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Kuch Rang Episode 11--12 Update on Monday 9th April 2018


Sona asks Dev to let her do her job and not interfere. He says she knows her work, but he wants to inform that mom is a bit adamant. She says he has hereditary problem then. He asks what he means. Sister laugh standing at a distance. Sona says he should go to office peacefully now. He says okay and leaves.
Sisters inform mom/Ishwari how Sona commanded Dev and ordered him to go to office and he obeyed her. Mom is surprised. Neha says mom is surprised that her son went without meeting her. Mom says no. Daughters taunt her.
Mom goes to kitchen and sees Sona guiding servant to prepare food and gives instructions not to add ghee, salt, or spice, etc.,, in mom’s food. She is surprised, goes out, calls Dev and says nutrionist is kamchor and he is giving her 1.5 lakhs rs unnecessarily. He says that is her work and says he is in a meeting and will come after sometime. Neha sees mom spying on Sona and asks her to keep things normal. Mom complains that her son’s hard earned money is wasted.
Sona’s mom tells dad that she has found an alliance for Sona. Dad jokes to let Sona settle down. Mom says she will fix alliance at any cost.
Mama while having food taunts his son that he is useless. Maami taunts him that he is broke. Maama says when he cannot help her sister, he will not be burden on her and asks her to stop dreaming that they will stay at Ishwari’s house.
Sona’s dad and brother fight for remote while watching football match. Mom comes and tells dad that she has fixed alliance for Sona and her decision is final. Brother asks how will they run house after Sona goes. Dad says he is old, but still can earn and not like he who is retired before working. Brother apologizes dad.
Sona serves oilless rotis and bland sabji to mom. Mom praises that she is so sanskari that she prepared food for animals. sona says it is for her. Mom asks without oil and spices. Sona says it is a matter of 3 days. Mom asks if she will ghee rotis after 3 days. Sona says she will get habituated. Once Dev comes, mom complains that Sona just instructs cook to prepare food and is getting 1.5 lakhs, it is better if she would have heard Neha and saved money. Dev says this is what she is paid for. Mom continues. Sona enters with soup.
Sona drops flour on Dev. Dev scolds her. She says she did not throw a bomb on him, it is just multigrain atta. He asks why is she worried about his health. Their argument continues. After day’s work, Sona says good bye and walks out. She buys water from a shop. Khatri goon/Ishwari’s old house owner asks if she is a teacher at Dixit house. She says it is none of his business. He says he knows Ishwari from long ago. She asks why is he telling her and leaves on her Activa.
Mom speaks over phone with Radha and informs Dev that Sameer’s marriage is fixed somewhere else now. Neha comes and complains that her room AC is not working. Dev sayshe will call mechanic. She says she needs split AC in her room. He says if needed, he will get it. She says if mom’s room’s AC would have stopped, he would have brought split AC by now, but he is ignoring her. Dev agrees to get new split AC for her.
Sona reaches home and sees her grandma home. Saurab taunts her that tomorrow groom’s family is coming to see her and she has to act like typical bride and prepare kachori samosas for them, etc. She looks at Dad says he is inocent. Mom says it is a formal dinner and she does not have to behave formally. Sona agrees and runs behind Saurab to beat him. Mom gets emotional and tells dad that sona at least agreed for dinner.
In the morning, Dev gets ready for office. Ria comes and reminds him of his promise to take her to office. He says today he has many meetings, she can come some other day. She gets sad. He says he will forward some links, she can study them, and when he is free to explain her work, he will take her to office. He goes to office and is busy in a meeting when Neha calls and asks where is her AC. He says he will send mechanic and disconnects call. She calls Radha and complains.
Radha and her husband’s nok jhok starts. She asks him how is she looking. He says heroine, but this house does not have Dharmendra. She asks how are her ears. He says ears for hearing and not seeing. Their nok jhok continues.
Dev comes back home to fix AC. Sona meets her and says she had sent aunty’s blood for testing yesterday and it seems he is ignoring her health. He gets angry and asks her to mind her tongue and says he considers her mom as god. Their argument continues.
Sona orders groceries. Ishwari comes to check and sees olive oil and all diet food. She asks where is ghee and sugar, etc. Sona says it will not come in this hosue now. Ishwari asks why is she forcing whole family to diet. Sona says if she keeps dietician for each family member, it will be very expensive, so she is saving her mony. Ishwari says this is not done and leaves angrily. Sona thinks she is a tough nutshell to crack.
Precap: Sona tells Ishwari that a man met her and told he knows her from before. Ishwari asks if he told name. Sona says some Khatri and looks like he knows her well. Ishwari gets angry.

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