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Kuch Rang Episode 5--6 Update on Wednesday 4th April 2018


Aunt comes to Ishwari mom and tells she is not a purani bargad ki chudail/old tree’s witch that she is ignoring her. Ishwari says she knows what she wants to talk about. Aunt asks what she knows. Ishwari says she knows she wants to talk about Saloni and Dev’s alliance and she will not accept it. Aunt asks what is the problem with Saloni. Ishwari says the way Saloni held Dev’s hand and stared him, she did not like it and she does not need that kind of bahu. Saloni’s mom hears that and asks how can she think about Saloni like this, her Saloni came #2 in area’s beauty competition. Everyone gathers. She starts shouting that even after Neha kept a condition of living without in-laws after marriage and not having children. Ishwari asks why will Neha not have children. Soloni’s mom asks if she does not know about Saloni’s condition that she does not need children and says her husband has toy shop, how will he feel if he does not have granchildren to play with toys. Ishwari apologizes on Neha’s behalf and says it is her incomplete upbringing that she grew up like this. Mom asks Ishwari to accept Saloni and Dev’s alliance if she needs Neha and Sameer’s alliance. Ishwari says no and mom leaves with Sameer and guests.
Ishwari asks Dev why did he hide about Neha’s illegal demands. He says he did not want to trouble her. She says she is feeling more trouble now. Aunt comes and asks Ishwari why did not she accept Saloni’s alliance and why she accepted Neha’s. Ishwari says only she has right to decide Dev’s life. Aunt angrily leaves.
Sona’s brother comes and calls her Mishti. She asks if he left job. He asks how does she know. She says whenever he needs money, he calls her Mishti and asks howmuch he needs. He shows 5. She gives him 4. He happily leaves.
In the morning, Ishwari goes to aunt’s home and apologizes her. Aunt after a bit of drama forgives her. Ishwari says she needs her help. Aunt goes to Dev’s home and knocks Neha’s room door. Neha opens door and aunt tries to console her. Neha shouts at Ishwari that she is ready to be deceived many times. Verbal argument pursues and Neha says mom loves only Dev and not other children, she did injustice. Ishwari falls unconscious.
Dev and Sonakshi’s arguments start in doc’s cabin. Doc says Sonakshi is their best nutritionist and she can take best care of his mom. He searches her profile on net and Sona yells at him. Doc says if he checked profile, he must have realized her proficiency. Dev says yes.
Radha aunty comes to Neha’s room and with an example tells she will refix her marriage. Ishwari mom says no as Sameer’s family will not give Neha respect she deserves.
Sona prepares diet chart for Ishwari and gives it to Dev. Dev checks and says why should mom take salt. Sonakshi says she has low sodium and potassium and should take salt. He asks to give supplements. She explains reason in rude manner and asks to him to get his mom admitted. He takes diet chart and leaves.
Ishwari goes to market and meets her friend. Friend says she is lucky to have Dev as her son as her son is just behind her money. Ishwari says yes, she is lucky. She then sees her old land lord, gets panic attack, and runs back home. Dev comes home and scolds sisters for sending mom out alone. Ishwari comes home and falls on floor unconscious. Dev makes her sleep on sofa and once she wakes up scolds her for going alone without driver. Mom says she is fine. He gives diet chart and says she will eat only this. She says she does not want to look malnutritioned. He insists she will eat only this. He then asks Neha to take care of mom. She says just like she took care of sisters since childhood, she will take care of mom and will forget her personal life. Dev says he will get mom admitted to hospital and picks phone. She stops him and agrees to take care of mom. He says he will help her.
In the morning, Neha serves breakfast to Ishwari. Ishwari resists. Neha says she has to eat it and leaves. Ishwari then goes to kitchen and forcefully eats paranthas. Neha sees that,calls Dev, and says she cannot handle mom, he should leave office and come home right now.
Dev goes to Sona’s office. She is busy with patient and scolds him to wait out as she considers all her patients equal. He goes out helplessly. She finishes pregnant lady’s consultation and asks her to drink milk. Lady says her MIL says she cannot afford 1500 rs expenses. Sona gives her 2500 rs worth expenses and says her MIL will ag
Precap: Dev tells Ria that he will prepare food for mom and will not take chance. He feeds mom. Neha tells aunt brought gajar halwa and mom ate it, she does not take care of her health at all.. Dev angrily looks at mom.

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