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Kuch Rang Episode 7--8 Update on Thursday 5th April 2018


Dev requests Sona to become his mom’s personal nutritionist and he will pay 4 times than her salary. Sona shouts and insults him and says he should not insult her profession and he cannot buy him. He says his mom’s health is most important for him and he can do anything. She says he can follow her given food chart or else get his mom admitted where nurses can take better care of her. He says he will not get mom admitted and leaves angrily. He goes to board room where Dr. Sinha is busy in a meeting and insists to speak to him right now. All assistants leave. He says Dr. Sinha to arrange another nutritionist for his mom. Sinha gives him another docs number and says Sona is best for his mom. Dev leaves angrily for home.
Radha brings gajar halwa and poori chole for Ishwari hidden under fruits and says she prepared halwa with lots of dry fruits and ghee. Ishwari enjoys praising her. Neha enters with juice and Ishwari starts scolding Radha for bringing halwa. Radha asks Neha to bring tea and biscuits and sends her. She then tells Ishwari that she has found good alliance for Dev. Ishwari tries to change topic, but Radha insists. Ishwari says she wants Neha married first. Radha says as she wishes, Neha will marry first and then Dev. Neha enters with tea and biscuits and says mom does not want to share Dev with anyone and wants to keep her son to herself. Radha says it is nature’s rule that daughter has to go and daught-in-law has to come and she cannot deny this fact. Ishwari says she will get Dev married, but will wait for the right time and right girl. She then drops Radha till parking lot and asks her go via car. Radha sees beautiful Sedan, sits in it and asks driver to switch on AC. She enjoys AC and starts her jokergiri. Ishwari asks her to take this car and sends her. Her old tenant watches her getting into house and smirks.
Dev prepares khichdi for Ishwari and serves her. Neha comes and complains that Radha aunty brought gajar halwa and mom ate it. Dev angrily looks at mom. In the morning, Dev goes to office and secretary briefs him about today’s appointment. He asks her to draft a letter to hospital’s board of directors.
Sona comes to Dr. Sinha’s cabin and asks how can he restricate her with an allegation that she is incompetent of her duties, he knows how she treats her patients selflessly and says she will speak to board of directors, then realizes Dev is the director and asks how can Dev stoop so low. Dr. Sinha says Dev is very powerful and suggests her not to mess up with him. She angrily leaves and goes to her cabin. Her brother sends an SMS to give her some money as he needs to attend an interview at Chandigarh. She starts weeping.
Sona cries in her cabin after being restricated from her job as a nutritionist. Her patient’s mother comes and requests her to speak to her son and explain importance of eating proper food. Sona speaks to child. She gives her card to lady and says she can call her any time. Dev comes next and says sorry. Sona starts that she is from middle class and her job matters and not an arrogant richie like him, etc.. Dev silently hears guilt striken. Sona continues yelling and leaves for home.
Sona reaches home. Mom scolds her for not coming home on time as they missed a concert. Sona says they have to save money and not spend it in any concerts. Her brother comes holding bags of junk food. Sona scolds him for wasting money. He says it is for normal people and not a sukdi/malnourished like her. Mom says something is wrong with her today.
Riya shows her exam results to Neha and says she got 92% marks. Neha gets happy and says it is time for celebration with broken English. Riya corrects her English.
Dev comes home at night. Ishwari mom says she will serve him dinner. He says he is not hugry as he is angry on her for not following strict diet. She asks what he used to do in childhood when she used to give him some task. He says get angry but then accept it. Mom says she will also get angry but will accept his punishment. Whole family then enjoys dinner. Riya says she got 92% marks in her exams. Dev says she is informing her now when result came in the afternoon and asks what gift she needs. She says she wants to join his company. He says she has to work from ground level and will not get direct CEO position. Riya thanks him.
Sona’s brother asks her why she is upset. She says she lost her job because of Dev. He says she can get another job and reminds of a hospital’s proposal. Sona says she will go for an interview tomorrow.
In the morning, Neha serves Dev’s breakfast in his room. Dev asks why did she bring mom’s breakfast. She says mom ate his breakfast. He says he will scold mom. She asks to scold only her and not anyone else.
Sona waits for an auto to attend an interview. She sees Ishwari walking in market holding bags and stumbling. She runs and holds her on time and rushes to hospital.
Dr. Sinha tells Dev he did wrong with Sona. He says his way is wrong, but his intention is not and once Sona takes care of his mom for 3 months, he will give her a better job. Dr. Sinha gets a call that Ishwari is brought to hospital. They both rush towards ICU and see Sona standing outside. Dr. Sinha asks if she brought Mrs. Dixit here. Sona says yes. Dev says Sona she is his mother. Sona angrily leaves.
Precap: Sona goes for an interview and gets rejected. Her brother says she should accept Dev’s job. Dev’s secretary calls her.

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