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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 182 Update on Friday 13th April 2018


An injured Marshall appears at the court of Gangadhar Rao.Marshall lies to Gangadhar Rao that he got injured after he lost control of his horse. Laxmibai feels victorious when he announces his decision to leave Jhansi.
Villagers make fun of Marshall as he leaves Jhansi forever. Tatyaguru follows Marshall to ensure he leaves Jhansi.
The story takes a surprise turn when Vahinisaheb arrives for Moropant and Chimnabai's marriage. Laxmibai is delighted and touched to see Vahinisaheb. Festivities mark the wedding of Moropant and Chimnabai's wedding.
The story takes a shocking turn when Marshall returns to Jhansi. He vows to create havoc in Jhansi. What will Marshall do? 

Vahinisaheb addresses Laxmibai as Manu and says she hasn't changed. Aaishree doesn't like Vahinisaheb calling Laxmibai as Manu. Aaishree also criticizes Laxmibai for not behaving and living like a married woman and like a queen.
Aaishree also criticizes Vahinisaheb for not teaching the right things to Laxmibai. Vahinisaheb loses her patience and gives an earful to Aaishree. When Vahinisaheb starts narrating good qualities of Laxmibai, Aaishree insults Vahinisaheb by not listening to her and leaving the room.
Vahinisaheb decides to leave Jhansi and return. Laxmibai and Gangadhar Rao urge her to stay back.
Villagers bring a chariot of Goddess Durga in Jhansi. Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai pull the chariot along with villagers. The story takes a shocking turn when Marshall is seen near the chariot disguised as a villager. He vows to harm Laxmibai.
Charles recognizes Marshall. Marshall informs Charles he has tied a bomb to that part of the rope which Laxmibai is pulling. Marshall's man ignites the bomb with a diya (lamp). Will Laxmibai be saved?

Marshall plans to assassinate Laxmibai by exploding a bomb and had tied explosives to the rope being pulled by the Jhansi Queen during the procession. Prachi discovers the bomb in the May 3 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV.
Prachi tries cautioning Laxmibai but her attempt to win the Queen's attention fails due to the commotion. The bomb explodes and Prachi is killed in the explosion. Shock and disbelief is written large on the face of everyone. Vahinisaheb is too numbed to react while Laxmibai faints.
The pall of gloom continues to shroud Jhansi and the royal family. Prachi's funeral is a somber occasion. Vahinisaheb reminisces about the time she spent with Prachi.
Aaishree too is worried as Laxmibai had clammed up and failed to show any emotion after Prachi's death. Will Laxmibai get to know that Marshall is responsible for the blast?

Gangadhar Rao tries to make Laxmibai cry but fails.
Gangadhar Rao, Tatyaguru, Moropant and others take Prachi's body for cremation. Vahinisaheb urges Laxmibai to cry by asking her to see Prachi for the last time. However, this has no effect on Laxmibai.
Tatyaguru reminisces about the times he shared with Prachi before her body is cremated.
Later in the episode, Gangadhar Rao, Tatyaguru and Vahinisaheb are worried as Laxmibai is missing.
Laxmibai visits the cremation ground and takes the mortal remains of Prachi from the priest. Laxmibai decides to keep the ashes with her until she avenges Prachi's death. Will Laxmibai learn about Marshall's hand in Prachi's death? 

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