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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 192--193 Update on Wednesday 18th April 2018


Starts with Shiv pooja. (Did not understand much abt what the priest was saying so forgive meLOL). Priest ask GR and JKR to tell there name and gotra. After GR tells his name (dont remember the full nameLOL) and then its JKR turn and she tells her name as " Laxmi bai Gangadhar Rao" and GR is maha HappyLOL and all the vahinis maha upsetLOL. JKR also tells GR she never did anything which is wrong and  which would be shame to his baba or GR. Whole of Jhansi is celebrating cause they will get Jhansi's heir soon. The news that  JKR and GR will be celebrating there 1st night reaches Spears LOL. He is not happy.

Vahinis planning to do something so Jhansi wont get a heir. (I am worried they are planning something against JKROuch). Manu all confused asks Aayishree what everyone is saying and she is confused (anyone would be at 14 yearsLOL). Asyishree tells her she will understand when time comes. Manu now goes to Motibai to clear her doubts abt whats going on and what does she have to do with GR (gosh this scene was hilariousLOL). Moti bai is dumb struck and tells her when GR comes to meet her put full ghoonghat on. But, our Manu tells , I meet GR every day so whats special. Then Moti bai tells her give GR kesar kaa doodh and our Manu tells she likes only badam kaa doodhLOLLOL. 

Aaysihree is asking pandit for a date and time for GR/JKR's suhaag raat. Sunder, Kaasi are wondering how will JKR give uttaradhikari. Then Sunder tells our JKR does so many things single handedly, so she will do this as wellROFL. GR is walking all lost and thinking abt what JKR said abt her not doing anything wrong and looks disturbed. At the same time all the vahinis are scheming with Spears on how to prevent JKR from having a Heir. (I have a bad feeling abt thisOuch)

SS is in the palace and is there to meet JKR. SS tells he is leaving Jhansi and tells his final good bye to JKR. On the other hand Spears is asking GR to capture SS and hand over to himOuch. This way his case will be more strong. GR agrees to hand over SS to SpearsAngry (God I hating GR)

Precap-Sunder informs JKR that soldiers are coming here and they may have know abt SS being here. JKR is worried. (Just hoping GR does not hand over SS to Spears. JKR will never forgive GR, if something happens to SS)

Acronymns used- GR-Gangadhar Rao, SS-Samar Singh

Starts with the soldiers realizing that, SS is not there soldier and they run towards SS and JKR. JKR asks sunder to take her place and JKR goes along with SS so he can escape through the secret path.Smile GR on the other hand is making a deal with Spears and signs a document with out reading it (what a fool GR is and now LB has to get him out of this situationOuch) Later GR comes to meet LB, but it is Sunder in LB's place.LOL. GR tells Sunder/LB that he has decide to hand over SS to the British and hope she understand his dilemma. (god he is suchWacko). Aayshree walks in when GR is abt to touch Sunder/LB. GR leaves and Aayishree catches Sunder red handed and asks her to tell what GR told her. Sunder tells everything to Aayshree and asyshree threatens Sunder not to tell anything to LB or she will be punished. LB walks in and Sunder does not tell LB anything abt SS fearing Aayishree (hate the witchAngry). Spears reaches the 3 vahinis and tells them some plan in mute and the vahinis are very happy that they will ruin everything now (god this sounds really scaryOuch. They r planning something really bad against GR and LB. GR's stupidity is the sole reason for thisAngry)

Gosh LB and GR are getting ready for there Suhaag raat. (I am sure its not gonna happenLOL).LB tells motibai she still did not understand what Motibai told herLOL. Sunder comes in to tell LB abt SS, but aayishree comes in at the right moment and sends her away. Aaysihree take Sunder some where, so she wont tell the truth abt SS (Really hating Aayishree and her dear Rao ba Angry, 1 witch and the other stupid/idiot) By the way LB was looking really prettyStar.

Morapant comes to meet LB and is dumb founded looking at his little princess. Aayishree comes in to take LB to GR since the muhurat time is approaching (ROFL this is just hilariousLOL). SS is getting ready to leave Jhansi  with British soldiers following himOuch.

Precap- LB in her room and Sunder finally tells LB abt SSClap. LB is walking with her sword  and is really angry (wow she looked like durga maa hereClap) LB with her sword and GR walking towards each other. 

Acronyms used -GR- Gangadhar Rao, LB-Laxmi Bai, SS-Samar Singh

Hope GR sees LB tomorrow in her Durga maa avatar. What an idiot GR is being a king. Now I am sure, if it were'nt for LB no one would have ever heard abt Jhansi. I even wonder if GR would be able to keep his so called throne without LB

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