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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Tuesday 3rd April 2018


Moropant wants Gangadhar Rao to allow Laxmibai to visit Durgabai Wada .Gangadhar Rao agrees but he wants Laxmibai to be present during the flag game competition. Actually, Moropant has a secret plan.
According to the plan, Moropant takes an empty palanquin to Durga Bai Wada just to fool everyone in believing that Laxmibai has gone to Durgabai Wada. Marshall arrives at Gangadhar Rao's palace with some news. He is stunned to observe an empty palanquin.
Marshall hands over the East India Company soldiers who had disguised themselves as Gangadhar Rao's soldiers. Marshall wants Gangadhar Rao to punish them as they are his culprits.
Samar arrives at the prison to free Laxmibai from there. Laxmibai says it is not possible for her to flee. Samar urges her to escape with him. This is because she won't like to defeat Gangadhar Rao in the flag game. So, Laxmibai will be forced to remove her veil. Because of this, everyone will get to know that she is Krantiguru.
Just then, Marshall arrives at the prison to imprison those East India Company soldiers. Samar is forced to hide. Marshall praises Laxmibai for her efforts. He taunts her for being better than Gangadhar Rao. This angers Laxmibai and she warns Marshall not to say a word against Gangadhar Rao.

Marshal and LB are in cell and LB warns Marshal not to speak against King, samar Singh is listening hiding in a croner
Marshal thinks that now he is sure LB is only Kranti Guru and goes from there saying Best of Luck to LB
Sumer Singh warns LB to be careful from Marshal and leaves, outside British soldiers catch him and take him to Marshal
Marshal tells Sumer Singh that in tomorrows fight he will kill LB.
Marshal puts Gun Powder (Barood) at the place (end of race) as he is sure LB will win & die.
Next morning everybody is at the sight of competition, except Jhansi Ki Rani.
King ask Moropant that where is Queen he says she is praying for him and will come only after Match is finished
Marshal tells Fraser he has played a game and end will be good.
Kranti Guru ask King for his Ashirwad and he say may the best person win.
Precap : Fraser ask Marshal you still think KG will win. Marshal says wit & watch she will win but after her death.

The competition starts between King & Kranti Guru.
King picks up the flag and moves forward, KG catches up  with him and pulls the flag from King.
King after some time pulls the flag and when Kranti Guru tries to take the flag he doesn't give it easily.
King takes his sword and fight with Krantiguru.
KG defeats King in sword fight.
KG fells down when her horse refuses to move further.
KG smells the Gunpowder, she rodes the horse again and tells him we have to save my husband.
KG catches up with King takes flag from him and throws the flag from bit far to the end spot.
There is big blast King & KG both fell from their horses.
All the spectators are worried and run towards King & KG.
Marshal is upset as his plan fails.
King is injured, and KG is lying unconscious on ground.
King goes towards KG. KG horse come there and puts mud on her she gains conscious and covers her face just before King reaches her.
King ask her who she is, to which KG replies as the rule of Game no one won so will not show her face.
KG rides her hrose and leaves from their.
Marshal sees this and follows her, in jungle he fires on LB but she is saved because of her horse.
LB reaches her tent and than she see her horse is injured.
Marshal follows her their and is hiding and watching all that is going on.
Moropant comes their and tells LB to get ready as King is waiting for her, reluctantly she goes inside tent to get ready.
LB is dressed as queen and comes out.
Marshal is looking all this and says now I am sure KG is Queen of Jhansi.
LB reaches fort. King is happy to see her.
LB & King both ask each other how are you at same time. (cute scene)
King smiles and says I am fine, and ask her go get seated.
LB's Dasi says to LB you saved King today. King turns around hearing this comment.
Dasi says that because of LB's prayer King is safe.
Marshal comes to fort, and pays his respect to LB.
King introduces Matshal & LB.
LB is angry to see Marshal
LB offer prasad to Marshal, and tells him that prasd is taken with respect.
Marshal takes the prasad and gives to his assistant.
This agitates LB more and she rudely tells Marshal if he didn't wanted to consume prasad why he took it. King is astonished to see this.
Marshal silently takes prasad from his assistant and eats it.
Marshal tells king that he knows who is after the conspiracy
King says tell me.
Marshal says Samer Singh.
Precap : Marshal tell King that he has received the reply for LB's letter.

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