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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 190--191 Update on Tuesday 17th April 2018


GR in his kaksh thinking sbt KG and JKR and is boiling with anger. GR's antartma comes out and tells GR that he is not able to digest the fact that his queen who is a WOMEN did everything which he could not do and he is jealous of her. GR yells saying  no its not that way. After some argument btw the antartma and GR, GR agrees that all teh praja is doing jai jai kaar of KG and not him who is the kingLOL. Just then, someone comes and tells Sleemun is waiting for him adn GR walks of angrily.

JKR is thinking abt prachi and GR. She thinks GR will definately forgive her (she does not know how jealous GR is by nowLOL of JKR aka KG) Sleemun gives and ultimatum to GR that he has to send KG dead or alive along with Marshall's body or he loses his throne (serves him rightLOL).

JKR sends Sunder to tell GR that she wants to meet him. GR comes to meet JKR all high and mightyLOL. He starts yelling at JKR that she did not trust her husband to do the right thing and she did not act like a queen. Then he tells her she does not need to involve in anythings in Jhansi and he si there to take care of everything. He further adds that she is here just to give birth to childrenOuchAngry . JKR is in tears by nowCry. JKR tells GR, she wont be able to take such a decision casue one is her dharm and the other is her karm. But GR tells her, no she has to decide and he knows very well to cut a branch of a tree if its infected and it wont take time for him to do that in her casae as well. Angry JKR falls at GR feet and cries but GR tells her she need to decide if she wants to remain as the queen or KGOuchAngry and walks offAngry. Suddenly JKR is crying out in pain.

Precap-Aishree telling that JKR is ready to give GR his heirAngry and JKR is shocked.

GR behaved like a typical egoistic jealous husband and hated GR in the whole episdoe the way he spoke to JKR Angry

Acronyms used - GR-Gangadhar Rao, KG-Kranti guru

JKR is in pain and calls Sunder, Kashi. They are abt to call Raj vaidya but Aaisyhree comes in , checks JKR and smiles and says to herself my rao baa can get his heir nowAngry.  Sakku and Janaki bai are eating and they get the news that JKR has reached her puberty (God they are spreading this news like wild fireLOL) 

aiyshree tells JKR she need to stay separately for 5 days. JKR asks her tell me why I have to stay separately. Aayishree tells, if you can kill a firangi so cruelly then U should understand this aswellOuch and says some mean things abt ayisaheb.Angry

GR is making a deal with Spears (new British officer) that KG's name should not come into picture in the report which goes along with Marshall's dead body (GR is such Wacko, if it were'nt for JKR I doubt anyone would remember JhansiClap).  Spears agree's to the deal and says, Ok he will make a report that Marshall was dead during a dacoit attack outside Jhansi . GR and his sena has to help Spears kill some DacoitsOuch (I am worried abt SSOuch). GR agreesAngryAngry. 

Aaishree leaves JKR in a room with no help and asks her to stay there for 5 days (AaishreeCensored). GR wants to meet JKR, but aaishree tell GR that JKR reached her puberity and she cannot meet him for 5 days. She also tells him he will get his heir soonLOL. GR and JKR thinking abt each other. JKR is not able to make a decision on if she wants to be the queen or  KG/Jhansi. GR is thinking JKR needs to give her decision by tomorrow either she wants to stay as JKR or KG. Then he suddenly shouts saying she has to stay as JKR only, why cant she stay as JKRLOL. Aayishree comes in and says U did not control JKR and see what she did. U still have time to control JKR (yaa sure aayishree in ur dreamsLOL).

Preparations for pooja are going on and GR thinking he will get the answer today LOL and JKR thinking she has to answer if she wants to stay as JKR or KGLOL. 

Precap: JKR and GR doing pooja. Pandit asks GR to tell his full name and he does. The pandit asks JKR to tell her name and she stares at GR.

Acronyms used : GR- Gangadhar Rao, SS- Samar Singh, KG-Kranti Guru

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