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Kuch Rang Episode 19--20 Update on Friday 13th April 2018


Sona’s mom calls her and reminds her of her date with a boy. Sona says she remembers. Mom gives her moral gyaan. Sona says she remembers all and will behave well with boy.
Radha’s house power goes. She fans herself manually and yells that Ishwari is enjoying AC in her home. Rahul says Ishwari aunt forgot that she gave her shelter long ago and Dev forgot her favor. Radha says they will shift in Ishwari’s house soon.
Dev comes home and cook says Sona left work early and did not guide what to prepare for mom. Sona is busy on a dinner date with a boy. Dev calls her repeatedly and asks receipe. Boy gets irritated and leaves. Sona scolds Dev. Mom comes and takes phone. Sona continues that she fixed receipes on fridge and he is so dumb. Mom asks Dev what is dumb. Dev says it means intelligent.
Sona’s dad shouts at home that someone did not return 13 rs and took bribe. Saurab asks him to relax, but dad continues that he will change system and complain. Sona enters home tired. Daadi asks how was her date. Just then, boy’s mother calls mom and yells that earlier Sona insulted by making them wait and not did same with her son, if she already has a boyfriend why she called her son. Mom says there is some confusion. Boy’s mother disconnnects call. Sona tells how Dev called her reparedly for a receipe after office hours. Family asks how can he after her working hours.
Dev reaches home after office. Mom asks where is Neeta. He says she is grown up and will come on her own. Neeta comes and tells how Dev’s employees did not identify that she is Dev’s sister and badmouthed about him. Dev asks her to keep office issues at home. Neeta continues. Mom says she is very dumb. Neeta gets angry and tells meaning of dumb. Mom gets angry thinking how can Sona call Dev dumb.
In the morning, Sona comes to work. Dev sees her and their argument starts. He says mom came to know what dumb is and she is waiting for her. Sona goes to kitchen and sees mom there. Mom shows her anger on her for calling her son dumb.
Sona comes back to work next morning and sees Ishwari angrily preparing tea herself. She tries to help, but Ishwari ignores her. Cook says he will prepare. Ishwari asks if he does not know that she does not like interference, she is not dumb, pointing at Sona’s comment. Sona apologizes her for calling Dev dumb and says she did not mean it. Ishwari says 600 people work for his son and he handles his big company alone, he became rich with his hard work and intelligence.
Rahul’s father asks Rahul why is bathroom water stinking. Rahul pretends that he does not know anything. Father taunts he does not bathe for months, how will he know. Radhika also acts as puking and says kitchen water is stinking.
Ishwari asks Sona to knit sweart. Sona says she does not know. Ishwari taunts she does not know cooking, knitting, washing, etc. and called her son dumb instead. Sona says she will try. Ishwari blesses her to get married soon and apply haldi on her face. Ria taunts organic haldi. Radha comes with Rahul and says Ishwari her house’s water is stinking, so she came here. Ishwari says she did right, it is also her house.
Sona’s father meets Dev in market and says he needs to talk. Dev takes him to his office. Father tells that he is troubling Sona even after working hours finish and intriguing her personal space. He should stop calling her after office hours. Peon comes and says Dev he needs to talk. Dev asks to come after some time. Sona’s father says he will wait. Dev calls peon in. Peon gives him sweet box and thanks him for paying his daughter’s education feeds, giving her jobs and getting her married. Dev says he did not do anything great. Peon blesses him to succeed more in life and leaves. Sona’s father says he came to teach him how to behave with other’s daughter, but got his answer and walks away.
Dev come home talking over phone and drops his bag on table and it falls on Sona’s cake by mistake. Sona shouts my cake. Dev asks what happened. She says he spoilt her mom’s birthday and she needs 1 day to order sugar-free cake. He says if she orders now, she will get it tomorrow. She says her mom’s birthday is tonight and why will he care for her mom. Dev feels fuilty. Sona walks out angrily.
Sona goes home and tells Saurab that she had ordered cake for mom, but arrogant man spoilt it. He asks what did her Mr. Obodro do now. She says he is not her Mr. Obodro. He asks to check in bakeries. She says she tried everywhere and did not get cake. Dev asks Bunty to bring sugar-free cake. He brings sugar cake and says sugar-free cake tastes bad. Dev gets angry. Bunty calls 5 star hotel and says Dev needs sugar-free cake. Dev takes phone and says by tonight, but gets disconnected.
Precap: Dev goes to chef’s house to get cake and chef’s children trouble him until cake is prepared.

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