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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Wednesday 4th April 2018


Part 1:

Show start with Marshall saying he knows the person behind this conspiracy is Sumer Singh and his gang. Mannu is Shocked. Marshall says he is also helping Kranti guru to go against the king. King does not believe him and says if Kranti guru was my enemy she wouldn't not have alert me saying my horse's chain was loose. If she did not alert me then I could have get injured or even killed. Marshall looks at Mannu and says it could be another trap by Sumer Singh. King order his Prime Minister and to find Sumer Singh either alive or dead. He wants SS at any cost.
Marshall give evil smile to mannu.
Mannu comes to corriander and tries to feed her horse PAWAN but he refuse to eat. Mannu has a flash back of how Pawan had help her before. Pawan eats from Mannu's hand. Mannu is happy Moropant comes with the care take of the horse. Caretaker says the horse is fine but he will never be able to run as his wound is so deep. Mannu is shocked and says she will not leave Marshall. Mannu tells her father that Marshall wanted to kill her. Moropant tells her to be aware of these firangi, they will do anything to bump her off as she is obstacle on their path.
Marshall is torturing Sumer Singh (SS). Marshall says Kranti Guru (KG) is no one BUT Laxmi Bai and SS is shocked. Marshall says he will use SS and KG against the king
SS says your dream will never fulfill and gives gali to Marshall. Marshall beats him up. The guard comes saying there is a message from Fort williams and you need to deliver it ASAP to Jhansi. Marshall reads the note and is shocked.
Moropant tells Mannu to stop the act of Kranti Guru otherwife her married life will be vain. Mannu says in anger King had refuse to let me come to the court room. Moropant tells Mannu he is your hubby if he is mad you need to manofying him . Moropant gives his kasam and ask mannu to do as he says.
King is remembering his encouter with Kranti Guru. Mannu comes and ask all servant to leave. King says they were about to feed me. Mannu says she will feed him today. Mannu puts food on his plate and ask him to eat. King ask if she ate or not. Mannu says she will only eat after him. King recalls his encounter with Kranti guru again. Mannu ask if he is in dilemma. King says yes, I am still recalling the Veertha of the Kranti guru. King Praises the strength and the skills of Kranti Guru. King wanted to reward Kranti Guru. Mannu is happy. And says she will be honored to meet the Kranti guru.
Mannu tells him I cooked this Vindi (okra) my self. Mannu remembers her the last cooking project and tells king this time she did not put any Mirchi (chilli) King smiles and see the chot on mannu's hand and inquire how did it happened. Mannu cooks up another story. King again praises kranti guru mannu is blushing and shy. King ask forgiveness for praising Kranti guru infront of her. Mannu says she do not mind as he is doing the right thing. King has heart to heart conversation with Mannu and tells her to act like a queen and ask her Why she send a letter to Fort williams without consulting him. Mannu is zapped and don't know what to say. Mannu says she did not wanted to hurt him but apologizes to him and ask him to eat food. While king was about to put food on his mouth guard comes and tells him fraser and marshall are here to see him. King is about to leave but mannu stops him by holding hand and tells him not to leave the food as it will be consider as neglecting Aana (food) dhata (god) (not sure what is it in english). King tells him kingdom is not rule by emotions and he let go of mannu's grip from his hand. Mannu is shocked and sad
Mannu is seating on terrace her dassi comes with food. Mannu refuse to eat Dassi ask if there is anything wrong Mannu says no and she questions her fate. Dassi says you are like Lakshi and your fate is bright. Mannu says no as I cannot understand king, I don't understand what makes him happy and what makes him sad. Mannu praises Kranti Guru and her dassi laughs?Dassi tells her to tell the king that you are Kranti Guru. Mannu says NO.
In the court room, King ask Fraser what is the message. Marshall says the message is for the queen not you. King says I still want to know. Marshall says - our governor has objection with the request made by Queen. All the cabinet mbr including King are shocked.
Precap: King is furious and is on his way to meet Mannu on the terrace

 In the court room:
Show start with King wanted to know the message. Marshall says our Governor has taken Queen's objection seriously. Everyone present are shock. 
Marshall says the queens objection is correct so the governor has agreed to reduced the lagan  from 2 Lakhs to 50 thousand. King and everyone are  happy. Prime Minister tells king everyone in the Mahel wants to show their gratitude to the queen. King says sure I will fulfill your request.
Outside in terrace:
Mannu is telling Sundar that King is mad at me and he did not even eat his food and my father tells me to manafing him but I don't know how to do that. King arrives and dassi leaves. King imitates another voice and says king is calling you. Mannu tells him to go and get Kranti guru. Ganga Dhar (in his own voice) says how if Maharaj himself is calling. Hearing his voice mannu is shocked. Mannu says I can not understand earlier in anger you left without eating food and now you are here.
King says I have come to say sorry. Mannu says don't say that. King says if I am mistaken then I will ask sorry. King says the governor has agreed to reduce the lagan from 2 lakhs to 50,000. Mannu is happy hearing the news. King is happy and gives her permission to go inside the court. King ask Mannu if she is happy. Mannu says she will be happy when he understand and trust her, whatever she is doing is for welfare of Jhansi. King says she did it right but the way she did was wrong. Mannu refuse to go and says her  adhikar to go inside the court room has been taken away. King says if Adhikar has been taken aways then it can be given back wholeheartedly. Mannu ask for a promise from her husband but not from the king. King is amused, turns to leave but comes back and ask her saying Ganga dhar is infront of you. Mannu tells him to ask King to give her husband for one day. King smiles and says King will hear her request in darbar and leaves to the court room.
Part 2:
Court Room:
As mannu enters Everyone chant saying Maharani ki Jai Maharaj ki Jai !!!!
Marshall, janaki bai and saku bai are unhappy while everyone are happy and greet mannu. All the minister shows their gratitude. King says  on the behalf of Jhansi people he is thankful  to the queen. King says there will be no operation in the durbar tomorrow as he will be the hubby of Maharani laxmi Bai  mannu is happy while Marshall is mad at mannu and shows her his fake gold teeth. And says those 24 hrs will be heavy upon  her.
Mannu's bedroom:

Mannu arrives in her room and is nervous about the next day Sundar and Kaasi ask what she will do if she will do sword fight with him. Mannu says if she does then he will know her as Kranti Guru. Mannu says she must find out what king likes and we see Moti Behen (MB) is praying for mannu and Ganga dhar's relationship. Sundar comes to MB and tells her queen is remembering her. MB comes to mannu and closes her eye. Mannu recognize her. Mannu ask her how she can make him happy. MB tells her he likes Rose and Paan..MB teaches mannu how to make paan for King Ganga Dhar.
Out in the public:
The next day..Announcer comes and pass the message on the behalf of Company Bahadur saying Sumer Singh has been arrested and will be hang to death. Hearing his kassi and sundar are shocked.
Inside the Jail:
We see Suner singh hang upside down and are beating him to death by 2 british guard. Marshall comes and stop the firangi from beating him. Firangi ask Marshall if he is gonna release Sumer Singh. Marshall says he is going to release him for forever and gives wicked smile, while Sumer Singh is shocked.
Part 3:
In Mannu's Room:
Next day Mannu and King are together. Mannu says she made all these paan for him and describe him how she made the paan. King says are we gonna make paan all day??. Mannu says no. .
King calls her Lakshmi..Mannu is happy hearing her name..

We see Marshall and his gang taking Sumer Singh out of Bristish commisionary.
Out in the lawn'.Mannu and Ganga Dhar are doing Surya pooja'.. Kassi and Sundar are running to the palace to pass the message to Mannu.  Sundar tells kassi to go and see what the firangi are up to and she will try to meet the queen.
Mannu and King are warming up for their sword fight..
Marshall and his gang are drasgging Sumer singh into the street and all the  people are saying this is sumer singh our messiah..
We see mannu and Ganga dhar walking..white dove comes and lands in mannu's shoulder. Seeing white dove mannu is happy and calls him sawariya'seeing sawariya gaga dhar is happy too and takes him in his finger. Marshall is still dragging sumer singh.  The screen splits between sumer singh and Mannu & ganga dhar'
Next week:
Mannu climbs the pillar but stops on the middle saying king shouldnot know and she falls on Kings arm and he carrys her. Sumer singh is standing with chain in his neck to be hanged infront of people'.

In the Lawsn of Mahel:
Show start with King practising his Sword skills. Mannu comes and join him ..King is surprised but both of them have a match. Mannu stops in the middle what if King might recognized me as Kranti Guru (KG) . Mannu ask if he will teach her Sword Fighting. King says sure and they walk?.Mannu runs to the pole and climbs it (thinking King might recognize her as KG she falls King catches her and has a nice eye locking moment?(Ganga dhar looks very cute in the new hair style) Mannu is shy and Ganga Dhar is amused and he slowly puts her on the ground .
Sundar comes and sees king and queen together and wonder how can she relay the message regarding Sumer Singh. Kassi comes and tells sundar as it is too late as Marshall is ready to hang SS. Marshall is waiting to see if queen Laxmi bai will come and save Sumer Singh.
Ganga Dhar and Mannu are playing LUDOO (not sure what is it called) ? Mannu wins and king ask how did she learn. Mannu says from her Ajuba as he used to take her everywhere and she had no rules to abide with. King says she has some rules here. Kings says so that means she did not live her life like a regular woman. Mannu says forgive me but Nari (woman) is not only born as Nari only but man made her woman by making her realizes that a woman is safeguard by man (King is in deep thinking)
Sundar and Kassi comes to meet queen poor kassi tries to blackmail the guard but guard refuse to let them meet queen. 
Out in the bazzar..
people come and says this is our messiah and firangi make fun of Sumer Singh. Marshall make fun of Sumer Singh your sister is delaying to come and save you. SS says you are mistaken Marshall as God is the one who give and take life away.
In the Mahel:
Mannu and King are still playing LUDDO (not sure what is it). King says they will play the Biggest game today (wait N watch )
Marshall is cursing Mannu saying why she is not here. Marshall gives 10 min to SS and says he will be hanged after that.
Mannu and Ganga dhar are dressed as common people and are walking in the bazzar of Jhansi. Kassi runs into king and says can't you see, you are blind. King says forgive me beti. Kassi makes face saying beti  and runs?mannu ask forgiveness saying they are my dassi. King says I know.

Mannu says if they cannot recognize us then no one will. King agress with Mannu.
Marshall is throwing water on SS and torturing him.
Mannu and Ganga are in the bazzar the painter is making a sketch of the two lovely duo 
Marshall says your time is up and makes fun of SS ?.
Mannu is on the swing and King is pushing her( so cute) ?.Marshall tells the guy to put a black loth on his face. Ragunath comes and tells Marshall to stop this as no one is authorize to give Death sentence other than King himself. Ragunath orders them to leave at once.
Mannu and ganga dhar are walking on the street of Jhansi and they came to food stall. Mannu ask the guy to move as her MAN  needs to take a sit (LOL) mannu and Ganga dhar eats samosa puri and etc Mannu feeds samosa to teh king once done they take a leave. The shop keeper ask for the money..Both lovely duo are shocked (as they have never paid for anything in their life) Ganga Dhar says they do not have money. The shop Keeper says if you did not have money then why did you sit down to eat. Mannu says don't say anything to my man I will pay and gives him gold coin. Seeing the gold coin the shop keeper is happy. People are running?.mannu stops one of the guy and ask what is the matter. The guy says firangi is hanging SS. Mannu and ganga dhar are shocked
Ganga Dhar and Mannu walks up to the area where SS is hanged. Marshall tells Ragunath not to interfere in his matters. Mannu tells King this is his kingdom and you have authority to punish. Ganga says you are right. Marshall gives order to pull the rope?King flies there and punches the man who was supposed to let go of the rope. Marshall and everyone are shocked.Marshall attacked King with his sword. King kicks marshall hand and the sword flies off and lands infront of mannu. Marshall goes to pick sword and says how dare you. Mannu lifts his hand and says how dare you talk to my hubby like. King pulls his beard and receals himself everyone is happy seeing their Beloved King and King introduce his Queen to everyone ?All jantas are chanting Maharaj and Maharani ki Jai? King orders Ragunath to capture SS?
Marshall objects and tells him that SS was caputure in his area. King says You should have punish him there but Right Now you are in my area and I am the only one who can punish. Another firangi tells marshall to let go otherwise this news will trave to fort williams?
Marshall promises himself saying he will reveal mannu's identity as KG and show splits on mannu beautiful face and Marshall fake gold teeth..
Precap: King makes an announcement saying KG has to revealed herself in 24 hrs if not Sumer Singh will be hanged to death. Mannu is worried Marshall is happy.

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