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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Monday 9th April 2018


Tatya and Prachi pay a surprise visit to Manu. Prachi runs and hugs the imposter Laxmibai who becomes uncomfortable. Prachi immediately says that the girl cannot be her 'Manu didi'. Gangadhar Rao is amused to hear her.
After Gangadhar Rao leaves, Motibai confesses that the girl is indeed not Laxmibai. She says that she found the girl whose name is Jhalkari when she had gone to the durgah. Because of the girl's uncanny resemblance to Laxmibai, Motibai and Moropant decided to use her to save Laxmibai's identity as Krantiguru.  
Meanwhile, Krantiguru manages to rescue Samar Singh but Marshall stops her just before she can escape. He orders Krantiguru to abandon Samar Singh but she refuses. Angry, Marshall trains his guns at Krantiguru and says that he will kill the both of them. Will Krantiguru be able to escape with Samar Singh? Or will Marshall kill the both of them
April 20th - Written Update
 Tatya Guru (TG) comes and saves mannu and Sumer Singh. Marshall ask who is he? TG says he is Kranti Guru and to face Dhurth Firangi (evil firangi) every child of the street are Kranti guru. TG fights with marshall and take SS and Mannu away . Marshall is furious at his defeat and screams.
Mannu ask how did he know where to find. TG tells mannu to go her palace immediately. As king will find out that she is not in the palace. Mannu says someone is there is her place. TG says not to worry as she is on our side and Mannu Bai had put her there to save you. TG Says don't worry as I will take care of SS. Mannu leaves for palace…
Mannu arrives to the palace ..King is on his way to mannu's room.
Mannu arrives in her room. Maanu 2 (Fake) ask who she is. Both mannu has confrontation about who is the real queen Mannu 2 tells her to leave if not she will scream and mannu leaves. Lachoo comes from behind and tells her well done. Mannu 2 is scare what if she comes again. Lachoo says she won't and laughs.. Mannu is out on the hall and sees king coming to her room. King arrives to the room Mannu 2 ask her to take a seat. King ask her to take a seat too but sees her worried and ask her what is the matter.
Mannu hidden in the room says to herself of course she is worried look at her feet so dirty. King talks about the day they spent together in disguise. Mannu is happy hearing that king talks eating kachori and how she paid the shop keeper gold coin. King ask her what did she like the best. Mannu tells him how he was enjoying walking bare foot and pushing her swing to fly high. While mannu 2 is constipated
King pick his sword and tells Mannu 2 to pratice sword and king attacks but she falls on the floor and ask forgiveness as she is not well. King says now he is sure as something is not right. King says he did not like how Marshall pointed finger at her. King ask Mannu 2 if she did not like him coming to her room. Mannu 2 says nothing like that.

Mannu arrives and says she did not like that Her (mannu 2) is in queens room. King is furious seeing Kranti guru there and says how dare you come into my queens room. Mannu opens her veil and says she is his queen not the fakey. Both of the Mannu are fighting amongst eachother to prove their identity. King yells stop and tells KG that she is a liar but only it happens to be her DREAM only…( I am getting sick of this dream why are CV dragging it)
Mannu wonders how she will prove her identity as queen…Suddenly King and Mannu 2 hear someone screaming as BHOOT and both of them go to see what is it.. King ask dassi where did she go and dassi points toward Kranti Guru and king send his guard to find. MB comes and takes Mannu away…
Lachoo is walking on the corriander and sakku bai comes and takes her away. Mannu 2 comes and ask lachoo to let her go as she doesnot want to get in trouble. Saaku bai ask Mannu 2 to kill Ganga Dhar and the actual blame will fall on Laxmi Bai. Maanu 2 refuse to agree and said she will tell the king about it. Lachoo shows an earing and Mannu 2 says it belong to her brother. We see flashback of how Lachoo and her mens torture Mannu 2 and her family to make sure Mannu 2 (jalkari) will work for them. Lachoo says she will tell her son to finish off her brother. Mannu 2 agrees to do whatever they say and Sakku bai smirks saying you loot away my khazana and the show ends of Mannu 2 crying face…
Show start with Mannu 2 begging Lachoo & Sakku bai saying she will do whatever they want. Sakku bai tells her to kill Ganga Dhar Roa..Mannu 2 is stunned.
Marshall is beating the crap out of the guard who testify against him in King's court and he stabs him with knife Marshall tries to shoot other guard but his boss (forgot his name sorry) comes and says control urself. Marshall says he cannot believe that SS was takes right under his nose. Marshall calls another guard and the guard says per your order we have our people on the common cloth to keep eyes on Kranti Guru. Marshall says I will find you KG
On the street. ...
Moti Bai and Mannu are walking covered with blanket and sees some men following them Mannu says these are marshal's people. Mannu slaps one of the guy and the crowd gathered and Marshal's men leaves.
MB and Mannu arrives to the old house and MB asks forgiveness saying she can not make any better arrangement. MB also ask forgiveness for putting Jalkari (mannu 2) in her place as she wanted to save her but she did not know someone was eyeing on her act and she is sure the person who made her unconscious is the one putting pressure on Jalkari and making her do these things.
Jalkari is begging sakku bai to release her brother Sakku bai congratulate Lacchoo for finding a diamond like mannu 2. Laccho says one day she was walking on the street and there she found Jalkari and we see flashback where lachoo and her son paying some money to Jalkari father but Jalkari father denies it saying they will not betray their king and queen suddenly MB  knocks the door seeing MB there lachoo and her son are shocked. Laccho tells Jalkari's father not to act smart otherwise his son will be harm. Jalkari father goes to open the door and MB tells him that she needed to take his daughter Jalkari to the mahel immediately as she needs to help queen and her looks are similar to the queen. Jalkari father agrees and says he will send her immediately.  Lacchoo and her son take Jalkari's father and brother in their possession and tell Jhalkari to do their work in the mahel.
Laccho praises MB for making her work easy. Sakku praises Lacchoo's intelligence and says they need to groom maharani otherwise their act will end.
King's court:
Shivarami comes to invite King and Queen to the pooja. King wishes to have Aaishree presence  and we see evil aaishree entering the room saying I am here  and King greets her. Shiva ram invites aaishree she says she will come after meeting her Bahu and goes to meet mannu. (Why is she here...I cannot stand that old hag torturing our mannu)
Tatya guru (TG) comes and attack Mannu 2 with his sword in her neck and ask her who is making her do these things and ask her to tell the person's name immediately. Aaishree arrives  and says what is happening. TG is shocked to see Aaishree there and he cooks up story saying this is the way of greeting each other after a long time. Indu didi and Parachi comes looking for TG. Aaishree makes sarcastic comment saying whole bithur has arrived in Jhansi in my absence. Mannu says they came to see her and tells parachi and indu to go and she will join them later. Parachi makes faces at mannu 2 and Mannu tells her to go in rude manner.
Parachi comes to the king and king asks what the matter and why she is unhappy. Parachi tells him  she is looking for her Mannu didi. King says you have just arrived from her room. Parachi, she is not our mannu didi… King is shocked
TG says parachi  has met mannu after a long time that is why she is unhappy. And tells parachi now your didi  has more responsibility and she is the queen of Jhansi. Parachi cries saying mannu di where are you.
MB & Mannu are searching for Jalkari's father in their house  and sees trail of blood. Seeing this mannu says they have been taken into custody forcefully, MB says who could  have taken them. Mannu says the only person who can answer this is Jalkari.
Mannu says she needs to get the Ganesh Temple before everyone arrives for pooja MB ask how she will get there. Mannu says if jalkari can become Queen and why not I become Jalkari.
Sakku bai and Laccho are preparing Jalkari and are using concealer to cover her mark and we see MB making the same mark on mannu's cheek and the show ends on Mannu 2 & mannu's split face..
Tomorrows precap:
Sakku bai ask Jalkari what is she doing here instead of being at the pooja and touches the mark saying what is this as I have just got you ready. Seeing the color coming off of the mark Sakku bai is shocked and mannu tells her know she knows the reason

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