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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 198--199 Update on Monday 23rd April 2018


Starts with GR's breaking session and him remembering LB and SS. Suddenly Saawariyan comes and sits on his hand. GR speaks to saawariyan and tells why did she do this to me. Sunder adn Kashi are talking and Sunder tells Kashi that GR is mistaken abt LB and it was her in the ghoongat and not LBClap. Sunder decides to go and tell GR everything and starts walking towards GR's kaksh. The soldiers tell Sunder she cannot enter GR's room. Suddenly Fireball comes there and tells her chamchi to take Sunder with her and not leave her alone. Sunder is shouting to let her talk to GR just once, but Fireball gives a vicious smile. Angry

GR asks aayishree what happened her heard someone voice, but aayishree tells him a dasi fell down so she screamed with pain and asks GR to go and rest. GR goes and takes a drink and thinks where could LB be now. Suddenly LB wakes up and goes out and sees sawaariyan sitting on GR's torn painting. The sadu's daughter shradha  comes and ask LB to take rest and introduces them to her mother and father. Sadhu asks LB if she is lost and LB tells, yesUnhappy. LB tells her name is Manu and that is her full name. They ask her abt her husband but she LB just keeps quiet. So the sadhus ask her to stay back in the ashram till she wantsSmile.

GR goes to Motibai in drunken state. GR tells moti bai, he wants to forget everything and just get immersed in her, and tells moti bai that is his orderOuch. Moti bai reluctantly starts dancing and on the other hand LB is doing pooja with the sadhus. LB-GR remembering each other .GR is mad at moti bai for not dancing properly. He gets up  but falls down on a table and hits his head.He utters Laxmi Bai before he faints .At the same time LB is abt to take the aarti but, the diya goes off and LB is worried. Moti bai is taking care of GR and suddenly Saawariyan comes and drops a flower on GR. 

Kashi distracts the chamchi and Sunder escapes.ClapLB prays to god that Human beings are supposed to do there dharm and karma and I did both the things, but my husband GR does not understand me yet. She asks god to protect GR. Sunder manages to reach GR's Kaksh and hears GR talking to himself abt why LB broke his trust. Sunders finally tells GR that LB was not there when GR told her abt SS and it was her in the ghunghat.Clap (not sure if GR heard it or not, he looked lost even after hearing what Sunder saidOuch

Precap: All the Sadhus are practising Sword fightingShocked adn LB is shocked and Happy. The Sadhu's tell her that they are protectors of Dharm and they learned sowrd fight to kick the British out of HindustanClap. LB is finally Happy 

Before Sunder tells GR anything Witch Fireball Angrycomes and takes Sunder away and puts her under arrestAngry . Manu watches the sword fight btw the sanyaasi's and is very happyBig smile. Suddenly the Sadhu stops the fight and asks Manu why she is standing so far. Manu asks how he knew she was here though he cannot see. He answers that he recognizes people with smell. Manu is maha happy seeing all the sadhu's shouting they will kick british outClap.Bhag bhag re song is being played with Manu remembering all the scenes from Bithur to Jhansi . The sadhu asks Manu if she knows how to use a Sword and Manu tells NO remembering GR's words. The sadhu offers to teach Manu sword fight.But, shradhha tells no need, and Manu needs rest. Sadhu tells Shradha that even she has to learn sword fight, but Shradha is not interested. Manu remembers Moropant seeing Shradha and the SadhuUnhappy. Manu and shradhaa leave to sleep. Next day Manu is making come Neem concoction and when shradhaa ask for who she is preparing this concoction,  Manu avoids the question and leavesOuch.

In the palace GR drinks the neem concoction and Moti bai brings pan. GR thinks its Laxmi bai and tells her he does not want to eat pan now and is shocked to see Moti bai. Moti bai tries to tell something abt LB but GR tells Moti bai, if she ever talks abt LB again, he will not even come hereOuch.  Sadhu's wife tells LB that the Sadhu has gone to meet GR to get his permission to live in Jhansi. The soldier's in Jhansi tell GR is busy with Naach gana again and that he should come back later. Sadhu is shocked.  British soldiers attack the sadhus and all of them start running.  All of sadhu's shishya try to go outside but sadhu's wife tells them they r not ready to fight british yet, and Manu is wondering what to do since Spears is outside and he will recognize her. 

All the sadhus go outside and get beaten up by the British soldiers and Manu is watching. Spears spots Shradhaa and all the soldiers surround her. They take off her chunari and start laughing like crazyOuch.  Manu comes out dressed in complete white attire and says aye firnagi adn Spears is shell shocked. He turns around and stares at her in complete fear and says Kranti Guru

Precap: LB sowrd fight and beating up all the soldiers and Spears Clap. 

Starts with Manu/KG vs British soldiers . One Btitish soldier tries to attack Manu from back and the Sadhu comes back and help her. Finally KG holds Spears and asks Spears to get lost or he will die.Spears leaves warning that by tomorrow he will make sure they leave Jhansi. Vahinis and Spears plan to tell GR abt KG helping Sadhus and that the Sadhus in reality are Dacoits. The sadhu recognises that KG is indeed Manu. Spears informs the minister that KG is helping Dacoits, and he wants to arrest them along with KG. The ministers disagree to this saying only GR can make this decision. But the witch interferes and says no the decision will be made nowAngry. There Devdas Rao is getting drunk and Moti bai is trying to prevent him from drinking. Witch arrive to Moti bais place and tries to sympathize with GR and talks against LB/KG. Witch further adds, here he is getting drunk to forget LB, where as she is fighintg against the british along with some sadhus and is not worried abt him. GR is maha angry hearing that KG is helping dacoits.Moti bai is disgusted with the witchBig smile 

Kashi goes and Knocks on Sunder's door. Sunder tells Kashi, now it is only she who can save Maharaani. Kashi agrees to go tell GR the truth. She see GR and calls him, but he is still in Devdas mode and does not hear her. Before Kashi can move forward, she see the witch and hides behind a pillarClap. There the Sadhu is training Manu how to do sword fight with a blind fold 

Sadhu is training on how to do blind fold sword fight (this is awesome scene yaar, I dont have words to explainBig smile). Manu asks the Sadhu to train her in sword fight and the sadhu agrees. Later the Sadhu tells Manu, that they need to leave Jhansi immediately. But, Manu tells the Sadhu let us wait for GR desicion and she is sure he will take the right decision. GR announces in devdas mode that all the sadhus need to leave Jhansi immediately or if they want to live in Jhansi then they have to hand over KG . And if KG is proved guilty she will be hangedAngry. 

Precap:Same as the promo. Moti bai in tears and telling GR that aaysihree is the one who separated LB and GR. Witch is scared and looked ready to open her potli of emotional blackmail. GR was angry as usual.

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