will be a relief if some of your men stay here. Inspector tells them to register an FIR and ask for protection. Pulkit takes up the task. He leaves to meet Raghav ji. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to close all the windows.

Amma ji asks about Ganga from maharaj ji. Ganga says I woke up before you. I have made all the preps for the puja and you too. Amma ji is impressed but doesn’t show it. Ganga agrees to go to temple today as well as she always asks her to follow the rules of a widow life.

Sagar and Yash are practising on their song. Yash is tired. He switches off the music when he notices Ganga coming upstairs. Yash does not want Ganga to find out which song they are dancing on. He says the same to Sagar. Ganga says she is anyways not interested in finding out that song. I wont steal your song. Let me find the new dance teacher once and then we will see who wins in the competition! Yash laughs at her. Find the dance teacher first. She tells him that she will do it. She leaves. Yash is as usual irked by her.

Ganga comes to Ashram. She finds Sudha washing clothes. She dances so well. She can teach us girls how to dance but I will have to try really hard to make her agree to it. Sudha is surprised to see her. Aren’t you scared to come here alone? What if I get your hair cut? Ganga was scared previously but now knows that she only speaks bitter but has a very good heart. She helps SUdha in drying clothes. You dance very well. Everyone was praising you including Amma ji. Sudha asks her to talk to the point. You are praising me, helping me. You certainly want something. I will always be indebted to you for what you did in Omkar’s case along with Madhvi. It doesn’t mean though that I like you. I don’t like the way you ignore the rules of a widow life. I am not going to fall for your words. Ganga realises that Sudha Bua isn’t going to listen to her so easily.

Ganga follows Sudha inside. She sits down to knead the floor. Ganga offers to do it but fails. Sudha asks her to come to the point right away. Ganga proposes her to become her dance teacher. We have no one who can teach us as our dance teacher’s mother has passed away. Sudha shows Ganga the door. You are doing wrong and want me to do it too. It doesn’t suit widows to do all this. I don’t want to ruin my life because of you. Leave!

Precap: Sudha scolds Ganga and the other girls to go. Ganga stays put. I will not move from here if you don’t agree!
The PT Teacher takes over the task of teaching dance to the girls. She teaches them in her typical style. Ganga points out that Gunwanti Madam was teaching them differently. PT Teacher has been forced to teach them by the Principal Madam. I dint want to do it but had to do it Principal Madam says I am not telling you to teach them something new. Gunwanti Madam has taught them already. You just have to check if they are doing it right or not. We cannot call another dance teacher so this is how the kids will have to practise. She leaves. PT Teacher is irked with Ganga for she got stuck in the situation because of her only. Lunch break is announced so she leaves. Bulbul too complains to Ganga. Dance cannot happen without a dance teacher. Ganga retorts that she will find a way. She asks Reena and Neha to come with her. They both willing agree and all the other girls join her too except Bulbul and her gang.

Ganga and the girls reach the Ashram. Sudha scolds Ganga and the other girls to go. Ganga stays put. I will not move from here if you don’t agree! Sudha doesn’t mind it but Ganga repeats that no girl will leave unless she agrees. Pishi Ma comes there to ask her about the commotion. Ganga asks her if it is wrong to dance on a patriotic song. Pishi Ma shakes her head. ganga keeps asking her more questions. It is like dancing for the love of God. Is it wrong to teach dance on such a song? Pishi Ma stops Sudha from interrupting Ganga. Ganga sticks to her plan. Tell Sudha Bua that teaching dance isn’t wrong. Pishi Ma too tries to make Sudha understand. These girls need help. It is not a bad thing to teach dance on such a song. Sudha stays put. The girls sit down in the ashram now. Pishi Ma stops Sudha from reacting. She later smiles at Ganga when Sudha walks away in a huff.

A widow tells Ganga and the girls that Sudha wont agree. Sudha comes there. The girls request her but she shouts at them to be quiet. Pishi Ma asks SUdha if she will ever ask her to do something wrong. Listen to their son once. You can decide if you want to do it or not then. What’s the harm in helping them with your talent? They are here since so long. They are tired but they haven’t given up. The girls request Sudha Bua sweetly. Pishi Ma asks Sudha if she wont listen to her. They will give you loads of good wishes. You have always helped other. You must have learnt it from some Guru. These girls need a Guru. Why are you declining? The girls request Sudha Bua in unison. Sudha gives in. Ganga thanks her. Sudha clears it to her that she is doing it only for Pishi Ma. Ganga still says thank you to her before leaving for home.

Shankar tries to inch closer towards Chaturvedi Sadan when police comes there. He turns around but the constables ask him for his ID. He lies that he left it in the Dharamshala. Constables ask about the Dharamshala. Shankar notices Ganga coming there. If she sees me then it will be a problem. Constables shoo the crowd away. Shankar too disappears. Ganga asks the constables if they nabbed the criminals that barged inside their house. They deny. We will find them soon. She nods. I will just send tea for you.

MLA is in a meeting. Shankar calls MLA. He tells MLA that he cannot watch at Chaturvedi Sadan as police is keeping a tight vigil on the house. MLA wants the CD at any cost. Niru must be coming back soon.

Sagar is trying to run a CD while Madhvi waits for him to drink milk. Ganga tells Madhvi the good news that she found a new dance teacher for them. He is irked. I need to practise. This CD isn’t working! Madhvi goes downstairs with Ganga to finish kitchen work.

Bulbul and her gang and the teachers aren’t happy to see Sudha. Ganga talks in her support. What is the relation of education with dance? We need to learn dance and she dances really well. Principal Madam seconds her. Be good with Sudha ji. She thanks Sudha for agreeing to teach dance to girls. Let us go and register the song for the performance. The girls head to their class. Ganga stops Bulbul. I told you I will find a way. See we found a teacher. Bulbul eyes her angrily.

Principal Madam, Sudha and the girls come to register their song for the competition. Ganga loves the song that they have chosen. Now all the problems will be solved as we have found Sudha Madam. They get to know from Mr. Chauhan that this song has already been selected and registered by another school so they cannot do it too. Two teams cannot perform on the same song. You will have to choose another song. Ganga says we have been practising on this very song from the beginning. Mr. Chauhan says you dint register it in your name though. Sorry but I cannot help you in this matter. Bulbul smirks. Ganga wonders what they will do now. They come out of the room and find Sagar’s team practising on the same song. Everyone looks on in shock. Raghubir notices them. He stops the kids and excuses himself for a minute. He greets Principal Madam. I hope you would have made all the preps for the competition. We don’t have much time. Where is your dance teacher? Principal Madam introduces Sudha to him. Raghubir looks at Sudha from top to toe. A kirtan’s community member will teach dance to these kids? Superb! Sagar and all the kids come out. Ganga asks Raghubir why he is saying so. He comments that times have really changed. The widows of widow Ashram have stopped praying to God and want to dance on filmy songs! They too want to be heroines it seems!

Precap: Sudha asks Ganga if she isn’t happy to get her insulted. I wont do anything else for you. Find another dance teacher if you are so interested in participating in a dance competition! Spare me!

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