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Kuch Rang Episode 21--22 Update on Monday 16th April 2018


Dev goes to his ex-chef’s house and requests him to prepare sugar-free cake in 1 hour. Chef says his wife has gone out and he has to take care of his children. Dev agrees to be with children and sends chef to prepare cake. Children starts troubling Dev.
Radha silently prepares almond milk for Rahul with lots of almonds and silently takes it under her pallu. Kichu clashes with her by mistake and she starts scolding him. Ishwari and Ria come and ask what happened. Radha says Kichu clashed with her and milk dropped. Ishwari asks where is milk. Ria taunts it is under pallu and she can smell almonds. Ishwari says it is also Radha’s house and she has right to do anything. She asks Kichu to perpare another milk. Radha smirks and thinks soon she will dominate this house and Rahul will have wealth and respect like Dev.
Chef’s children continue to trouble Dev. He calls chef and chef says he needs 15 min more.
Sona and Saurab prepare sugar-free cake at home, but it burns. Their parents wait for cake and dad asks Sona if her cake is ready. Door bell rings. Sona opens door and sees Dev standing. Dev says he brought sugar-free cake. She stands dumbstuck. Saurab comes and gets happy seeing cake. Father also comes and forcefully takes Dev in for birthday paty. Sona leaves him way. Dev goes in. Mom cuts cake and dad does his jokergiri. Daadi scolds him that even this time he blew candles like he did on her, Sona and saurab’s birthday. Whole family does joker giri except Sona and Dev watches them standing. Mom serves Dev cake and tells Sona that her boss is not Obodro and arrogant like she told, she should thank him instead for bringing cake.
Ishwari waits for Dev till midnight. Dev reaches home. Ishwari serves him food and asks why did he come late. He says he had work at office.
Sona thinks of mom’s advice to thank Dev. She writes thank you SMS to Dev and thinks whether to send or not. Saurab passes by and she sends on H instead. Dev sees H and thinks Sona needs help.
Sona gets tensed after send SMS with H to Dev by mistake. Dev gets SMS, gets confused and calls her, but she does not pick call. He then calls Saurab and even he does not pick call. He thinks she needs help and reaches her home. Sona opens door and asks what is he doing at this time. He says she sent H and did not pick his call and even Saurab did not pick call, so he thought she needs help. She says she sent it by mistake. He leaves. She gets impressed by his change in behavior.
Neha reads Engllish magazine with difficulty and looks at English classes pamphlet. Ria says there is no age for learning and she is her inspiration, so she should learn English and set an example.
In the morning, Sona’s dad prepares special dish for family. Mom says he made this dish when they were newly married and impressed her. Daadi says he knows only this dish. Sona joins. Mom says Dev is a sweet boy and she was wrong that he is arrogant. She says she met him only once and if she meets often, she will know how he is. Daadi jokes.
Radha and Vivek enjoys lavish breakfast at Ishwari’s home. Ishwari comes and joins them with salad breakfast. Ria says she is going to work. Radha asks if she is not going with Dev. Ishwari says Dev left home at 7 a.m. Ria says she is going by bus. Radha asks even after being boss’s sister. Ria says Dev wants her to work hard like a normal employee and boast about wealth. Vivek and Radha look at each other. Radha tells she should get Dev married. Ishwari says she will once Dev grows up at right time. Radha says she has found a girl and Dev has grown up. Sona comes running and apologizes Ishwari for coming late and says she will get her breakfast soon. Ishwari says she already had breakfast.
Neha goes for lunch with her friend and finds it difficult to read menu. English teacher comes as waiter and reads menu for her. She gets angry seeing him.
Dev’s chef friend comes home with bouquet and calls Dev. Sona asks him who is he. He says Dev had come to his home for a cake and his children trouble Dev a lot, so he brought bouquet to thank him. He praises that she is lucky to have Dev as husband and he took so much effort for her birthday cake. She says she is not Dev’s wife and cake was for her mom. Man smiles and leaves.
Ishwari goes to temple and does charity among beggars. Khatri comes and says he met Dev but did not tell truth and next time he will for sure. She asks what she should do to keep his mouth shut. He says 1 lakh rs.
Dev’s younger sister chats on mobile. Sona sees that and asks her to study. Sister says she is strict like Dev. Dev calls Sona and asks her to wait for him and not go home till he reaches.
Precap: Ria reach home. Sona asks if Mr. Dixit left office. Ria says he must be stuck in office. At night, Sona’s dad calls her and asks where is she. She says still at Mr. Dixit’s home.

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