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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Friday 6th April 2018


Show start with King telling Ragunath to escort Queen to her Mahel. Mannu leaves giving victorous smile to Marshall Marshall say he will kill Mannu and will reveal his identity as KG infront of King…
All jantas are chanting Maharani Laxmi Bai ki Jai !!!!!!!!!!!
Maharaja Ganga Dhar Roa ki Jai !!!!!!
King approaches to Mannu and Mannu says today he has done a great work. 
Kings says it is his Karthavya (duty) as his king but mannu says she is not talking about that..King says then Mannu says he really did a great job on the swing…King laughs his heart out ..(So cute). King says according to his promise he was supposed to spend all day with her. Mannu says that is fine and King is to look after the welfare of his people and they are King and Queen of the people. King is again amused by our Mannu and mannu takes a leave in her carraige (DOLI) …
All jantas are chanting Maharani Laxmi Bai ki Jai !!!!!!!!!!!
Maharaja Ganga Dhar Roa ki Jai !!!!!!
British Commisonary:
Marshall is very mad about his defeat and he beats the life out of Indian Prisoner and abuses them. Another Firangi praises the bravery of Laxmi Bai…Marshall screams at him and says he has taken a oath to killer Laxmi Bai…
In the Jail:
Mannu comes to meet Sumer Singh (SS). Seeing her there SS is shocked and ask her to leave immediately as someone will see her. Mannu declines and attends his wounds. Sumer Singh is worried about the next day saying what he will say to the King. Mannu tells him to tell the truth. SS declines saying he won't put her in trouble anymore. Mannu tells him to trust God as everything will be allright. SS kisses mannu's hand saying he is seeking Blessing from his GOD.
In the court Room:
King comes and take his seat. King tells Ragunath to bring Sumer Singh (SS). Chained Sumer singh is bring into the court room. King tells Ragunath to read all the accusation against SS. Ragunath reads all the accusation including how he try to kill king with gun powder that is why Marshall wanted to hang him to death. King is furious hearing this.
Mannu ask permission to Speak. King grant her permission.

Mannu says these are only accusations and every one should be given a chance for a fair justice. King agrees to Maharani's point. Marshall objects it King lifts his hand and stop Marshall. King ask Sumer Singh if he wants to say anything.
Sumer Singh says yes it is true that I used to be dacoit and I used to loot people. Yes, this also true that I attack Maharani's at KalaGidda. Sumer says he is changed person after meeting the MAHAN Person. King says who is that person.. Sumer says she is no one other than Maharani Laxmi Bai. King looks at mannu shocking while Moropant is so proud of his daughter. SS says after meeting Laxmi Bai he has hated himself for all the wrong doing but it was Laxmi Bai who teached him about Dharam and be a nice human being. Sumer Singh says he is a changed man and he will not leave anyone who has looted his mother land. Marshall object but king says he will get his turn to speak and ask him to take his seat. King says there is another accusation that you try to kill me during Dhajakel (remember the challenge with kranti guru where mannu saves king gun podwer event). SS says this is untrue as he was capture by Marshall and his team the night before. Marshall says he is liar and I did not arrest him near the Jhansi Jail and ask him what was he doing in Jhansi jail. King ask what was he doing in his jail …
SS says this is true he went to the jail so he can save Kranti guru (KG). SS says Kranti Guru returned his Khazana. The same Kranti guru who saved your life.
Marshall says the only person who can testify if SS is telling the truth or not is Kranti Guru. If Kranti Guru comes here then it will prove that SS is telling the truth. Mannu and Moropant are shocked while King looks confused... King agrees to Marshall and says he is very much impressed with Kranti Guru's Bravery. KG must come to his palace for truth and justice.
King ask ragunath to make announcement saying Kranti Guru needs to come to the Mahel and reveal herself in 24 hrs if not Sumer Singh will be hang to death. Mannu and Moropant are shocked while Marshall is elated in his victory.Screen splits between Fake gold tooth and our lovely mannu
Precap:Kanti Guru comes to the court room. Marshall questions where is the Maharani as her sit is empty. King ask tell me where is my Maharani is…Mannu opens her veil and reveals herself and king is happy seeing her. While janaki Bai and Saku bai looks constipated

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