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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Wedneday 11th April 2018


Tatyaguru and Krantiguru (Laxmibai) manage to free Jalkari's father and brother .This frustrates Marshall. But he is sure Laxmibai is heading towards the Ganesh temple.
Jalkari decides to reveal to Aaishree that she is forced to be a part of a conspiracy by Sakhu Bai, Lachu and Maharani Sahiba who intend to assassinate Gangadhar Rao. She visits Aaishree and reveals about it. However, Jalkar is shocked to know that the person standing in Aaishree's getup is Lachu. Lachu says she knew Jalkari would reveal to Aaishree about it hence she impersonated Aaishree.
Then, Jalkari decides to reveal about the conspiracy to Gangadhar Rao. However, Jalkari is unable to do so as Sakhu Bai appears in Gangadhar Rao's room. Sakhu Bai gets angry at Jalkari. She orders Jalkari to present the puja material, which contains explosives, to Gangadhar Rao.
Later in the episode, Laxmibai meets Prachi. She convinces Prachi that she is Laxmibai and not Jalkari. Laxmibai decides to visit the Ganesh temple with Prachi and to save Gangadhar Rao.
At the Ganesh temple, Jalkari intentionally stumbles and falls to the ground. Gangadhar Rao helps her and notices the birth mark on her cheek. Will Laxmibai succeed in saving Gangadhar Rao's life?

 Lachu is shocked and angry when Khuda Baksh reveals that Krantiguru managed to free Jalkari's father and brother from them. She slaps Khuda Baksh for his failure. But Khuda Baksh is sure Marshall will capture Krantiguru.
Laxmibai in disguise and Motibai try hard to reach the Ganesh temple to save Gangadhar Rao's life. However, Marshall observes them and runs after them. After a long chase, Marshall manages to catch Motibai and Laxmibai. But he is shocked to know that the woman with Motibai is not Laxmibai but some other girl. Marshall lets them go.
The ritual starts at the Ganesh temple. Jalkari presents the puja material, mixed with explosives, to Gangadhar Rao. Gangadhar Rao is about to put the material in the ritual fire but Jalkari stops him. Jalkari wants Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba to do the ritual as they are elder. Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba realize that the girl is Laxmibai instead of Jalkari.
In order to save their lives, Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba state that Aaishree should do the ritual since she is the eldest. Aaishree agrees. Just when Aaishree is about to add the material to the fire, Laxmibai unsheathes a dagger and looks at Aaishree with anger. This stops Aaishree from adding the material to the fire. Will Gangadhar Rao learn the truth about Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahib

Just as Aaishree is about to add the puja material to the ritual fire, she is shocked to observe Laxmibai advancing towards Gangadhar Rao with a knife Aaishree rushes towards Laxmibai while Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba add the explosives to the fire. The consequent explosion leaves Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba injured.
Chaos follows. Gangadhar Rao is relieved when he notices Aaishree had escaped unhurt. More than the explosion, Aaishree is confused by Laxmibai's act. Laxmibai lies that she went towards Gangadhar Rao with a knife to shove off a spider from his clothes. Aaishree and Gangadhar Rao are thankful to Laxmibai for once again saving their lives. But Gangadhar Rao is concerned about the repeated attempts to harm him.
Laxmibai reveals to Indu how she replaced Jalkari and entered the Ganesh temple. Jalkari apologizes to Laxmibai for her acts. Laxmibai forgives Jalkari.
Laxmibai feigns sympathy towards Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba. Sakhu Bai threatens to reveal to Gangadhar Rao about Laxmibai's secret activities. Laxmibai says even she will reveal that Sakhu Bai stole Jhansi's treasure. Laxmibai warns Sakhu Bai and Maharani Sahiba not to harm Gangadhar Rao else she will kill them. Laxmibai is stunned to learn that Aaishree has overheard her. Will Laxmibai reveal to Aaishree that she is Krantiguru?

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