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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


Janaki bai/ Sakku bai Room:
Show start with Mannu threatening Janaki Bai & Sakku bai saying if they make any plan against the king she will not spare them
Aaishree comes and listen the last sentence and says now this is how you talk to your elders…
Mannu says no I was just telling them that the one who conspire at the mandi will not get any place to have their death body burn
Aaishree believe mannu...Janaki bai and Sakku bai agrees with mannu
Mannu tells aaishree from onward I will put Kadi Nazar on every event ..
Aaishree says no I will do it and ask maannu to go an take rest and let these also rest too and leaves…
Mannu gives a killer look to the two witches and leave

Marshall come and King ask if he was aware of the mishappening that happened at the mandir. Marshall ask forgiveness and says this will not happened again.
Ganga dhar get mad at Marshall and says Ganga dhar still can take care of his people's safety and their welfare..
Seeing fierce king like this marshall looks like he just peed in his pants..
King accuses marshall saying he is the one behind this mishappening if this event happens again then you will never see the face of Jhansi..King points finger at him and Marshall was moving his eyeball according to king's finger movement…King leaves and Marshall clutches his belt in anger
Next day, Parachi comes to the king and is showered by the flowers by all dassi …mannu congratulates Parachi for her b-day and everyone gives her gift.
King comes and carries Parachi saying he does not have any gift for her as he did not know what to give…Parachi is sad and King wonders what to do
King places Parachi on his seat and pulls Pearl necklace from his neck and puts it in parachi and she laughs…
Mannu comes and says I pray you will be with me all the time..
Parachi says after this life, that life I will always be with you…(It echos…so sad the parachi's character is ending) and she huggs mannu saying thank you mannu didi
Mannu wakes up saying what happened..Parachi says where is my haar…
Parachi says I was dreaming Mannu awakes from bed and goes toward her temple and prays .....parachi copies what mannu is doing and follows her around..
Mannu ask what is the matter…parachi says don't you remember…
Mannu says I forgot to do Surya Namaskar..
Parachi pats her for head saying hey Dewa..(the child is so cute)
Mannu acts like she don't know and tells parachi to tell her immediately as she has to get ready to meet king so they can discuss about baba's marriage and mannu leaves..
Parchi stands there sad and gruppy face

Kings palace- Dinning Room:
TG and moropant comes and greet Ganga dhar and Aaishree. Mannu comes and serve food to Ganga dhar, aaishree moropant and TG..
Parachi comes and takes her place and ask Mannu if she cooked her favorite food. 
Mannu says no is there any special celebration..parachi is sad
TG moropant leaves as Ganga says I wants to talk about the marriage prep.
Parachi is sad saying no one wished her..
Parachi's spirit comes and tells parachi to ask Nyaa (justice) from the king he will give you Nyaa..Parachi says for real if so then I will go to the King and runs to Ring the Bell
She cannot get hold of Rope..she sees some guys coming with the box and ask them to put the box together on top of each other.
She climbs and ring the bell
Hearing the sound of bell, King wonders who need Nyaa early this morning
Guard comes and tell parachi king has call you inside..Seeing Parachi king is mused and says he is waiting for the person seeking justice..
Parachi says that me.King tells what can I do for you and I will make sure you will get justice
Parachi says today is my b-day and no one wished me.
King says this is a big matter and lots of people are in fault. How should I punish them,
Parachi says - send indu didi to her sasural; stop moropant Kaka's marriage and send TG to bunbaas (forest)
Kings says I will do as you wish, tell me how should I punish your manu didi. Parachi says mannu didi won't see you for 7 days no... no that is too long she will stay away from you for 3 days. King smiles and says what about mine punishment. Parachi says since mannu didi is staying away from you for 3 days, won't this be a punishment for you too?
King says I will accept it at the same time you will be punished too…parachi is shell shocked and says why..
King says for your innocence. Parachi ask what is my punishment King says come with me and carries her to the court yard where everyone were waiting for her..
Mannu, Indu moropant wishes her happy b-day Mannu says may god give you long life
Indu- May god give you all happiness and Parachi says May God give all sadness to Evil Firangi and everyone laughs
Everyone gives gift and parachi is very happy seeing her big doll… so much drum beating and celebration was going on the palace…

British Commisonary:
Hearing the celebration Marshall is in pain and closes the window and wants to know what is the matter..
Firaagi says there is a celebration in the Palace as todays is Maharani's sister's b-day. Marshall boss tells marshall to give up the idea of trapping and going against mannu bai.
Marshall says never and clutches his hand. Another firangi comes and tell Marshall that against their wishes Villagers are pulling water from the well.
Marshall is happy thinking that he can trap Mannu Bai
Kings court Yard:
Parachi tells mannu that she is very happy. TG comes and tells mannu that I need to talk to you. TG says I was just informed that marshall is heading to the well. Mannu says I need to do something about this marshall. All the villagers were pulling water from the well. Marshall comes and tells them how dare they pull water from East company's well. One of the guy says we are human and need water too…marshall beat the guy and all villagers scattered…
Mannu in Kranti Guru form comes and pull the whimp from Marshall's hand and drags him with her horse and takes him in secluded area where Tatya guru is waiting.
Mannu tells Marshall you stoop so low to hurt me you have cross all the limit. You fire gun at my pawan who can not walk I will do the same for you.
You scheme against me and King, You hurt my brother Sumer…I will not leave you now and you will pay for all the torture…
Mannu and Marshall had sword fight mannu wins and she puts the big scar on his face and leaves,,
Marshall tries to act smart but mannu comes and says her eyes are everywhere ..and she kicks marshall's face and wow the yucky gold tooth falls out…
And the show ends on mannu's face
Tomorrow Precap:
Marshall comes to meet king and Mannu seems worried..
Marshall is limping and his tooth is missing King ask what happened
Sorry for the mistake…must watch episode…
Loved Parachi she is full of life gonna miss her once her character ends…
Mannu beat the crap out of Marshall

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